Samuel GRIFFITHS was born 01 November 1828 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He married Frances KNIBBS 13 December 1851 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died 03 April 1913 in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Frances KNIBBS, daughter of Thomas KNIBBS and Harriet PRATLEY , was born bef. 19 December 1830 in Yardley, Worcestershire, England. She died 30 October 1877 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Children of Samuel GRIFFITHS and Frances KNIBBS are:
1. Fanny Maria GRIFFITHS, b. abt. 1855 See William LEAVER & Fanny Maria GRIFFITHS
2. Jane Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, b. 05 January 1859
3. Harriett GRIFFITHS, b. bef. 08 August 1863
4. Robert S GRIFFITHS, b. bet. January and March, 1866
5. Samuel GRIFFITHS, b. 01 March 1868
6. Florence Annie GRIFFITHS, b. 06 July 1873
7. William GRIFFITHS, b. abt. 1870
8. Louisa GRIFFITHS, b. bet. January and March, 1853

Marriage Notes for Samuel GRIFFITHS\Frances KNIBBS:

Frances and Samuel were married at the St. Philip, Birmingham, England

See Samuel and Frances' Marriage Certificate

Notes for Samuel GRIFFITHS:

I have the following from David Griffiths, a direct descent of Samuel:
1851 census living as a lodger in Great Brook Street, Steel Toy Maker, age 21
1861 census living at back of 348 Farm Street, age 30, Steel Toy Maker
In PO Directory of 1866, page 73, is listed as a Light Steel Toy Manufacturer, at 41 1/2 Woodcock Street, Gosta Green, Birmingham.
1871 census address - 1 back of 57½ Willis Street - Steel Toy Maker
1881 census - Steel Toy Forger - living with daughter Ester Adams 80 Brierley Street
1891 census was a widower boarding with Maria Malpas at 114 Vicarage Road. Still described as a Steel Toy Maker.
1901 census - lodger at Henry St, 26 Crt 1 House. Widower age 72 Steel Toy Maker

In 1861, we see Samuel living at 348 Farm Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Samuel Griffiths Head Mar 3- Steel Toy Maker Warwickshire, Birmingham

Samuel's wife, Fanny, was staying at Yardley, a couple of door from where her father, Thomas Knibbs, lived.

The 1871 census return contained the following information for Samuel and his family who were living at 1 Back of 57½ Willis Street, Aston Birmingham:
Samuel Griffiths Head M 41 Steel Toy Maker Warwickshire Birmingham
Fanny Griffiths Wife M 40 Worcestershire Yardley
Fanny Griffiths Daur UnM 16 Dress Maker Warwickshire Birmingham
Harriet Griffiths Daur UnM 9 Scholar Warwickshire Aston
Robert Griffiths Son UnM 5 Scholar Warwickshire Aston
Samuel Griffiths Son UnM 3 Scholar Warwickshire Aston
William Griffiths Son UnM 1 Warwickshire Aston

I couldn't find Jane Elizabeth who would have been 12 years old at the time.

We can see Samuel in the 1881 census living in lodgings at 80 Brearley Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England:

Esther ADAMS Mother (Head) W Female 38 London, London, Middlesex Hardware Warehouse
Florence ADAMS Daur U Female 16 London, London, Middlesex Pen Maker
Samuel GRIFFITHS Father Boarder W Male 50 Warwick, Warwick, Steel Toy Forger

The relationships within the household seem a little complicated to figure out. Esther is clearly the head of the household and mother of Florence, but I struggle to understand how Samuel is identified as the father. I suspect it's an error made either at the census time or with the transcription of it.

Samuel's daughter Jane can be seen aged 22, living at 40 Alma Street, Aston, Warwickshire as a lodger with Jane Pearson.

His sons Robert (age 15) and Samuel (age 13) are living with Sarah Walters at Ct 6 H 7 Lawley Street, Aston Warwickshire.

The youngest daughter Florence (age 7) is living with her older sister Fanny Maria Leaver (nee Griffiths) at 3 Ivy Cottages, Rupert Street, Aston, Warwickshire.

