John Francis KNIBBS, son of Francis KNIBBS and Mary Ann SYKES , was born 07 December 1846 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Cecelia NORTH 30 August 1868 in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England. He died bet. 1901 and 1911. Cecelia NORTH was born 21 June 1844 in Radclive, Buckinghamshire, England. She died 22 February 1921 in Ireleth with Askam, Lancashire, England.

Children of John Francis KNIBBS and Cecelia NORTH are:
1. Emma NORTH, b. 06 December 1865 See John Clark JONES & Emma NORTH
2. Frederick John KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1869 See Frederick John KNIBBS & Mary Ann ORR
3. John KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1874 See John KNIBBS & Margaret Ann FAWCETT
4. William KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1875 See William KNIBBS & Mary BIRBECK OR William KNIBBS & Elizabeth Ellen COX
5. Joseph KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1878
6. George KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1886 See George KNIBBS & Ethel WHITTAKER

Marriage Notes for John Francis KNIBBS\Cecelia NORTH:

From the Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press, Saturday 05 September 1868:
August 30, at the Parish Church, Buckingham, by the Rev. L. Borrisow, John Francis Knibbs, to Cecilia North, both of Buckingham.

Notes for John Francis KNIBBS:

We see John and his family in 1871, living at Garrett Road, Buckingham:
John Frances Knibbs Head 24 Excavator Oxon Deddington
Cecilia Knibbs Wife 26 Bucks Buckingham
Emma Knibbs Daur 5 Scholar Bucks Buckingham
Frederick Knibbs Son 2 Bucks Buckingham

John appears in the 1881 census living at 57 Steel Street, Dalton In Furness, Lancashire, England
John KNIBBS Head Mar 36 Borer (Iron Ore) Deddenton Oxford
Cecilia KNIBBS Wife Mar Female 36 Buckingham
Emma KNIBBS Daur 16 Buckingham
Fredrick KNIBBS Son 12 Buckingham
John KNIBBS Son 7 Askam Lancashire
William KNIBBS Son 5 Askam Lancashire
Clara KNIBBS Daur 2m Askam Lancashire

There's no sign of Clara Knibbs other than the 1881 census return. Looking at the register of births, there was a Clara Jones NORTH born in q1/1881 at Ulverston. We know that John and Cecelia's oldest daughter Emma married John Jones in q2/1881, so we believe that Clara was Emma and John's daughter and therefore, John and Cecelia's granddaughter.

In 1891, John was seen to be living at 101 Steel Street, Askam, Lancashire:
John Knibbs head 44 Iron Miner Oxon Deddington
Cissy Wife 47 Buckinghamshire Buckingham
John Knibbs Son 17 Fisherman Lancashire Askam
William Knibbs Son 15 Fisherman Lancashire Askam
George Knibbs Son 5 Scholar Lancashire, Askam

John appears in the 1901 census living at the Farmers Arms, Dalton-In-Furness, Lancashire, England with his wife Cecilia and his sons John and George:
John Knibbs Head Mar 55 Iron Ore Miner Oxon Deddington
Cecelia Knibbs Wife 57 Bucks Buckingham
John Knibbs Son 27 Iron Ore Miner Lancs Askam
George Knibbs Son 15 General Labourer Lancs Askam

His other son William is married to Mary and has two sons of his own, Charles and John Francis, also living at Dalton-in-Furness.

From Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer - 29 August 1901:
Jno. Robert Kendal, landlord of the Farmer's Arms, Ireleth Road, Askam, was charged with permitting gaming on licensed premises on the 3rd inst.; while Robert Cree, John Knibbs, Henry Proctor, and James Mingle., were charged with aiding and abetting. They were represented by Mr. R. B. D. Bradshaw, and a plea of not guilty was returned.—lnspector Murphy told the court that, accompanied by Sergeant Carr, he visited the house kept by Kendal, at 10.30 on the Saturday evening. Upon entering from the front, they turned into a room at the back porton of the house, the door of which was closed. However, as the sergeant who was first pushed it open, they heard the jingling of money. They observed money and cards on the table, the latter evidently being in a position for shuffling. Knibbs, Cree, Proctor, and Mingins were engaged in the game. As Sergeant Carr seized the money and cards, he remarked this is a clear case of gambling. Mingins jumped up and rushed out of the room, despite the efforts of the sergeant to prevent him. Sergt. Carr took the names of the men. Other three men were in the room, and they said they had not been playing, but only watching. A man named Gill said that he was only a waiter, and that the landlord was away. He was told that in the absence of Kendal, he was responsible. The landlady was made acquainted with what had happened and replied that she was not aware that the men were playing for money.—Answering Mr. Bradshaw, the Inspector said he did not ask what game they were playing. The money was immediately in front of Knibbs, while the cards were in the centre of the table. The landlord subsequently went to him and expressed his sorrow for what had occurred. He seemed to be in a very distressed condition.—Sergt. Carr bore out in detail the testimony of lnspector Murphy. —in behalf of the defendants, Mr. Bradshaw contended that they were playing merely to pass the time away. As for the money, they were paying for drink in turns. The men were entitled to a little relaxation in a public house, provided they did not play for money. He mentioned that just across the road was a club of a certain political hue where they could go and play cards, though he did not say for money.—This was stated in effect by Edward Gill, who added that he was a life teetotaller, and assisted the landlord when he was away. He emphatically asserted that, although in the room frequently, he did not see any money. This also was the sum of the evidence of Mingles, Cree, and Knibbs, who were all sworn.—The Chairman remarked at the conclusion that the cases were not absolutely proved, and the defendants would therefore be dismissed with a caution.


Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer - 10 September 1903:
An Ireleth Landlord Fined.
John Knibbs, landlord of the Farmer's Arms, Kirkby Ireleth, was charged with selling during prohibited hours, and John Walker was summoned for aiding and abetting. Mr. Bradshaw defended. The evidence of Police Sergt. Dunn went to show that on Sunday morning the 23rd Aug., he, accompanied by P.C. King. both in ordinary clothes, concealed himself opposite the front door of the Farmer's Arms. Some little time afterwards he saw the defendant Walker, in company with others, walk the up-road. Then Walker went to the back door of the public house, and then joined the other men. Shortly after Knibbs came out. Then returning to his house almost immediately went to the men, and taking a bottle from underneath his coat he gave it to Walker. Another bottle he placed on the grass near the side of the road. Walker had a drink from the bottle, which had beer in it. When informed that he would be reported Knibbs said "If l am reported I can't help it." The other defendants made no reply. One of the bottles burst that morning in the train.
P.C. King gave corroborative evidence.
Walker was then called, and said Wilson, who had come that morning from Millom, asked him and Latham and Windle to have a drink with him.
Similar evidence was given by Geo. Windle, Sharp Street, and Isaac Latham, Harris Street, both of Askam, and the landlord, Knibbs said Wilson had a pint of beer and some cheese, and then asked "can you bring me a drink out?" He had not yet been paid for the beer. Knibbs was fined 40s. and costs, and Walker 10s. and costs.
The other cases against Knibbs for selling and those against Isaac Latham and Geo. Windle for aiding and a betting was withdrawn, costs being paid.

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Notes for Cecelia NORTH:

Also known as: Cissy

We see Cecelia in 1851, living with her parents at Bath Lane, Radclive Cum Chackmore, Buckinghamshire:
Joseph North Head Mar 42 Labourer Radclive Buckinghamshire
Elizh North Wife Mar 45 Cholton Northamptonshire
Wm North Son 18 Buckingham
Ann Daur 17 Buckingham
George North Son 12 Buckingham
Thomas North Son 10 Buckingham
Sicley North Daur 6 Buchingham

In 1861, Cecelia was living at Bone Hill Gawent(?) Road,
Joseph North Head Mar 52 Hay Lyer Bucks Radclive
Elizabeth North Wife Mar 55 Domestic Duties Northants Charlton
Cecilia North Daur UnM 16 Boot Binder Bucks Buckingham
Edward Emerton Lodger Mar 21 Bricklayer Bucks Buckingham
Ann Emerton Lodger Mar 27 Dress Maker Bucks Buckingham

Cecelia married John Francis Knibbs in 1868.

The National Burials Index gives Cecelia's age as 76 when she died. She's buried at Ireleth with Askam, St Peter, Lancashire.

We can see Cecelia in 1911 living at 87 Steel Street, Askam in Furness, Lancashire:
Cecilia Knibbs Head 67 Widow Married Buckingham London

The census shows that she had 8 children altogether, and 3 died before 1911.

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Notes for Joseph KNIBBS:

Joseph died aged 1 year and is buried at Ireleth with Askam, St Peter, Lancashire.

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