William HOYLE was born abt. 1843 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire, England. He married Ellen KNIBBS 13 January 1866 in Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Ellen KNIBBS, daughter of Edward Bates KNIBBS and Sophia FATHERS , was born bef. 10 February 1839 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. She died bet. January and March, 1924 in Luton District, Bedfordshire, England.

Children of William HOYLE and Ellen KNIBBS are:
1. Millicent Helen HOYLE, b. bet. April and June, 1867
2. William Ernest HOYLE, b. bet. January and March, 1869
3. Robert Harold HOYLE, b. bet. July and September, 1873
4. Francis Alfred HOYLE, b. bet. January and March, 1876

Marriage Notes for William HOYLE\Ellen KNIBBS:

From the Yorkshire Gazette, Yorkshire, 20 January, 1866:
HOYLE - KNIBBS. - On the 13th inst., at the parish church King's Sutton, Norhtamptonshire, Mr. William Hoyle, head master of St. Paul's schools, Halliwell, lancashire, Eldest son of Mr. W. Hoyle, of this city, to Miss Ellen Knibbs, niece of Mr. Robt. Fathers, of King's Sutton.

Notes for William HOYLE:

We first see William's family in 1841, living at Raw Green, Cawthorne, Yorkshire:
William Hoyle 29 Schoolmaster
Sarah Hoyle 30
Elizabeth Hoyle 1½
Sarah Hoyle 5 months
Mary Ann Hirshwood 10

We next see William Hoyle in 1851 living with his parents at 22 Parliament Street, York, Yorkshire:
William Hoyle Head Mar 39 Glass and China Dealer Yorkshire Huddersfield
Sarah Hoyle Wife Mar 41 York
Elizabeth Hoyle Daur 11 Living at Home Yorkshire Huddersfield
Sarah Hoyle Daur 10 Scholar Yorkshire Cawthorne
William Hoyle Son 8 Scholar Yorkshire Cawthorne
Alfred Hoyle Son 4 Yorkshire Cawthorne
Ada Jane Hoyle Daur 2 York
Mary Ann Hirshwood Step Daur UnM 20 Dressmaker York

William's father, William Hoyle Sr. married Sarah Hirshwood during q4/1838 in York District, Yorkshire.

In 1861, they were living at St Sampsons Square, Bootham, Yorkshire (East Riding):
William Hoyle Head Mar Glass and China Dealer Huddersfield York
Sarah Hoyle Wife Mar 51 York
Mary Ann Hirshwood Step Daur UnM 31 Dressmaker York
Elizabeth Hoyle Daur UnM 21 Dressmaker Huddersfield
Alfred Hoyle Son UnM 14 Cawthorne York
Ada Jane Hoyle Daur UnM 12 Assist at Home York
Elma Hoyle Daur UnM 9 York
Bertha Hoyle Daur UnM 6 York

In 1871, William was living at 55 Church Street, Bolton, Lancashire:
William Hoyle Head Mar 28 School Teacher (???) York Cawthorne
Ellen Hoyle Wife Mar 30 Oxford Deddington
Millicent E Hoyle Daur 4 Scholar Lancashire ?????
William E Hoyle Son 2 Middlesex Bromley-By-Bow

We see William with wife and children in 1881, living at Birch Green School, Hertingfordbury, Hertford, England:
William HOYLE Head M Male 38 Cawthorne, York, England Certificated Teacher
Ellen HOYLE Wife M Female 40 Deddington, Oxford, England
Millicent Helen HOYLE Daur Female 14 Bolton, Lancashire, England Scholar
William Ernest HOYLE Son Male 12 Bromley-By-Bow, Middlesex, England Scholar
Robert Harold HOYLE Son Male 7 Bolton, Lincoln, England Schol
Francis Alfred HOYLE Son Male 5 Hertingfordbury, Hertford, England Scholar

In 1891, they were living at 105 Stuart Street, Luton, Bedfordshire:
William Hoyle Head M 48 Clerk of School Board Yorkshire Cawthorne
Ellen Hoyle Wife M 49 Oxon Deddington
Robert H Hoyle Son S 17 Clerk Lancashire Bolton
Francis A Hoyle Son S 15 Clerk Herts Hertingfordbury

In 1901, we see William and Ellen living at 31 Cardiff Road, Luton, Bedfordshire:
William Hoyle Head Mar 58 Clerk to ????? School Yorkshire Cawthorne
Ellen Hoyle Wife Mar 60 Oxfordshire Deddington

In 1911, we see them living at the same address:
Willian Hoyle Head 68 Married Secretary to Education Committee Yorkshire Sawthorn
Ellen Hoyle Wife 70 Married (45 years) Oxford Deddington

The census shows that Ellen had 5 children, 2 of whom died before 1911.

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Notes for Ellen KNIBBS:

Ellen is a bit of a mystery. Her baptism is clearly shown at Deddington in 1839, but for some reason, she is not included in the census details for 1841.

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Notes for Millicent Helen HOYLE:

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Notes for William Ernest HOYLE:

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Notes for Francis Alfred HOYLE:

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