Joseph KNIBBS, son of Thomas N KNIBBS and Sarah GIBBARD , was born bet. January and March, 1849 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Harriett DAVIES 04 May 1874 in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died bet. July and September, 1934 in Aylesbury District, Buckinghamshire, England. Harriett DAVIES was born abt. 1854 in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1936 in Buckinghamshire District North, Buckinghamshire, England.

Children of Joseph KNIBBS and Harriett DAVIES are:
1. Charles Frederick Thomas KNIBBS, b. 09 January 1888 See Charles Frederick Thomas KNIBBS & Alexandra FROGLEY OR Charles Frederick Thomas KNIBBS & Mariette Elisabeth Lucie LEVILLAIN
2. Dorothy Lilian M KNIBBS, b. 06 June 1897 See Charlton James WYKES & Dorothy Lilian M KNIBBS OR Arthur CANT & Dorothy Lilian M KNIBBS
3. Joseph William KNIBBS, b. 06 August 1874 See Joseph William KNIBBS & Alice May Margaret SMITH

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See Joseph KNIBBS & Elizabeth Ann STILGOE

Notes for Joseph KNIBBS:

Joseph can be seen in 1871 census living at the address of Olney, Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England with his parents:
Thos. Knibbs Head Mar 55 Labourer Oxon Deddington
Sarah Knibbs Wife Mar 56 Oxon Adderbury
Phoebe Knibbs Daug UnM 25 No Occupation Oxon Deddington
Jos'h Knibbs Son Mar 22 Labourer Oxon Deddington

The census was taken on 2nd April 1871, and at the time of the census, Joseph's first wife Elizabeth was living, but with her father at Hudsons Lane Deddington, Oxfordshire:
William Stilgoe Head Widr 65 Stone Masons Labnourer Oxfordshire Deddington
Elizabeth Knibbs Daur Mar 21 Oxfordshire Deddington

The original census had her listed as Elizabeth Stilgoe, but it was then overwritten with Knibbs. I'm not sure of the circumstances behind her living with her father and not her husband, but, she died shortly after the census so I presume she was seriously unwell and her father was looking after her.

Joseph appears in the 1881 census living at 435 Manchester Road, London, England with his second wife.
Joseph Knibbs Head Mar 30 General Labourer Oxon Deddington
Harriett Knibbs Wife Mar 27 Buckingham
Joseph W. Knibbs Son 6 Scholar Birmingham

Joseph appears in the 1891 census living at what looks like 11 Glen Terrace, Poplar, London:
Joseph Knibbs Head M 41 Storekeeper Engineers Yard Deddington Oxon
Harriett Knibbs Wife 38 Buckingham Bucks
Joseph W Knibbs Son 16 Chipper Bridge Building Yard Birmingham Warwick
Charles F J Knibbs Son 3 Poplar London

Joseph appears in the 1901 census aged 50, living at Manchester Road, Poplar, London with his second wife Harriett and two children. All are listed under NIBBS.
Joseph Nibbs Head 50 Labourer In Ship Yard Oxon Deddington
Harriett Nibbs Wife 47 Buckingham 
Chas Nibbs Son 13 Poplar
Dorothy Nibbs Daur 3 Poplar
Bunting May Niece 10 Poplar
Bunting Lilly Niece 9 Poplar 

We see Joseph in 1911 living at 581 Manchester Road, Poplar, London with his wife and son Charles:
Joseph Knibbs Head Married 63 Dock Labourer Oxon Deddington
Harriet Knibbs Wife Married (37 years) F 58 Bucks Buckingham
Charles Knibbs Single 23 Dock Clerk Poplar London

The census tells us that Harriet had 4 children, one of whom died.

June Knibbs shared the story of her great-grandfather Joseph, who, on his travels to London from the Banbury area (Deddington?) stopped at a farm and fell in love with a young girl there, and took her to London. This story is reminisced to the family by her somewhat romantically minded Uncle Leslie, Joseph's grandson.

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Notes for Harriett DAVIES:

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