Roy L CORDREY was born 04 May 1884 in Indiana, USA. He married Olive Vern LEARNED 13 November 1906 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He died 03 June 1948 in Riverside County, California, USA. Olive Vern LEARNED was born 03 March 1884 in Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri, USA. She died 10 January 1971 in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, USA.

Children of Roy L CORDREY and Olive Vern LEARNED are:
1. Richard Leland CORDREY, b. 16 July 1908

Other Marriages/Unions for Olive Vern LEARNED:
See Norman Leonard KNIBBS & Olive Vern LEARNED

Notes for Roy L CORDREY:

From the Los Angeles Herald, July 24, 1908;
CORDREY - To Roy and Olive Cordrey 2810 East Third Street


1910 sees Roy living at Los Angeles Assembly District 69, Los Angeles, California, United:
Roy L Cordrey Head Mar 26 Accountant Indiana
Olive V Cordrey Wife Mar 26 Missouri
Richard L Cordrey Son 2 California
Luther T Cordrey Brother 15 Messenger Indiana

In 1920, we see Roy living at Los Angeles Assembly District 66, Los Angeles, California:
Roy L Cordrey Heads Mar 35 Book Keeper Indiana
Olive V Cordrey Wife Mar 35 Telephone Operator Missouri
Richard Cordrey Son 11 California
Mary J Cordrey Mother Wid 59 Indiana

In1930, we see Roy and Olive living at St Gabriel Township, Alhambra, Los Angeles:
Roy L Cordrey Head Mar 45 RR Office Accountant Indiana
Olive Cordrey Wife Mar 45 Clerk Missouri

The latest sighting of Roy and Olive is in 1940, when we see them living at San Gabriel Township, Alhambra, Los Angeles:
Roy L Cordrey Head Mar 55 Railroad Clerk Indiana
Olive V Cordrey Wife Mar 55 Missouri

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Notes for Olive Vern LEARNED:

Also known as: Olive v Leonard

Olive aged about 21 years in 1905 (click to enlarge) as she appeared in the Los Angeles Herald, in association with the following newspaper article.

From the Los Angeles Herald., June 24, 1905:
Mm. Olive Knlbbs Tells Court of Meeting Other Woman Who Was Wearing Her Hat, Dress, Coat and Shoes.
It Is difficult to imagine what the average woman would do should she meet "the other woman," the woman who had robbed her of a husband's affections, and the situation would not be very much improved should "the other woman" be wearing the hat, dress and other finery purchased for wife by the husband before "the other woman" had charmed him away from home.
But when these particular events crept into the life's experience of Mrs. Olive Knlbbs she straightway had her husband arrested and filed suit for divorce. She told the story of this experience on the witness stand yesterday In the following words: "I was taking a little walk on Broadway one evening when, happening to glance at the woman ahead of me, I noticed that her hat resembled a hat formerly owned by me. . I Immediately
made a close Inspection and saw that the woman was the one who had taken my husband from me, and that she was dressed in clothing which had formerly belonged to me and which my husband had taken away when he left my home.
Her Own Clothing
"As soon as I saw that the hat belonged to me I noticed the woman's clothing. Yes, there was my dress, fitting snugly to this other woman's figure, and there was my coat giving her a natty appearance. The woman was Just my size. As she started to cross the street she lifted her dress and in a flash I recognized the shoes which she wore as part of my lost property."
Mrs. Knlbbs alleged non-support and desertion and Attorney J. Marlon Brooks appeared for her. She was the only witness on her own behalf with the exception of Police Officer Ingraham, who testified regarding a recent criminal prosecution of the husband, Norman G. Knlbbs.
"I was married in Los Angeles about two years ago," testified Mrs. Knlbbs, "and with my husband went to light housekeeping. For awhile all went well, but I soon began to suspect that he was paying attention to another woman. I accused him of It and he
admitted to me that he was In love with a young woman who was living at the Preston house. He told me her name was Bessie Clarke, but that she went under the names of Lola Clarke and Minnie Bee.
"I told him that all was over be tween us and that I would take, my furniture and clothes and go to my home on Boyle Heights. He said that if I took the furniture I could not have the clothes, so I left him all the things and went home.
"I then met this woman on the street and when I recognized my clothes I followed her. The woman joined my husband and that settled it I did not Intend having another woman wearing my things. I went to the police station and with an officer I went to my husband and demanded my clothing. He said that the things belonged to him and then the officer arrested him on the criminal charge and he was sentenced to 150 days In Jail."
There was no defense offered to the charges, as the husband Is serving his 150 day sentence, and she secured a decree of divorce.


From the Independent Press Telegram, December 10, 1961:
BAXTER (Bellflower) Mrs. Lolah J., 62, of 9435 Palm St., died Saturday. Surviving are husband, Albert; son, Albert Jr.; sisters, Mrs. Alice Pfunder, Mrs. Olive Cordrey; brother, Henry H. Learned. Service Monday, 2 p.m., White's Funeral Home.


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Notes for Richard Leland CORDREY:

Richard married a girl named Rachel G Tucker from Scotland. They married in Los Angeles on 6 June, 1927.

They had a son named Robert, born 12 Jun 1929 at the Vorbeck Maternity Hospital, Welmar, Los Angeles Cointy.
Their second son Donald Eugene was born on 18 Jul, 1930 at the same hospital.

In 1930, we see Richard living at 1529 Ethel Avenue, Alhambra, Los Angeles, California:
Richard L Cordrey Head Mar 22 Bank Teller California
Rachel G Cordrey Wife Mar 21 Scotland
Robert H Cordrey Son 10 months California

In 1940, he was living in North Californian Street, Glendale Judicial Township, Burbank, Tract 390, Los Angeles:
Richard L Cordrey Head Mar 32 Moving Picture Labourer California
Rachel G Cordrey Wife Mar 31 Scotland
Robert Cordrey Son 11 California
Donald Cordrey Son 10 California

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The following obituary relates to Richard's younger son, Donald Eugene:
Msgt. Donald E. Cordrey Sr., 86, of Davenport, IA, passed away unexpectedly at Senior Star Retirement Home on Tuesday, May 30th, 2017. A ceremony will be held by the family at National Cemetery, Rock Island, IL where military honors will be presented by American Legion Post #26, Davenport.
Mr. Cordrey was born July 18, 1930 in California. He served 22 years as an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Air Force with tours of duty in the Korean and Vietnam wars. After retiring from his Air Force career, he was a cab driver in Huntington Beach, California. Donald participated in many activities. He loved playing softball, golfing, watching movies, bowling, and going to the Angels baseball games.
Donald Cordrey Sr. is preceded in death by his loving wife Lavena and his sons Mark and Randy. He is survived by his sons Donald Cordrey Jr., Stuart Cordrey and fiance’ MaryAnn Sims-Cockshoot; grandchildren Jessica Canada and Drew Canada, Curtis Cordrey and Sarah Parkyn, Jaimye Cordrey, and Kyle Cordrey; great-grandchildren Nathan and Alexander Canada, and Mia Cordrey. He will be deeply missed.

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