Richard HOLLOWAY was born 06 May 1856 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales. He married Emily KNIBBS 21 May 1881 in Abersychan, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales. He died 18 June 1941 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Emily KNIBBS, daughter of George Edwin Clark KNIBBS and Elizabeth BEASLEY , was born 08 November 1853 in Plumstead, Kent, England. She died 16 June 1927 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Children of Richard HOLLOWAY and Emily KNIBBS are:
1. William James Knibbs HOLLOWAY, b. 13 August 1881 See William James Knibbs HOLLOWAY & Gerda Marie LANDEEN OR William James Knibbs HOLLOWAY & May Louise VICKERE
2. Richard George Knibbs HOLLOWAY, b. 17 June 1883 See Richard George Knibbs HOLLOWAY & Evah Clare THOMAS

Marriage Notes for Richard HOLLOWAY\Emily KNIBBS:

See Richard and Emily's Marriage Certificate


From the North Wales Chronical, 28 May, 1881:
On the 21st inst., at Talywain Church, near Pontypool, Mon., S. Wales, by the Rev. W. R. Thomas, M.A., vicar, Richard Holloway of Garn Diffaith, Mon., S. Wales, to Emily, only daugter to the late George Edwin Clark Knibbs, master collar maker of the Land Transports Corps, late of Woowich Arsenal.

Notes for Richard HOLLOWAY:

The first I've found for Richard was in 1861 when he was living at Varteg, Trevethan, Pontypool, Monmouthshire with his parents:
James Holloway Head Mar 40 Labourer Monmouth
Sophia Holloway Wife Mar 39 Monmouth Ragland
James Holloway Son 16 Pawnbrokers Clerk Monmouth Trevethen
William Holloway Son 11 Scholar Monmouth Trevethen
Richard Holloway Son 5 Scholar Monmouth Trevethen

The family were still at Trevethan, Monmouthshire in 1871:
James Holloway Head Mar 49 Stoker on Locomotive Engine Monmouth Llangevieu(?)
Sophia Holloway Wife Mar 48 Monmouth Ragland
William Holloway Son 20 Monmouth Trevethan
Richard Holloway Son 14 Coal Miner Monmouth Trevethan

Quite possibly (although I stress that it is by no means certain), it could be Richard that we can see at the 1881 census living at 177 Hoxton St., London, Middlesex, England, the Bacchus public house as shown below, working as a barman.

Robt. REID Head M Male 52 Cumberland, England Licenced Victualler Emp 5 Men
Elbth. REID Wife M Female 46 Bedford, England
Elzbth. REID Daur U Female 24 Holborn, Middlesex, England
Louisa REID Daur U Female 17 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Scholar
Alice REID Daur U Female 16 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Scholar
Georgia REID Daur U Female 12 Paddington, Middlesex, England Scholar
Catherine KENSEY Servt W Female 45 Essex, England Genl Servt
Richd. HOLLOWAY Servt U Male 24 Wales Barman
Wm. MANNING Servt U Male 19 Buckingham, England Barm
Geo. SIMPSON Servt U Male 18 Holloway, Middlesex, England Barman

Richard married Emily Knibbs in 1881.

He can be seen in in 1882, shortly after he married Emily Knibbs, arriving in the USA. So far, the next time I can find him is in 1891 when he was living back in Wales with Emily and their two sons, William and Richard.
By 1901, Richard, Emily and one of their sons were living at Alpaugh District, Alberta, Canada. We believe he died in 1941 at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We can see Richard and Emily arriving in the USA on 22 Aug 1882 from Liverpool, England via Queenstown aboard the vessel RMS Abyssinia (above). Emily was aged 30, and Richard was 26 and a Clerk by trade. Interestingly, they arrived with an infant who the passenger list names as John. Records held at the IGI show that their youngest child was William James Knibbs Holloway.

