William SEEX was born bet. January and March, 1839 in Bidford, Warwickshire, England. He married Harriet KNIBBS bet. October and December, 1861 in Headington District, Buckinghamshire, England. He died bet. October and December, 1883 in Cardiff District, Glamorganshire, Wales. Harriet KNIBBS, daughter of Edward Bates KNIBBS and Sophia FATHERS , was born bef. 22 November 1840 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. She died 24 January 1925 in Cardiff District, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Children of William SEEX and Harriet KNIBBS are:
1. William Gates SEEX, b. 25 January 1863
2. Thomas SEEX, b. abt. 1866
3. Mark SEEX, b. bet. April and June, 1869
4. Jessie SEEX, b. bet. April and June, 1872
5. Fredrick SEEX, b. 12 February 1876 See Fredrick SEEX & Elizabeth Jane JOHNS
6. Ada SEEX, b. bet. January and March, 1882
7. Harry SEEX, b. bef. 21 May 1865

Other Marriages/Unions for Harriet KNIBBS:
See David Basset RICHARDS & Harriet KNIBBS

Notes for William SEEX:

The LDS has William's parents as William Seex and Eliza Bennet who married at Bidford, Warwickshire on 1 Nov 1836.

William was baptised in the parish of Bidford, Warwickshire on 13 March, 1839. The register shows that he was born in Broom, the son of William Seex (identified as a "Gent") and his wife Eliza.


In 1851, we see William living with his parents and siblings at Planet Row, Gateshead, Durham:
Joseph Randal Head Mar 41 Brick Maker Leicester
Eliza Randle Wife Mar 35 Warwick Exhall
John Gates Seex Step Son 13 Clerk to Atorney Warwick Bidford
William Seex Step Son 11 Scholar Warwick Bidford
Francess Seex Step Daur 7 Scholar Warwick Bidford (Francess with a double "s")
Joseph Randle Son 2 Gloucester Campden
Eliza Randle Daur 6 months Durham Gateshead

William maerried Harriet in 1861.

We see William and his wife living at High Street, Bidford, Warwickshire at the time of the 1871 census:
William Seex Head Mar 32 Plumber & Glazier Bidford Warwickshire
Harriet Seex Wife Mar 30 Deddington Oxfordshire
William Gates Seex Son 8 Scholar Bidford Warwickshire
Tom Seex Son 4 Scholar Bidford Warwickshire
Mark Seex Son 2 Bidford Warwickshire

We can see William with wife and children in 1881, living at 7 Rose Street, Roath, Glamorgan, Wales:
William Seex Head Mar 41 House Painter Bidford Warwick
Harriet Seex Wife Mar 39 Beddington Oxford
William G Seex Son 18 Milk Vendor Bidford Warwick
Thomas Seex Son 14 Show Riveter (Appr) Bidford Warwick
Mark Seex Son 12 Scholar Bidford Warwick
Jessie Seex Daur 8 Scholar Bidford Warwick
Fredrick Seex Son 5 Scholar Cardiff Glamorgan

William died in 1883, aged 44.

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Notes for Harriet KNIBBS:

Harriet can be seen at the 1861 census return, probably visiting her sister Sarah:
Harriett KNIBBS 1841 Deddington Oxfordshire Visitor Oxford St Clement Oxfordshire

I do wonder if it was this Harriet who remarried in q3/1885 to either a David Bassett Richards or, John Hart after her husband, William Seex died in 1883 and maybe it was her remarriage that may well account for her son Frederick appearing in The National Nautical School for Homeless and Destitute Boys, Portishead in 1891.

