Walter HODGE was born abt. 1861 in Faversham, Kent, England. He married Sarah Jane KNIBBS bet. April and June, 1881 in Faversham District, Kent, England. He died bet. October and December, 1916 in Gravesend, Kent, England. Sarah Jane KNIBBS, daughter of Alfred Richard KNIBBS and Eliza Catherine Payne PONSFORD , was born bet. July and September, 1862 in Paddington, London, Middlesex, England. She died bet. January and March, 1910 in Gravesend District, Kent, England.

Children of Walter HODGE and Sarah Jane KNIBBS are:
1. Henry Alfred HODGE, b. bet. July and September, 1881

Notes for Walter HODGE:

The first we see of Walter was in 1861, shortly after he was born, living with his parents at Brents, Faversham, Kent:
Henry Hodge Head Mar 32 Mariner Kent Preston
Frances Hodge Wife Mar 30 Kent Maidstone
Charles Hodge Son 2 Kent Preston
Walter Hodge Son 4 wks Kent Preston

Walter was the son of Henry and Frances Hodge and in 1871, we see them living at Brents, Faversham, Kent. His dad was a mariner away at the time the census was taken:
Frances Hodge Wife Mar 40 Husband a Mariner at Sea Kent Maidstone
Charles Hodge Son 12 Scholar Kent Preston
Walter Hodge Son 10 Scholar Kent Preston
Louisa Hodge Daur 7 Scholar Kent Preston

In 1881, they were living at 5 Bridge Placve, Preston, Kent:
Frances Hodge Wife Mar 49 Wife of Mariner Kent Maidstone
Walter Hodge Son UnM 20 Hooper Kent Preston
Louisa Hodge Daur 17 Dressmaker Kent Preston

Walter married Sarah Jane Knibbs in 1881.

In 1891, we see Walter living at 3 Stone Street, Faversham, Kent:
Walter Hodge Head 30 Grocer Kent Faversham
Sarah J Hodge Wife 28 Middlesex Hampton Court
Henry A Hodge Son 9 Scholar Kent Faversham

We see Walter and his wife in 1901, living at Grays Cottage, Halling, Kent:
Walter Hodge Head 40 Foreman at Cement Works Kent Faversham
Sarah J Hodge Wife 38 Surrey Hampton Court

In 1911, Walter was living at 172 Old Road, West Gravesend, Kent:
Walter Hodge Head 50 Widower Cooporate(?) Inspector Cement Works Kent Faversham
Henry A Hodge Son 29 Married Foreman Cement Works Kent Faversham
Elizabeth Hodge Wife 33 Married (1 year) Kent Dover
Frances Ellen Hodge Daughter 1 months Kent Gravesend
Eleanor Cooper Nurse 64 Married Nurse Kent Horton Kirby

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Notes for Sarah Jane KNIBBS:

Also known as: Sarah Jane

Sarah's actual place of birth is a bit of a mystery. In 1871, her parent gave it as Aldershot, Hampshire. However, the record of military birth and baptisms says she was born in Paddington, London, when her dad was serving in the 10th Hussars.

We can see Sarah in 1881, working as a nursemaid for the Barnard family at Dover St Mary Virgin, Kent, England:
Samuel BARNARD Head M Male 35 Chatham, Kent, England Pawnbrok
Elizabeth BARNARD Wife M Female 35 London St Martin, London, Middlesex, England
Kate BARNARD Daur Female 6 Faversham, Kent, England
Milliy BARNARD Daur Female 5 Faversham, Kent, England
Daniel BARNARD Son Male 3 Faversham, Kent, England
David BARNARD Son Male 2 Faversham, Kent, England
Sarah KNIBBS Serv Female 19 Hampton Ct, Kent, England Nursemaid

Sarah's place of birth is given as Hampton Ct, the same as given in 1891. In 1901, she gave it as Hampton Court, Surrey. The only birth I can see for a Sarah Jane Knibbs at that time was in Buckingham District, Buckinghamshire. I think Buckinghamshire is probably the right one.

She died in 1910, aged just 48.

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Notes for Henry Alfred HODGE:

Henry married Elizabeth Phipps in q1/1910 at Dover District, Kent.

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