First name Last name Occupation Age Sex Arrived Origin Ship
EMILY HOLLOWAY Wife 30 F 1882-08-22 England Abyssinia
R. HOLLOWAY Clerk 26 M 1882-08-22 England Abyssinia
JOHN HOLLOWAY Infant 7m M 1882-08-22 England Abyssinia

Interestingly, we learn from the 1920 US Federal census that their son William listed himself as having been born in England.

In 1891, it seems that Richard and his family had travelled back to Wales and were living at 48, Newland Street, Cadoxton Juxta Barry, Cardiff, Glamorganshire:
Richard Holloway Head Mar 34 Dairy Man and Insurance Agent Trevethan Parish Monmouthshire
Emily Holloway Wife Mar 39 Plumstead Kent
William James Knibbs Holloway Son 9 Scholar Stonebridge Park London
Richard George Knibbs Holloway Son 7 Scholar Buffalo NY USA

We can see Richard, Emily and their older son Richard all living at Alpaugh District, Alberta, Canada in the 1901 census. Emily's birth is given as Nov 1851, Richard snr. as 3 May 1859, and their son Richard's as 17 Jun 1882. It also states that their son Richard was born in England.

There is no sign of the other son, William James Knibbs Holloway.

We see Richard in 1906, living at 36, Strathcona, Alberta:
Richard Holloway Head Mar 50 England
Emma Holloway Wife 54 England

Emily was wrongly recorded as Emma on the census return.

We can see Richard and Emily living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the 1911 census with Richard aged 50 and Emily 57. Emily's birth date is listed as Nov 1853, which is what we already had, but Richard's is May 1861, which is different. The only Richard Holloway born in the UK at that time was one from Portsea and another from Catherington. The LDS gave us May 1856 and the GRO definitely has a Richard Holloway as being born in May 1856 at Pontypool, and the fact that Richard and Emily married at Pontypool suggests to me that him being born at Pontypool was the link.
Richard Holloway Head May 1861 England
Emily Holloway Wife Nov 1853 England

The census also shows that their year of immigration to Canada was 1894.

In 1916, they were living at 36 Edmonton East, Alberta, Canada:
Richard Holloway Head Mar 60 England
Emily Holloway Wife Mar 64 England

See Richard's Military Registration Card from 1918


LDS IGI states that Richard was buried at Mt. Pleasant Cm., Vancouver, British Columbia.

Detail of Richards death was found on the LDS IGI as well as at

British Columbia Archives

Cemetery records at the same web site indicate that Richard is buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Fraser St., Vancouver, Canada, Reference: BCGS-C-62

Richard died in Jun 1941 aged 85 years.

Vital Event Death Registration
Name: Richard Holloway
Event Date: 1941 6 18 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 85
Gender: male
Event Place: Vancouver
Reg. Number: 1941-09-590840
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13171
GSU Microfilm Number: 1953631

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Richard.

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Notes for Emily KNIBBS:

In 1871, Emily was living at Dover Road, Northfleet, Kent with the family of her uncle Edwin George Knibbs:
Edwin George Knibbs Head 49 Retired Victualler Barton Oxon
Elizabeth Knibbs Wife 47 Stepney London
Maria Knibbs Daur 24 Bethnal Green London
George Knibs Son 8 Scholar St George in the East London
Emily Knibbs Niece 19 Plumstead Kent

Emily appears in the 1881 census as unmarried, and a lodger of Mr William Keick at 7 Selbourne Terrace, Portsea, Hampshire.
William Keick Head M 36 London, Middlesex, Bandsman R M
Matilda Keick Wife M 32 London, Middlesex
Ernest W. Keick Son 1 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Emily Knibbs Lodger U 28 Plumstead, Kent

Details of Emily's death and place of Burial found at

British Columbia Archives

Emily died in June 1927 aged 75 years.
She is buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Fraser St., Vancouver, Canada, Reference: BCGS-C-62

From the Bc archivesL
Vital Event Death Registration
Name: Emily Holloway
Event Date: 1927 6 16 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 75
Gender: female
Event Place: Burnaby
Reg. Number: 1927-09-387475
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13131
GSU Microfilm Number: 1927350

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Emily.

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