John WICKSON was born abt. 1823 in Oxfordshire, England. He married Jane KNIBBS bet. April and June, 1847 in Wordsley, Staffordshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Jane KNIBBS, daughter of William KNIBBS and Mary BROOMFIELD , was born bef. 17 August 1828 in Oxfordshire, England. She died bet. January and March, 1881 in Brentford District, Middlesex, England.

Children of John WICKSON and Jane KNIBBS are:
1. John WICKSON, b. bet. October and December, 1847
2. George WICKSON, b. bet. July and September, 1850

Notes for John WICKSON:

In 1851, we see John living at Rocks Hill, Kingswinford, Brierly Hill, Staffordshire (as Hickson):
John Hickson Head Man 28 Boatman Oxford
Jane Hickson Wife Mar 24 Oxford
John Hickson Son 3 Kingswinford Staffordshire
George Hickson Son 6 months Kingswinford Staffordshire
William Knibs Lodger Mar Boatman Somerton Oxfordshire
Mary Knibs Wife 40 Somerton Oxfordshire
Emma Knibs Sister in Law 16 Kingswinford Staffordshire
Hanna Knibs Sister in Law 6 Kingswinford Staffordshire
Joseph Knibs son in Law 4 Kingswinford Staffordshire

Note that William Knibs is John's father in law. Emma, Hanna and Joseph are John's sisters and brother in law.

Sources for John WICKSON:

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Notes for Jane KNIBBS:

See note under Janes's father's name concerning conjecture re family connections

I suspect it was this Jame who dies ages 53 in Brentford District, Middlesex.

Sources for Jane KNIBBS:

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Notes for John WICKSON:

In 1871, John was living at Lower Inland Canal, Fazeley Street, Birmiongham, Warwickshire:
John Wickson UnM 21 Boatman Stafford Brierly Hill
Phillip White UnM 27 Engine Driver Herts Huntingdon
Henry White UnM 23 Engine Driver Herts Huntingdon
Amos Nixon UnM 28 Boatman Warwick Caldicott
William Francis UnM 23 Engine Driver Bovington
Thomas Sanders Mar 44 Boatman Warwick Brincklow
Sarah Sanders Mar 36 BoatwomanWarwick Stratford on Avon
Charles Clark UnM 17 Boatman Middlesex London
George Gardner UnM 20 Boatman Gliucester gloucester
Samuel Brittain Mar 70 Boatman Warwick Birmingham
John Stanton Mar 27 Boatman Worcester Stonesbridge
John Williamson Mar 39 Boatman
George Hall Mar 25 BoatmanKent Wellan(?)

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Notes for George WICKSON:

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