Frederick Chambers PILGRIM was born bet. October and December, 1860 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England. He married Frances HINTS bet. January and March, 1885 in Clun District, Shropshire, England. He died bet. January and March, 1942 in Kensington District, London, England. Frances HINTS was born bet. October and December, 1859 in Clunton, Shropshire, England. She died bet. October and December, 1924 in St Martin District, London, England.

Children of Frederick Chambers PILGRIM and Frances HINTS are:
1. Ellen Frances Hints PILGRIM, b. bet. January and March, 1887
2. Reginald Frederick PILGRIM, b. bet. July and September, 1888

Other Marriages/Unions for Frederick Chambers PILGRIM:
See Frederick Chambers PILGRIM & Isabella KNIBBS

Notes for Frederick Chambers PILGRIM:

We first see Frederick in 1861, living at Sudbury, Suffolk:
Salome Daniel Head 80 Wid Annuitant Nayland Suffolk
Henry Daniell Son 42 UnM Solicitor Nayland Suffolk
Mary Blyth Servant 60 Wid Housekeeper Holton Suffolk
Mary Pilgrim Visitor 28 Mar Ospringe Kent
Frederick C Pilgrim Visitor 6 months Stoke by Nayland Suffolk

In 1871, we see Frances' father, Frederick living at 1 Lower Street, Higham, Suffolk with his parents:
Frederick Pilgrim Head Mar 44 Gardener Suffolk
Mary Pilgrim Wife Mar 39 Wife of Gardener 39 Kent Ospringe
Frederick Chambers Pilgrim Son 10 Scholar Suffolk Higham
Ernest Pilgrim Son 7 Scholar Suffolk Higham
Mary Blyth Pilgrim Daur 5 Suffolk Higham
Maurice Pilgrim Son 4 Suffolk Higham
Frank Pilgrim Son 1 Suffolk Higham
Mary Blyth Aunt Wid 70 Suffolk Holton

In 1891, we see Frances living with her parents at 25 Addison Road (Gardners Cottaghe), Kensington, London:
Frederick C Pilgrim Head Mar 36 JHead Gardner Suffolk Higham
Frances Pilgrim Wife Mar 36 Salop Clunton
Ellen F H Pilgrim Daur 4 London Kensington
Reginald F Pilgrim Son 2 Lonmdon Kensington

Frederick married Frances, his first wife, in 1885.

In 1901, we see Frederick C Pilgrim living at 128 Uxbridge Road, Hammersmith, London:
Frederick C Pilgrim Head Mar 40 Florist Higham Suffolk
Frances Pilgrim Wife Mar 41 Clunton Shropshire
Ellen F H Pilgrim Daur 14 Kensington London
Reg. F Pilgrim Son 12 Kensington London
Isabella Knibbs Friend 31 - Assistant Florist Co. Col Ireland

Clearly, this was where Frederick was to meet Isabella in later years.

In 1911, we see Fredeick, his first wife and family, living at 7 St Mary Abbott's Terrace, Kensington,London:
Frederick C Pilgrim Head 50 Mar Florist Higham Suffolk
Frances Pilgrim Wife Mar 50 (26 years) Clunton Shropshire
Ellen Frances Hints Pilgrim Daur 24 UnM Shorthand Typist Kensington London
Reginald Frederick Pilgrim Son 22 UnM Kensington London
Isabella Knibbs 41 UnM Florist Assistant Portobello Ireland.

Frederick married Isabella Knibbs in 1930.

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Notes for Frances HINTS:

In 1861, we see Frances living at High Road, Cluntoin, Shropshire with her parents:
Thomas Hints Head Mar 39 Wheelwright Salop Clunton
Jane Hints Wife Mar 40 Salop Aston
Mary A Hints Daur 14 Salop Clunton
William Hints Son 10 Salop Clun
Martha Hints Daur 7 Salop Clunton
Hane Hints Daur 4 Salop Clunton
Frances Hints Daur 1 Salop Clunton
Charles Deakin Journeyman UnM 21 Wheelwright Salop Aston
Francis Williams Ap UnM 20 Wheelwright Salop Sidbury North

Salop is of course, and abbreviation of Shropshire.

In 1881, we see Frances boarding with her syster Martha, at 21 Aberdeen Road, Marylebone, London:
James E Davies Head Mar 31 Colporteur Shropshire Horton Lane
Milly Davies Wife Mar 35 Oxford
Lilly Davies Daur 4 London
Edwin Davies Son 2 London
Martha Hints Boarder UnM 26 Shropshire Clunton
Frances Hints Boarder UnM 21 Shropshire Clunton
Helen Powers Boarder UnM 27 Devonshire Torquay
Sarah Ann Powers Boarder UnM 25 Devonshire Torquay
Fanny Lute Lodger Wid 45
Fanny Lute Lodger UnM 19
Harriet Jensen Lodger UnM 30 Kent Folkstone

Frances married Frederick Piulgrim in 1885.

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Notes for Ellen Frances Hints PILGRIM:

Ellen married a man named William J Quinley in q2/1912 at Kensington District, London.

Sources for Ellen Frances Hints PILGRIM:

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Notes for Reginald Frederick PILGRIM:

Reginald married Daisy P Myer in q2/1912 at Kensington District, London

Sources for Reginald Frederick PILGRIM:

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