Alfred J MANUELL was born 1939. He died 02 August 2009 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. Barbara A KNIBBS, daughter of Jack Charles G KNIBBS and Marjorie HARRIS , was born Private.

Children of Alfred J MANUELL and Barbara A KNIBBS are:
1. Alison Ann MANUELL, b. Private
2. Laura Ann MANUELL, b. Private

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Also known as: Alfie

From the Oxford Mail, 17 May 2001:
Retired car worker Alfred Manuell welcomed Shadow Health Secretary Liam Fox to his Kidlington home after facing a nine-month wait for treatment on the National Health Service.
Mr Manuell, 62, who lives with his wife Barbara, 55, in Waverley Avenue, first contacted his GP last month about a possible stomach hernia - and was told he wouldn't be able to see a hospital consultant until December.
Alfred Manuell shows Liam Fox his correspondence with the NHS
But on the day of Dr Fox's visit, Mr Manuell heard from hospital staff again, and was told that they would try to get him an emergency appointment in the next seven days.
Mr Manuell said: "I may need an operation but I won't know that until I have been seen at the hospital. I think nine months is too long to wait.
"I am not convinced Labour is doing enough for the health service and I am considering voting Conservative.
"It's not every day that an MP visits your home, and I appreciate Dr Fox coming along."

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