Fanny KNIBBS, daughter of Edward KNIBBS and Fanny BERRY , was born bef. 10 October 1834 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. She died 25 August 1860 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Fanny KNIBBS are:
1. George KNIBBS

Notes for Fanny KNIBBS:

The following appeared in Jackson's Oxford Journal on Saturday, September 1, 1860:

Inquest by G.P. Hester, Esq., Deputy Coroner.-
On Saturday 25th ult., an inquest was held at Osney Mill, on the body of Fanny Knibbs, aged 22, who was found drowned that morning near the mill, by the miller, Edward Harris. From the evidence it appeared that the deceased, who came from Polesworth, near Tamworth, where her father and mother live, had been staying with some relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Berry, of Fisher-Row, St. Thomas's for the last ten weeks. She came to Oxford for change of air, having had a child which died three months ago; at the time she came here she was very low in spirits and in delicate health; her health improved but she still continue in low spirits. On Sunday evening, the 19th ult., about eight o'clock, she left Mrs. Berry's house, and told her she was going to meet her aunt, who lived with them, and from that time nothing further was seen or heard of her until she was found drowned. It was stated in evidence by Mrs. Berry's daughter, who was with the deceased when she was confined, that two sisters of the deceased had been in lunatic asylums, and that one of them was still a lunatic, but the other had recovered, and was now in service. As there was no evidence to show where the deceased was accidentally drowned or not, the Jury returned an open verdict of "Found Drowned".


See Fanny's Death Certificate

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Notes for George KNIBBS:

George was almost certainly the child of Fanny Knibbs but would need to check the birth certificate to be sure. We know from the Coroner's report into the death of Fanny that a child of hers died about three months before she herself was found drowned, and we know that she was living at that time in Polesworth, in the district of Atherstone, with her parents.

George's death is recorded in the register as George NIBBS.

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