William HARRIS was born abt. 1791 in Sibford, Oxfordshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Sarah KNIBBS, daughter of Anthony KNIBBS and Mary SATCHWELL , was born bef. 29 December 1799 in Swerford, Oxfordshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of William HARRIS and Sarah KNIBBS are:
1. William KNIBBS, b. 22 January 1822 See William KNIBBS & Emily DAVIS

Marriage/Union Events for William HARRIS\Sarah KNIBBS:

Marriage Notes for William HARRIS\Sarah KNIBBS:

Despite appearing together with their own "Family Page", to the best of
my knowledge William and Sarah didn't marry.
The genealogy package I use unfortunately assumes that as there were children, then the couple were married.

Notes for William HARRIS:

A farm servant was a live-in farm labourer, normally unmarried. You get the occasional older widower, but the usual farm servant will be up to around 25 years of age.

Sources for William HARRIS:

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Notes for Sarah KNIBBS:

Sources for Sarah KNIBBS:

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