Richard James KNIBBS, son of Richard KNIBBS and Catherine GOLDSMITH , was born 04 May 1834 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. He married Catherine MORRIS 02 February 1863 in Paddington, London, Middlesex, England. He died 14 August 1925 in Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent, England. Catherine MORRIS was born abt. 1836 in Swansea, South Glamorganshire, Wales. She died 24 March 1901 in Deal, Kent, England.

Children of Richard James KNIBBS and Catherine MORRIS are:
1. Catherine Ann Morris KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1864
2. Evan John KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1866 See Evan John KNIBBS & Rebecca Jane ANDREWS
3. Richard Alfred KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1868
4. Charles KNIBBS, b. 13 March 1872 See Charles KNIBBS & Maud Mary PITTAWAY
5. Ernest Bowen KNIBBS, b. 04 March 1877 See Ernest Bowen KNIBBS & Florence Elizabeth HOOK
6. Clara Elizabeth KNIBBS, b. 04 March 1879
7. Frederick George Leonard KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1881 See Frederick George Leonard KNIBBS & Mary May UNKNOWN
8. Jessie KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1870

Notes for Richard James KNIBBS:

In 1871, Richard was living at the same household as his mother, Catherine:
Catharine Knibbs Head Wid 65 No Occupation Kent Canterbury
John Knibbs Son UnM 33 Engine Driver Middlesex Hounslow
Richard J Knibbs Head Mar 36 Engine Driver Lancashire Manchester
Catherine Knibbs Wife Mar 34 Sth Wales Swansea
Catherine Knibbs Daur 6 Scholar Surrey Battersea
Evan Jno Knibbs Son 5 Scholar Surrey Battersea
Richard A Knibbs Son 3 Surrey Battersea

In 1881, they were living at 42 Patmore Street, Battersea, Surrey, England:
Richard I Knibbs Head Mar 46 Manchester Lancashire Foreman ... Dept LG & BRT (ETM)
Catherine Knibbs Wife Mar 44 Swansea Holme Wales
Evan Morris Father in Law Wid 81 Penelandd Glamorgan Wales Master Mariner
Catherine A W Knibbs Daur UnM 16 Battersea Surrey Dressmaker
Evan I Knibbs Son UnM 15 Battersea Surrey Telegraph Clerk
Richard A Knibbs Son 13 Battersea Surrey Scholar
Charles Knibbs Son 9 Battersea Surrey Scholar
Ernest B Knibbs Son 4 Battersea Surrey
Clara E Knibbs Daur 2 Battersdea Surrey

His brother John and mother Catherine were living next door in No. 41.

In 1891 the family was living at 15 Avenue Road, Clapham, London:
Richard James Knibbs Head Mar 56 Foreman Loco Dep L&CB Rail Manchester Lancs
Catherine Knibbs Wife Mar 54 S Wales
Richard Alfred Knibbs Son 23 Engine Fitter Surrey Battersea
Charles Knibbs Son 19 Fencher(?) L L Bored Surrey Battersea
Ernest Bowen Knibbs 14 Scholar Surrey Battersea
Clara Elizabeth Knibbs Daur 12 Scholar Surrey Battersea
Frederick George Leonard Knibbs Son 9 Scholar Surrey Battersea

In 1911, we see Richard and living at 24 Clare Road, Whitstable, Kent:
Richard James Knibbs Head Wid Retired Railway Foreman Manchester Lancashire
Cartherine Ann Morris Knibbs Daur UnM 46 Battersea Surrey
Clara Elizabeth Knibbs Daur 31 Battersea Surrey

In 2013, I was contacted by the current occupier of this address, Matthew Crockatt with the following information:
"Inspired by some recent DIY I have been doing a little research into our house in Whitstable, Kent. I thought you would be interested to know that the first owners were Richard James Knibbs and his wife Catherine. It seems Richard was a Railway man, a foreman. When he bought the house there was a railway line - The Canterbury and Whitstable Railway (aka Crab and Winkle) - running along the bottom of the garden. Richard would have been close to trains all the time. He could have stood at the bottom of the garden and waved to passing drivers!
The house at Whitstable was one of the first built on the street.

