George Ernest KNIBBS, son of Albert KNIBBS and Katherine HARRISON , was born 20 May 1910 in Sydenham, Kent, England. He married Doris Alma E RAPER bet. October and December, 1936 in Camberwell District, London, Middlesex, England. He died bet. July and September, 1979 in Tunbridge District, Kent, England. Doris Alma E RAPER was born 13 November 1911 in Camberwell District, London, Middlesex, England. She died April 1985 in Tunbridge Wells District, Kent, England.

Children of George Ernest KNIBBS and Doris Alma E RAPER are:
1. George R H KNIBBS, b. Private
2. David Brendan HARRISON-KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1942
3. Deana K KNIBBS, b. Private
4. Gillian K HARRISON-KNIBBS, b. Private See Anthony J DINNIS & Gillian K HARRISON-KNIBBS
5. Timothy Christopher HARRISON-KNIBBS, b. 17 May 1952
6. Wendy D M KNIBBS, b. Private See Charles G WATKINS & Wendy D M KNIBBS
7. Michael Adrian HARRISON-KNIBBS, b. 17 August 1942 See Michael Adrian HARRISON-KNIBBS & Alison Ruth JONES OR Michael Adrian HARRISON-KNIBBS & Ramak AZARMI-MOVAFAGH

Notes for George Ernest KNIBBS:

Also known as: George Ernest Harrison-Knibbs

I suspect it was this George E Knibbs we see on 9th April, 1931 aboard the ship Rema del Pacifico, bound from Liverpool to Valparaiso, Chile. He had ipted to land at Bermuda. He was accompanied by 48 other tradesmen of similar ages, all contracted by the Reghent Construction Company, 43 Great Marlborough Street, London, so I anticipate they were all contracted to work on a major contruction in Bermuda.

George was listed as aged 20, and a Plumbers Mate by trade.

On August 28th, 1931, we see him leaving Bermuida on the ship SS Veendam, presumabley on his way back to England.

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Notes for Doris Alma E RAPER:

Also known as: Doris Alma E Harrison-Knibbs

The GRO has it that Doris was born in 1913. Her death is recorded as Doris Alme E Harrison-Knibbs

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Notes for George R H KNIBBS:

Also known as: Harrison-Knibbs

Notes for David Brendan HARRISON-KNIBBS:

From the Gzette, 3 September, 2007:
Deceased Estates
Details of the deceased
Claim expires:16 November 2007
First name:David
Middle name(s):Brendan
Date of death:1 August 2007

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Notes for Deana K KNIBBS:

Notes for Timothy Christopher HARRISON-KNIBBS:

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