In 1891, we see Harriet living at 10 Wyndham Place, Canton, Cardiff, Glamorganshire:
Harriet Seex Head Wid 58 Oxon Deddington
Tom Seex Son Widr 33 Ships Stoker Warwick Bidford
Mark Seex Son 32 Ships Stoker Warwick Bidford
Ada Seex Daur 19 Dressmaker Glamorgan Cardiff

In 1901, we can see Harriet living at the same address, 10 Wyndham Place, Cardiff:
Harriet Seex Head Wid 58 Oxon Deddington
Tom Seex Son Widr 33 Ships Stoker Warwick Bidford
Mark Seex Son UnM 32 Ships Stoker Warwick Bidford
Ada Seex Daur UnM 19 Dressmaker Gramorgan Cardiff

In 1911, we see Harriet living at 102 Wyndham Road, Canton, Cardiff, Wales:
Harry Frank Potter Head Married (2 years) Carpenter & Joiner Oxon Milton
May Anne Potter Wife 49 Married Gramorgan Cardiff
Frederick Vizard son 24 Single Postman Glamorgan Cardiff
Harriet Seex Boarder 70 Widow Deddington Oxon

Harriet married David Basset Richards and we believe that they probably separated at some time between 1885 and 1891, with Harriet returning to her previous surname.

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Notes for William Gates SEEX:

William married Eliza Ann Merrifield during q2/1886 in Cardiff District. She died during q4/1894, aged just 30. William married for a second time to Elizabeth Kate Brignall during q2/1899 in the Cardiff District.

William was living at Harriet Street, St Johns, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales in 1901:
William Seex Head Mar 38 Grand Warehouseman Warwick Bifddeford
Kate Seex Wife Mar 28 Glamorgan Cardiff

He died in q1/1915, aged 51 in Cardiff District.

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Notes for Thomas SEEX:

Thomas married Minnie Cregan on 16 Apr 1894 at Canton, St John, Glamorganshire, Wales. The marriage details came from FamilySearch, Wales, Glamorgan, Parish Register Marriages, 1837-1922

Minnie was born in abt.1872. Her father's name was William Cregan. I suspect her name may well have been Emma Amelia but can't be sure.

In 1901, Thomas was a widower, living with his mother, so clearly Minnie died soo after they married.

I've conjectured that it was this Thomas Seex who died in Copenhagem as the following record shows:
First Name THOMAS
Last Name SEEX
Collections from Great Britain
Category Births, Marriages & Deaths
Record collection Deaths & burials
Record set British nationals died overseas 1818-2005
Year 1901-05
Age At Death 36
Birth Year
Page 551
Record Source GRO Consular Death Indices (1849 to 1965) Year Range 1901-1905
Volume 11

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Notes for Mark SEEX:

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Notes for Jessie SEEX:

Jessie Seex married Henry Mansfield in Cardiff District, on 1 Aug 1892.

We see Jessie and her husband in 1901, living at Cambridge Row, St John, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales:
Caleb Godfrey Head Mar 40 Keynsham Somersetshire
Clara Godfrey Wife Marn 35 Bath Somersetshire
George Godfrey Son 11 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Winifred Godfrey Daur 10 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Henry Mansfield Brother-In-Law Mar 33 Bath Somersetshire
Jessie Mansfield Sister-In-Law Mar 28 Stratford On Avon Warwickshire
Dorothy Mansfield Niece 7 Cardiff Glamorganshire
George Mansfield Nephew 6 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Sidney Mansfield Nephew 2 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Lennard Mansfield Nephew 0 Cardiff Glamorganshire

We see Jessie and her husband in 1911, living in Cardiff, Glamorgamshire, Wales:
Henry Mansfield Head Mar 43 French Polisher Bath Somersetshire
Jessie Mansfield Wife Mar 38 Bedford Warwickshire
Dorothy Mansfield Daur 17 Shop Assistant Cardiff Glamorganshire
George Mansfield Son 16 Shorthand Typist Cardiff Glamorganshire
Sidney Mansfield Son 13 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Leonard Mansfield Son 10 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Roy Mansfield Son 5 Cardiff Glamorganshire
Ada Seex Sister-in-law 29 Cardiff Glamorganshire

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Notes for Ada SEEX:

In 1911, we see Ada was living with her sister Jessie and brother-in-law, Henry Mansfield.

I suspect it was this Ada who died in Chatham, Kent during q4/1949, aged 66. My only reason for suspecting this is that the name was very unusual, but the age at death doesn't quite match.

Sources for Ada SEEX:

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Notes for Harry SEEX:

I've conjectured that Harry died in infancy as he doesn't appear in the 1871 or any later census returns.

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