From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 22 August 1925:
KNIBBS —On the 14th August, 1925, at his residence, 24, Clare Road, Tankerton, Richard James Knibbs, in his 92nd year. Interred in Deal Cemetery.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 22 August 1925:
Mr Richard James Knibbs, of 24, Clare Road, Tankerton, an old gentleman who had reached the advanced age of 91, and who was well-known to many people in the town, passed away on Friday morning, his death being due to heart failure following an accident on July 28th, when he apparently slipped in getting out of bed and suffered a fractured thigh as the result of the fall. The late Mr. Knibbs was a retired locomotive foreman and pensioner of the Southern Railway Communitv. He retired some 25 years ago. The East Kent Coroner (Mr. Rutley Mowl) held an inquest at the house on Saturday afternoon. Charles Knibbs, schoolmaster, of 78 Lyndhurst Road, Thornton Heath Surrey, said his father was 91 years of age and had been in very poor health for some time. Witness arrived at Tankerton on the evening of July 28th after his father had met with the accident. He did not complain, but was very feeble and gradually got weaker until he expired at 7.30 a.m. on August 14th. Witness was with him when In died_
Miss Catherine Knibbs of 24, Mar Road, Tankerton, said she had kept house and looked after her father for the past 25 years. About 4 a.m. on July 28th he was sleeping in a room on the opposite side of the passage to her father's room with her door open. She heard a thud and groaning and upon going in to her father, found him lying on the floor of his bedroom. He had got out of bed. He complained of his leg. She wrapped him in blankets and sent for the doctor. He changed very much after the accident and during the past week got much worse. She was with him when he died. Dr. C. E. Etheridge, of Norfolk Cottage, Tankerton Road, Whitstable, said deceased was a patient of his for the past 23 years. For the past two years he had been very feeble and had been confined to his room. Witness arrived at the house at about 5 a.m. on July 28 and found deceased on the floor in a sitting position and resting against the :bed. He was in a good deal of pain. Witness got him on the bed and found that he had a fracture of the right femur close to the hip joint. Nothing could be done for the fracture but to keep him in bed. For the first three days he was very bad, but then rallied for six or seven days. He then began to weaken and his heart got worse. 'The cause of death was cardiac failure, precipitated by the accident. The jury returned a verdict of Death from Misadventure and, with th Coroner, expressed their sympathy witt the relatives.


Saturday 22 August 1925, Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Kent, England.
Knibbs Richard James of Singleton Clare-road Tankerton-on-Sea Kent died on 14 August 1925 Proibate Canterbury 18 September to Charles Knibbs schoolmaster Ernest Bowen Knibbs accountant's clerk Effects £1010 8s.

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Notes for Catherine MORRIS:

In 1851, we see Catherine living with her parents and siblings at the High Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales:
Evan Morris Head Mar 50 Mariner Glamorgan LLandredin
Ann Morris Wife Mar 50 Glamorgan Swansea
David Morris Son UnM 26 Mariner Glamorgan Swansea
Ann Hughes Daur Wid 24 Bonnet Maker Glamorgan Swansea
Mary Morris Daur UnM 18 Servant Glamorgan Swansea
Catherine Morris Daur UnM 15 Servant Glamorgan Swansea
Sarah Morris Daur UnM 11 Scholar Glamorgan Swansea
Hannah Morris Daur 9 Scholar Glamorgan Swansea
Richard Hughes Grandson 2 months

We next see Catherine in 1861, living at 8 Powell Street, Swansea, Glamorgamshire:
Ann Morris Head Wid 61 Glamorgan Swansea
Catherine Morris Daur UnM 24 Dressmaker Glamorgan Swansea
Hannah Morris UnM 18 Dressmaker Glamorgan Swansea
Elizabeth A Morris Grand Daur 1 Glamorgan Swansea

Catherine married Richard James Knibbs in 1863.

KNIBBS Catherine of "Aberfoyle" Western Road Deal (wife of Richard James Knibbs) died 24 March 1901 Administration Canterbury 9 August to the said Richard James Knibbs retired railway-foreman £117 6s. 9d.

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Notes for Catherine Ann Morris KNIBBS:

In 1891 we can see Catherine (Kate) living at Birdshill Farm House, Stoke D'Abernon, Okshott, Surrey, England:
Edward Wyer Head Mar 45 Farmer Worcester Tonbury
Selina Wyer Wife 31 London Pimlico SW
Edward Wyer Son 10 London Pimlico SW
Howard Wyer Son 8 London Pimlico SW
Olive Wyer Daur 7 London Pimlico SW
Gerty Wyer Dau6 6 London Pimlico SW
Minnie Wyer Daur 2 London Pimlico SW
Kate Knibbs Governess UnM 29 Governess London Battersea
Susan Jackson Serv UnM 25 Cook Northants Roade
Clara Jackson Serv UnM 18 Housemaid Northants Roade

In 1911, she was living back with her father at 24 Clare Road, Whitstable, Kent. We know from her father's obituary that Catherine lived with him and cared for up to the time he died in 1925.

Catherine didn't ever marry.

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Notes for Richard Alfred KNIBBS:

In 1901, we see Richard as a patient at the London County Lunatic Asylum, The Heath, Dartford, Kent:
Richard Knibbs Patient Mar 32 Able Seaman London Bow

The record indicates that he was married but I could find no marriage record to confirm it.

Knibbs Richard Alfred of "Singleton" Whitstable Kent and of "Braemar" Main-street Prestwick N.B. railway-engineer-works-superintendant died 24 July 1903 at the "Blair-arms" hotel James Kilfruan N.B. Administration Canterbury 29 August to Richard James Knibbs retired railway-foreman Effects £81 11s.

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Notes for Clara Elizabeth KNIBBS:

On 31 October 1889, Clara was admitted to Lark Hall Lane School, Lambeth, London. Her address at the time was 18 Acanthius Road.

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Notes for Jessie KNIBBS:

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