Richard KNIBBS, son of Richard KNIBBS and Sarah BUTLER , was born bef. 15 February 1844 in Swerford , Oxfordshire, England. He married Emma HALL 07 September 1890 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died 30 September 1891 in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Emma HALL was born abt. 1844 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1902 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England.

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Notes for Richard KNIBBS:

Richard appears in the 1871 census:
Richard Knibbs Head Mar 27 Gun Smith Oxon Banbury
Caroline Knibbs Wife Mar 25 Birmingham
Mary A Knibbs Daur 4 Birmingham
Charles Knibbs Son 2 Birmingham
Edwin Knibbs Son 2 Birmingham
Charles Somers Lodger Mar 27 Gun Smith Birmingham
Catherine Somers Lodger 26 Scotland
Peter Somers Lodger 4 Birmingham

Richard appears in the 1881 census living at 14 Court 7 H Pritchett Street, Aston, Warwickshire, England with his first wife Caroline and their children:
Richard KNIBBS Head M Male 37 Oxford, England Gun Smi
Caroline KNIBBS Wife M Female 35 Birmingham, Warwick, England
Mary Ann KNIBBS Dau Female 14 Birmingham, Warwick, England
Charles KNIBBS Son Male 11 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar
Edwin KNIBBS Son Male 11 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar
Sarah KNIBBS Dau Female 8 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar
Maria KNIBBS Dau Female 6 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar
Clara KNIBBS Dau Female 4 Birmingham, Warwick, Engla
Joseph KNIBBS Son Male 2 Birmingham, Warwick, Engla
Richard KNIBBS Son Male 1 m Birmingham, Warwick, England

Richard appears at the 1891 census with his second wife Emma and 8 of his children, living at 108 Pritchett Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Richard Knibbs, Head, M, 47Gun Finnisher,Employed,\- Oxfordshire
Emma Knibbs, Wife, M, 46 Birmingham Warwickshire
Mary A Knibbs, Dau, S, 24,Press Worker,Employed,Birmingham Warwickshire
Sarah Knibbs, Dau, S, 19,Press Worker,Employed,Birmingham Warwickshire
Maria Knibbs, Dau, S, 16,Press Worker,Employed,Birmingham Warwickshire
Florence Knibbs, Dau, S, 14,Press Worker,Employed,Birmingham Warwickshire
Joseph Knibbs, Son, S, 12 ,Birmingham Warwickshire
Richard Knibbs, Son, S, 9 ,Birmingham Warwickshire
Caroline Knibbs, Dau, S, 7 Birmingham Warwickshire
James Knibbs, Son, S, 4 ,Birmingham Warwickshire

I believe Florence may well have been Clara.

Richard died, aged 47 years.

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Notes for Emma HALL:

Emma was the widow of James Tandy when she married Richard.

She can be seen in the 1881 census living at 7 Court 2 House, Birmingham, Warwickshire. She was already a widow and had 4 children at that time. It wasn't until 1890, some 9 years later that she married Richard Knibbs.

In 1881, she also had what were quite possibly three of her siblings living with her as lodgers.
They were Samuel Hall (27) and unemployed, Thomas Hall (22) a Saw Tooth Setter and Ann Hall (20) a Spoon Polisher. There was also Lilly Hall aged just one month and listed as "daughter" on the census.

Emma Tandy Head Wid 37 Button Coverer Bham
Emma Tandy Daur 14 Scholar Bham
Henry Tandy Son 12 Scholar Bham
Geo. Tandy Son 12 Scholar Bham
Florence Tandy Daur 5 Scholar Bham
Samuel Hall Lodger UnM 27 No Occupation Bham
Thos. Hall Lodger UnM 22 Saw Tooth Setter (Timber) Bham
Ann Hall Lodger UnM 20 Spoon Polisher Bham
Lilly Hall Daur 1m Bham

Emma appears (written as Ema), aged 56 years, living at 29 Ward Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire in the 1901. She appears to be living with her son George TANDY from her first marriage:
George Tandy Head Mar 31 Brass Founder Birmingham
Alice Tandy Wife Mar 26 Birmingham
George Tandy Son 5 Birmingham
Henry Tandy Son 3 Birmingham
Ema Knibbs M-in-Law Wid 56 Linen Cutter Birmingham

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