Edward Bates KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Susannah PERRY , was born bef. 19 March 1808 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Sophia FATHERS 08 September 1833 in Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. July and September, 1894 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England. Sophia FATHERS was born abt. 1813 in Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, England. She died bef. 12 June 1858 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Edward Bates KNIBBS and Sophia FATHERS are:
1. Mary Ann KNIBBS, b. bef. 14 March 1834 See Henry BRYANT & Mary Ann KNIBBS
2. Ellen KNIBBS, b. bef. 10 February 1839 See William HOYLE & Ellen KNIBBS
3. Harriet KNIBBS, b. bef. 22 November 1840 See William SEEX & Harriet KNIBBS OR David Basset RICHARDS & Harriet KNIBBS
4. Sarah KNIBBS, b. bef. 25 December 1842 See William WOODS & Sarah KNIBBS
5. Emma KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1845
6. Eliza KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1847 See Edwin Henry JARVIS & Eliza KNIBBS
7. Emma KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1849

Notes for Edward Bates KNIBBS:

Listed in the 1841 census for Central, South and East Oxfordshire as living at Deddington with his wife Sophia and three children. The national census shows that they were living in Casle Street, Deddington.
Edward Knibbs 30
Sophia Knibbs 28
Mary Ann Knibbs 7
Ellen Knibbs 2
Harriet Knibbs 7 weeks

Living just a few doors away from them were Francis Knibbs (Edward's younger brother) and Hannah Knibbs who is almost certainly Edward's mother, Susannah, who was widowed in 1826.

It is quite possible that the baby Emma who was buried at Deddington on 5th July 1849, aged 4 months, was another daughter of Edward and Sophia.

Listed in the 1851 census as living in Hopcrafts Yard (off New Street), Deddington, Oxfordshire, England with his wife Sophia and four daughters:
Deddington, Hopcrafts Yard:
Edward Knibbs Head 43 Groom Oxon Deddington
Sophia Knibbs Wife 38 Northamptonshire Kings Sutton
Mary Ann Knibbs Daur 17 Oxon Deddington
Harriet Knibbs Daur 10 Oxon Deddington
Sarah Knibbs Daur 8 Oxon Deddington
Eliza Knibbs Daur 4 Oxon Deddington
No mention of the other daughter Ellen bap 1839

Listed in the 1861 census as living at Lime House Court, New Street, Deddington with his daughter:
Edward Knibbs Head Wid 50 Gardener Oxon Deddington
Eliza Knibbs Daur UnM 14 Oxon Deddington

Clearly, this was after his wife Sophia had died and the other children had left home.

Edward can be seen in 1871 census living at New Street, Deddington, Oxfordshire with his daughter Sarah Woods and her husband:
William Woods Head Mar 25 Ag Lab Oxfordshire North Aston
Sarah Woods Wife Mar 27 Oxfordshire Deddington
Edward Knibbs Father in Law Wid 64 Oxfordshire Deddington

Edward is listed in the 1881 census living at School Lane, Deddington, Oxfordshire, England
Edward Knibbs Head Wid 73 Gardner (Jobbing) (ND) Deddington Oxford

He is also listed in the 1891 Census as 82 years old, a widower, living at Back Lane, Deddington, and "Kept by the Parish".
Edward Knibbs Head Wid 82 Kept by the Parish Oxon Deddington

Edward died aged 85 years.

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Notes for Sophia FATHERS:

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Notes for Emma KNIBBS:

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Notes for Emma KNIBBS:

I'm not completely sure this Emma was the daughter of Edward and Sophia. I note that they had another daughter named Emma who died in February, shortly before this Emma was born. I am assuming that this Emma was named after her. It is sad that she too died at just 4 months of age.

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