In 1891. we can see Samuel Griffiths living at 114 Vicarage Road, Aston, Birmingham. Warwickshire:
Maria Malpus Head Wid 50 Living on Means Ireland Belfast
Ann Malpus Sister-in-Law UnM 74 Living on Means Gloucestershire Tilldown
Samuel Griffiths Boarder Widr 60 Steel Toy Maker Birmingham

We see Samuel in 1901, living at 2 CT 1, Henry Street, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire at the home of Agnes Larner:
Agnes Larner Head Wid 42 Turner & Dribler Birmingham Warwickshire
Louis Larner Son S 16 Lorry Lad Birmingham Warwickshire
Samuel Griffiths Lodger Widr 72 Steel Toy Maker Birmingham Warwickshire

In 1911, we see Samuel living at 6 House 5 Court, Windsor Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Agnes Larner Head Wid 52 Birmingham
Tom Louis Larner Son 26 Wid Chemical Worker Birmingham
J Moris Lodger Wid 54 Iron Plate Worker
S Griffiths Lodger Wid 82 Steel Toy Worker

The census states that Samuel had 10 children, 5 of whom were surviving at the time the census was taken.

See Samuel's Death Certificate

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Notes for Frances KNIBBS:

Also known as: Fanny

In 1861, we see Fanny staying as a visitor in Yardley, Worcestershire,just a couple of doors up from where her dad lived:
Sophie Lyndon Head Wid 66 Washerwoman Suffolk Ipswich
Fanny Griffiths Visitor Mar 29 Steel Toy Makers Wife Worcester Yardley
Louisa Griffitsh Visitor 8 Scholar Warwickshire Birmingham
Jane Griffiths Visitor 2 Warwockshire Birmingham

Fanny's daughter, Fanny, was staying just a couple of doors away with Thomas Knibbs, her grandfather.

Fanny died aged just 46 years having suffered from Morbid Cordis (which I believe is Tubercular Enlargement of the Liver) for 3 years and General Dropsy. She died in Queen's Hospital, Bath Row, Birmingham.

I have the following notes from David Griffiths, a direct descendant of Fanny:

On the 1861 census she is living at the Village, Yardley with daughters Louisa(8) and Jane(2). They are described as visitors of Sophie Lyndon, a 66 year old washerwoman from Ipswich. Fanny is described as 29 years old and a Steel Toy Maker's Wife. One daughter, Fanny (6) is living with Thomas, a few doors away in the village.

See Fanny's Death Certificate

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Notes for Jane Elizabeth GRIFFITHS:

Baptised at St. Matthew, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Jane can be seen living at 40 Alma St., Aston, Warwick, England at the 1881 census:
Jane PEARSON Head U Female 25 Aston, Warwick, England Mangler
Jane E. GRIFFITHS Boarder U Female 22 Bham, Warwick, England Inc Maker
Mary A. ALLEN Boarder U Female 43 Bham, Warwick, England Burnisher

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Notes for Harriett GRIFFITHS:

Baptised at St. Clement, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Sources for Harriett GRIFFITHS:

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Notes for Robert S GRIFFITHS:

Robert and his younger brother Samuel can be seen living with Sarah Walters at the 1881 census at Ct 6 H 7 Lawley St., Aston, Warwickshire:
Sarah A. WALTERS Head M Female 39 Bham, Warwick, England Keeps A Mangle
Thomas WALTERS Son U Male 16 Bham, Warwick, England Carter
James WALTERS Son U Male 14 Bham, Warwick, England Hollow Ware Caster
Walter WALTERS Son U Male 10 Bham, Warwick, England Scholar
Rhoda WALTERS Daur U Female 8 Bham, Warwick, England Scholar
George WALTERS Son U Male 4 Bham, Warwick, England
Harry WALTERS Son U Male 3 Bham, Warwick, England
Mathew THOMAS Border U Male 4 m Bham, Warwick, Engla
Robert GRIFFITHS Boarder U Male 15 W Bromwich, Stafford, England Hollow Ware Caster
Jane THOMAS Lodger U Female 22 Manchester Lamp Work
Samuel GRIFFITHS Lodger U Male 13 Bham, Warwick, England Scholar

I'm not quite sure who this family is but it may have just been that they were lodgers there.

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Notes for Samuel GRIFFITHS:

Samuel was born in Victoria Place, Willis Street, Aston, Birmingham.

Baptised at St. Matthew, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

See notes under older brother Robert for details of whereabouts in 1881.

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Notes for Florence Annie GRIFFITHS:

Baptised at St. Matthew, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Florence can be seen living with her older sister Fanny Maria at the 1881 census, at 3 Ivy Cottages Rupert Street, Aston, Warwick, England
William LEAVER Head M Male 25 Birmingham, Warwick, England Carpenter
Fanny Maria LEAVER Wife M Female 25 Birmingham, Warwick, England Dressmaker
William Earnest LEAVER Son Male 2 Birmingham, Warwick, England
Florance GRIFFITHS Visitor Female 7 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar

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Notes for William GRIFFITHS:

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Notes for Louisa GRIFFITHS:

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