Thomas FISHER was born 07 September 1838 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He married Sarah Anne KNIBBS 24 November 1862 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Sarah Anne KNIBBS, daughter of Joseph KNIBBS and Sarah WYATT , was born bef. 23 July 1837 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. She died bet. January and March, 1907 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England.

Children of Thomas FISHER and Sarah Anne KNIBBS are:
1. Benjamin FISHER, b. 09 October 1871 See Benjamin FISHER & Jane HILL
2. Marrian FISHER, b. December 1864
3. Thomas FISHER, b. May 1865
4. Joseph FISHER, b. abt. 1868
5. James FISHER, b. abt. 1872
6. Sarah Ann FISHER, b. abt. 1877

Marriage Notes for Thomas FISHER\Sarah Anne KNIBBS:

See Sarah and Thomas' Marriage Certificate

Other Marriages/Unions for Sarah Anne KNIBBS:
See John STRETCH & Sarah Anne KNIBBS

Notes for Thomas FISHER:

Thomas' father was Benjamin Fisher, an Engineer.

In 1871, we see Thomas and Sarah living 2 doors away from Sarah's parents, at Beech Lanes, Ridgacre, Worcestershire:
Thomas Fisher Head Mar 32 Tool Maker & Machinist Warwickshire Birmingham
Sarah Ann Fisher Wife Mar 33 Oxfordshire Banbury
Alice Fisher Daur UnM 10 Scholar Staffordshire Wolverhampton
Marrian Fisher Daur UnM 7 Scholar Warwichsire Soho near Birmingham
Thomas Fisher Sin 5 Scholar Staffordshire Handsworth (?)
Joseph Fisher Son 2 Worcestershire Ridgacre

Thomas can be seen with his family in 1881, living at Blake Lane, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England:
Thomas Fisher Head Mar 42 Gun Lock Filer Birmingham
Sarah An Fisher Wife Mar 43 Birmingham
Alice Fisher Daur UnM 20 Umbrela Maker West Brom Stafford
Marion Fisher Daur UnM 17 Tin Tea Pot Maker Birmingham
Thomas Fisher Son UnM 15 Filer (Artz) Birmingham
Joseph Fisher Son UnM 13 Scholar Birmingham
Benjamin Fisher Son 10 Scholar Birmingham
James Fisher Son 9 Scholar Birmingham
Sarah An Fisher Daur 4 Scholar Birmingham

In 1891, we see the family living at 26 Waterworks Road, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Thomas Fisher Head Mar Lock Filer Warwickshire Birmingham
Sarah A Fisher Wife Mar 53 Oxfordshire Banbury
James Fisher Son UnM 18 Hairdresser Warwickshire Harbourne
Sarah A Fisher Daur 14 Warwickshire Birmingham
Agnes Martin Grand Daur 6 Staffordshire Smethwick

I'm not sure yet where Agnes Martin quite fits. She's clearly not the grand daughter of Thomas and Sarah, but I suspect she may well be a granddaughter Sarah's sister, Elizabeth who married John Martin. She may of course have been a daughter of one of John Martin's brothers, and Sarah was just helping out for some reason.

Thomas and Sarah can also be seen in 1901 living at Worley, Worcestershire, England. I believe it is their youngest daughter Sarah living with them.
Thomas Fisher 62 Warickshire Birmingham Worcester Warley Gun Lock Filer
Sarah Fisher 63 Oxfordshire Banbury Worcester Warley
Sarah Fisher 22 Warickshire Birmingham Worcester Warley

In 1911, we see the widower, Thomas Fisher living at 203 Holliday Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
John Irving Head Mar 32 Boot Maker Pressman Ladywood Birmingham
Nellie Irving Wife Mar (9 years) 35 Birmijngham
Walter Irving Son 8 School Birmingham
Lilly Irving Daur 1 Birminhham
Thomas Fisher Boarder 72 Gun Filler Birmingham

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Notes for Sarah Anne KNIBBS:

(Click image for larger version).This photograph shows Sarah on the left and either her own mother Sarah on the right, or perhaps her mother-in-law, Phebe Elizabeth Tibbetts. We can't be sure which. Written on the back is "Mother and grandmother of Ben, Tom, Joe, James"

I'm not sure of the reason, but it looks Sarah and two of her siblings were living with their grandmother at the time of the 1841 census retur
WYATT Ann F 60 Independant
KNIBBS Elizabeth F 11
KNIBBS James M 6
KNIBBS Sarah F 3

I'm guessing that Ann Wyatt was their grandmother. They were all living at Burton Dassett, Warwickshire, England.

Sarah was listed as a Full age, Spinster, of Spring Fields when she married John Stretch in 1860.

There is a little confusion surrounding the two marriages of Sarah. There is strong evidence that she married John Stretch in 1860 and then Thomas Fisher in 1862. We can see from the 1861 census that John Stretch was born in Northwich(?), Cheshire, England and we can also see a John Stretch death was registered in Northwich District, Cheshire in 1861. However, on the marriage certificate of Sarah and Thomas Fisher, she was identified as a spinster.

This could of course have been an error by the Registrar.

The other positive facts that indicate Sarah was married to both John Stretch and Thomas Fisher are:
- for both marriages she's identified as Sarah Ann Knibbs, daughter of Joseph Knibbs, boatman
- in 1861 she was living with John Stretch at her parents house (Joseph and Sarah Knibbs)
- in 1871 she was living just doors away from her parents and sister Elizabeth Martin
- in 1861 we see Sarah and John Stretch listed with a daughter Alise born in 1860
- in 1881 we see Sarah and Thomas Fisher with a daughter Alice born in about 1860 and therefore, before she and Thomas married.

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Notes for Marrian FISHER:

Also known as: Marion

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Notes for Thomas FISHER:

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Notes for Joseph FISHER:

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Notes for James FISHER:

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Notes for Sarah Ann FISHER:

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