Francis KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Susannah PERRY , was born 04 August 1815 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Mary Ann SYKES 16 July 1846 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. October and December, 1888 in Pontyprydd District, Glamorganshire, Wales. Mary Ann SYKES was born 02 August 1818 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Francis KNIBBS and Mary Ann SYKES are:
1. John Francis KNIBBS, b. 07 December 1846 See John Francis KNIBBS & Cecelia NORTH
2. Lydia KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1851 See Thomas DIBBLE & Lydia KNIBBS
3. Frederic KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1854
4. Emma KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1858

Marriage Notes for Francis KNIBBS\Mary Ann SYKES:

Mary Ann listed as a widow of Deddington parish. The parish of Francis is not identified.
Mary Ann signed the register as Killby with two "l's".

We don't know for sure what happened to the marriage between Mary and Francis.
In 1861, we see them together, running The Kings Arms at West Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire.
In 1871, we see Mary living at Buckingham with two daughters and a grandson, and working as a Laundress. Francis had moved to Ystradyfodwg in Wales, calling himself a widower, working as a labourer.

Mary gave her status as married in 1871, but in 1881, we can see she described herself as a widow. We know that Francis was still very much alive and living in Wales.

Mary married William North in 1882 but we know that Francis died some six years later, in 1888, so either he'd gone missing and presumed dead, or they divorced.

Other Marriages/Unions for Mary Ann SYKES:
See Thomas KILBY & Mary Ann SYKES OR William NORTH & Mary Ann SYKES

Notes for Francis KNIBBS:

Also known as: Frank

We see Francis in 1841 at Deddington, living with his mother:
Hannah Knibbs 57
Francis Knibbs 25 Ag Lab

Listed in the 1851 Census of the Woodstock Union as living at Philcock Street, Deddington with his wife Mary Ann, son John Francis and daughter Lydia.
FrancisKnibbs Head Mar 35 Road Labourer Oxon Deddington
Mary Ann Knibbs Wife Mar 32 Oxon Deddington
John Francis Knibbs Son 4 Oxon Deddington
Lydia Knibbs Daur 1m Oxon Deddington

This is the first I've ever seen of a daughter Lydia. No sign of her baptism in Deddington

Francis can be seen in 1861 living at the Kings Arms, West Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England:
Francis Knibbs Head Mar 45 Innkeeper Oxon Deddington
Mary Ann Knibbs Wife Mar 42 Oxon Deddington
John F Knibbs Son 14 Scholar Oxon Deddington
Lydia Knibbs Daur 10 Scholar Oxon Deddington
Emma Knibbs Daur 3 Scholar Oxon Deddington
Elizabeth Malins Visitor Mar 34 Paper Makers Wife Oxon Deddington

I think that Elizabeth Malins may well have been the sister-in-law of Mary.

In 1871 we can see Fracis' wife Mary Ann living at Church Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire with two daughters and a grandson. Mary Ann is listed as "Married" rather than "Widowed" so clearly Francis was still living at that time but not at home. Interestingly, their daughter Lydia was staying with Mary Ann, and her husband isn't at home either.
Mary Ann Knibbs Head Mar 50 Laundress Deddington Oxon
Emma Knibbs Daur 12 Scholar 12 Deddington Oxon
Lydia Dibble Daur Mar 26 Dress Maker Deddington Oxon
Thomas Robert Dibble Grandson 1 Bucks Buckingham
Robert Hobbs Lodger Unm 39 Butcher Bucks Buckingham

Given that Mary Ann is listed as "married" I tried to find reference to her husband within the 1871 census, and I believe he appears as Frank Knibbs, living in Ystradyfodwg, Glamorganshire, Wales. He gave himself as a widower, but he is the right age and born in the same small village of Deddington, Oxfordshire, so we're confident it's him.
Just why he was in Wales and describing himself as a widower, we don't know. I've added the names of all who stayed at the same place as Francis, just in case one day, we may see a connection.
James Pearce Head Mar 44 Labourer Porlock Somerset
Lucy Pearce Wife Mar 38 Old Cleev Somerset
Luisa Pearce Daur UnM 15 Old Cleev Somerset
Emma Pearce Daur UnM 9 Scholar Ystrad Glam
Charlotte Pearce Daur UnM 4 Scholar Ystrad Glam
Lidella Pearce Daur UnM 2 Ystrad Glam
Frank Knibbs Lodger Widower 55 Labourer Deddington Oxford
Charles J Preston Lodger UnM 27 Labourer Framaston Gloucester(?)
John Lowe Lodger Mar 26 Collier Woodside Glam
Mary Ann Lowe Wife Mar 23 Vaelsea(?) Somerset
Louisa Lowe Daur UnM 2 Woodside Glam
Sidila Lowe Daur UnM 9 mo CwmBraen Mon
Ohallerton Parsons Mother-in-law Widow 58 Dressmaker Vaelsea Somerset

In 1881 we see him still living in Wales, at 27 Bute St, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales and still declaring that he's a widower:
Thomas Nicol Davies Head Mar 44 Carmarthen, Carmarthen, Wales Coal Miner
Sarah Davies Wife Mar 37 London, London, Middlesex, England
John Davies S 6 Glamorgan, Wales
David Williams Boarder UnM 27 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales Coal Min
Thomas Evans Boarder UnM 28 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales Coal Miner
Frank Knipps Boarder Wid 64 Oxford, England Coal Weigher

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Notes for Mary Ann SYKES:

I'm told by Neil Bennett, descended from the same Sykes family of Deddington, that Mary's father was Thomas Sykes, a labourer, born 1790 in Evenley, Northamptonshire, and his wife Ann Mary Penn 1788 in Deddington, Oxfordshire. They married on 16 Feb 1815 at Deddington. Thomas died 6 Nov 1864 at Deddington. Ann died 1864 at Deddington. They had 4 children, all born in Deddington: William b.1816, Mary Ann b.1818, Benjamin b.1820 and Elizabeth b.1826.

We see Mary Ann in 1841, living at Pilcock Street, Deddington. She was of course widowed:
Kilby Jos M 27 Sawyer Oxfordshire
Kilby M A F 23 Oxfordshire

I assume Joseph Kirby will have been a brother of her late husband, Thomas Kilby.

Mary appears in the 1881 census as Mary A Knibbs, widowed, living at Bone Hill, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England
Mary A. Knibbs Lodger (Head) Wid 60 Charwoman Deddington, Oxford, England
Joseph North Head Widr 73 Hay Tier (Unable to Work) Bucks Buckingham

Joseph was identified as the Head of the household so I wonder, was he the owner of the house perhaps Mary was looking after him? - was the William North she married his brother? All pure speculation on my part.

The Bucks Herald on 26 August 1882 reported a marriage at Buckingham on 20th August 1882 between William North and Mrs Emma Knibbs. The GRO has this marriage listed for Mary Ann Knibbs. I believe the GRO would be the more accurate source of information, so I presume this was a third marriage for Mary Ann Sykes.

It's interesting to note also that Mary's son John Francis Knibbs married a girl named Cecelia North - any relation to Mary's third husband perhaps?

There's no sign of Mary living at Buckingham in the 1901 census, but there's a William North, aged 82, occupation Hay Tier, so I wonder if this William North could be Mary's widowed husband?

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Notes for Frederic KNIBBS:

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Notes for Emma KNIBBS:

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