George HUGHES was born abt. 1826 in Old Swinford, Worcestershire, England. He married Emma KNIBBS bet. January and March, 1857 in Dudley, Staffordshire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1873 in Stourbridge District, Staffordshire, England. Emma KNIBBS, daughter of William KNIBBS and Mary BROOMFIELD , was born bef. 26 July 1835 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England. She died aft. 1901.

Children of George HUGHES and Emma KNIBBS are:
1. Matthew Joseph HUGHES, b. bet. April and June, 1856
2. Adath HUGHES, b. abt. 1859
3. Esebela HUGHES, b. abt. 1860
4. Maryann HUGHES, b. abt. 1867

Marriage Notes for George HUGHES\Emma KNIBBS:

They married in St Thamas, Dudley.

Other Marriages/Unions for Emma KNIBBS:

Notes for George HUGHES:

In 1861, we see George and Emma living at Vine Terrace, Kingswinford, Staffordshire:
George Hughes Head Mar 35 Coal Miner Worcestershire Old Swinford
Emma Hughes Wife Mar 25 Oxfordshire Tackley
Matthew Hughes Son 4 Staffordshire Kingswinford
Ashar(?) Hughes Daur 2 Staffordshire Kingswinford
Herbitha( )ughes Daur 4 months Staffordshire Kingswinford

In 1871, the family was living at 47 Potter Street, Kingswinford:
George Hughes Head Mar 45 Labourer Worcestershire
Emma Hughes Wife Mar 34 Oxfordshire
Matthew Hughes Son 4 Labourer Staffordshire Kingswinford
Adath Hughes Daur 12 Scholar Staffordshire Kingswinford
Esebela Hughes Daur 10 Scholar Staffordshire Kingswinford
Maryann Hughes Daur 5 Scholar Staffordshire Kingswinford

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Notes for Emma KNIBBS:

See note under Janes's father's name concerning conjecture re family connections

In 1901, we see Emma living at Cornbrook Road, South Manchester, Lancashire:
Emma Stevens Head Wid 63 Oxfordshire
Joseph Stevens Son UnM 32 Dock Labourer South Staffordshire
Michael Hogg Boarder Mar 40 Painter (House) Isle of Man
Joseph Hogg Boarder 13 Isle of Man
Michael Hogg Boarder 11 Isle of Man
Ernest Harrison Nurse Child 7 Lancs Manchester
John Rowe Boarder Wid 37 Dock Labourer London
Arthur Dowdeswell Boarder UnM Iron Wks Labourer Gloster

Joseph would be a step-son of Emma's from her marriage to Joseph Stevens.

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Notes for Matthew Joseph HUGHES:

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Notes for Adath HUGHES:

We see Ada in 1871, living with her uncle Charles Goodman and his wife Hannah (nee Knibbs), at Cockgate, Yarpole, Worcestershire:
Charles Goodman Head Mar 40 Lawyer Worcestershire Witley
Hannah Goodman Wife Mar 30 Staffordshire Brierly Hill
Mary Jane Goodman Daur 4 Staffordshire Brierly Hill
William Goodman Son 2 Worcestershire Yarpole
Ada Hughes Niece 12 Staffordshire Brierly Hill

Sources for Adath HUGHES:

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Notes for Esebela HUGHES:

Also known as: Isabella

It may well be this young lady we see in 1881, apparently living alone at Dean Street, Kinsgwonford, Staffordshire. She may have been living with the famil of a man named Thomas Head:
Isabella Hughes UnM 20 Labourer at Brickworks Staffordshire Quarry Bank.

Quarry Bank is about 4 miles from where we believe Esebela.Isabella was born at Kingswinford.

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Notes for Maryann HUGHES:

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