Edward Knibbs WHITTON, son of Edward WHITTON and Mary Ann KNIBBS , was born abt. 1864 in Brackley, Northamptonshire, England. He married Harriett Edith COGGINS December 1893 in Towcester District. Northamptonshire, England. He died bet. January and March, 1915 in Battle District, Sussex, England. Harriett Edith COGGINS was born bet. April and June, 1867 in Weston, Northamptonshire, England. She died bet. October and December, 1942 in Towcester District. Northamptonshire, England.

Children of Edward Knibbs WHITTON and Harriett Edith COGGINS are:
1. Harry Percival L WHITTON, b. bet. October and December, 1896

Notes for Edward Knibbs WHITTON:

In 1901, Edward was living with his parents at Marley Cottages, Battle, Sussex:
Edward Whitton Head Mar 69 Farmer Northampton Lois Weedon
Mary Ann Whitton Wife Mar 68 Northampton Brackley
Edward K Whitton Son Mar 37 Farmers Son Northampton Brackley
Annie E Whitton Daur UnM 36 Northampton Brackley
Harry P L Whitton G.Son 4 London Willesden Park

He was married at the time so not sure why he was with his parents. His wife was living at Weedon Louis, Northamptonshire, with her mother.

We see Mary in 1911, living at Black Horse Road, Battle, Sussex:
Mary Ann Whitton Head 78 Wid Brackley Northamptonshire
Edward Knibbs Whitton Son Mar 47 Artistic Worker in Used Stamps Brackley Northamptonshire

Edward's wife, Edith, was living at a different location at the time.

The National Archives at Kew hold a photograph of a portrait of King Edward (made with small pieces of postage stamps.

Copyright owner of work: Edward Knibbs Whitton, Black Horse Road, Battle, Sussex.
Copyright author of work: Thomas Douch, Mount Street, Battle, Sussex.
Form completed: 13 May 1911.
Registration stamp: 14 June 1911.
Item format: Postcard(s).
Date:1911 May 13
Held by:The National Archives, Kew

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Notes for Harriett Edith COGGINS:

Also known as: Edith Harriett

We first see Harriett in 1871, living at Weston Hall, Weedon Louis, Northamptonshire:
Henry Coggins Head Mar 37 Ag Lab Northamptonshire Weedon Louis
Elizabeth Coggins Wife Mar 33 Northamptonshire Middleton
John C Coggins Son 9 Employed in Ag Lab Northamtonshire Weston
William M Coggins Son 8 Scholar Northamptonshire Weston
Harriett E Coggins Daur 3 Northamptonshire Weston

In 1881, the family were still living at Weedon Louis:
Henry Coggins Head Mar 47 Grocer Northants Weedon Louis
Elizabeth Coggins Wife Mar 42 Grocers Wife Northants Middleton Cheney
John C Coggins Son 19 UnM Ag Lab Northants Weston
William Coggins Son 18 UnM Ag Lab Northants Weston
Edth H Coggins Daur 13 Grocers Daughter Northants Weston
Penny E M Coggins Daur 8 Scholar Northants Weston
Henry Coggins Son 2 Northants Weston
Emily S Coggins Niece Visitor 20 General Serv Domestic Northants WEeston

In 1891, we see Harriett living with her brother at Millthorpe, Weedon Loius, Northants:
William Coggins Head UnM 28 Beer Dealer and Grocer Northants Weston
Edith Coggins Sister UnM 24 Dress Maker Northants Weston

In 1893, Harriet married Edward Knibbs Whitton

In 1901, we see Harriet living with her mother at Main Street, Weedon Louis, Weston, Northamptonshire:
Elizabeth Coggins Head Wid 63 Grocer & Shopkeeper Norhtants Middleton
Edith Whitton Daur Mar 33 Dress Maker Northants Weedon Louis
Harry Coggins Son 22 Farmer & Grocer Northants Weedon Louis

We see Edith in 1911, living at Weston, Towcester, Northamptonshire:
Ediith Whitton Head 42 Mar (17 years) Post Mistress Norhthants Weston
Elizabeth Coggins Mother 73 Wid Old Aged Pensioner Northants Middleton Cheney
William Coggins Visitor 48 Mar Beer House Keeper Northants Weston
Ada Coggins Visitor 50 Mar (17 years) Shopkeeper Somerset Bath
Rupert Coggins Visitor 16 UnM Farm Labourer Northants Louis Weedon
Winnie Coggins Visitor 14 Northants Louis Weedon

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Notes for Harry Percival L WHITTON:

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