William NEELD was born bet. January and March, 1863 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He married Sarah Ann KNIBBS 13 August 1893 in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died bet. October and December, 1935 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England. Sarah Ann KNIBBS, daughter of Henry KNIBBS and Elizabeth ORTON , was born bef. 09 April 1865 in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1934 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England.

Children of William NEELD and Sarah Ann KNIBBS are:
1. Lilian Elizabeth NEELD, b. bet. July and September, 1894
2. Albert William NEELD, b. 07 October 1895
3. Benjamin NEELD, b. bet. January and March, 1897

Marriage Notes for William NEELD\Sarah Ann KNIBBS:

See William and Sarah's Marriage Certificate

Other Marriages/Unions for Sarah Ann KNIBBS:
See Thomas Henry MARSTON & Sarah Ann KNIBBS

Notes for William NEELD:

I wouldn't normally dig this far back but when I couldn't identify any first wife from before he married Sarah Ann Knibbs, I was intrigued to find his parents. Having dug back to 1851, I realise that he was almost certainly a son, born out of wedlock to Elizabeth Neeld, born abt. 1843.
William's grandmother Elizabeth had three children before we see her as a widow in 1851. They were: Elizabeth (b.1843), Joseph (b.1845) and Benjamin (b.1847).
We know Joseph wasn't William's father as they appear together in 1881 as Uncle and nephew, and Benjamin was just 16 when William was born so would have been too young.

In 1851, we see William's grandmother, already a widow, living at Upper Trinity Street, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Elizabeth Neeld Head Wid 31 Keeper of a Lodging House Warwick Rowington
Elizabeth Neeld Daur 8 Warwickshire Aston
Joseph Neeld Son 6 Warwickshire Aston
Benjamin Neeld Son 4 Warwickshire Aston
Harriet Locker Lodger UnM 18 White Smith Warwickshire Aston
George Burnshall Lodger 19 White Smith Warwickshire Aston
Jessie Bradley Lodger UnM 31 White Smith Warwickshire Aston

In 1861, William's grandmother was living at Smiths Buildings, Henley Street, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Thomas Jennings Head Mar 47 Carriage Fitter Warwick Birmingham
Elizabeth Jennings Wife Mar 40 Warwick Rowington
Joseph Neale Son 16 Grinder Warwick Birmingham
Benjamin Neale Son 14 Military ?????? Maker Warwick Birmingham

In 1871, we see William living with his father and grandmother at Smiths Buildings, Henley Street, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Elizabeth Jennings Head Wid 49 Laundress Rowington
Joseph Neeld Son Unm 26 Bedstead Maker Warwick Birmingham
Benjamin Neeld Son UnM 23 Gun Maker Warwick Birmingham
William Neeld Grand Son 8 Scholar Warwick Birmingham

Thomas Jennings married Elizabeth Neeld during q2/1859 at Aston District, Birmingham.

In 1881, we see William living with his mother who had remarried again, at 1 Arthur Terrace, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Thomas Bishop Head Mar 59 File Cutter Kenilworth Warwick
Elizabeth Bishop Wife Mar 59 Keneliworth Warwick
Joseph Neeld Son UnM 37 Bedstead Maker, Birmingham Warwick
William Neeld Grand Son UnM 19 Gun Maker Birmingham Warwick

Thomas Bishop married Elizabeth Jenning during q4/1876 at Aston District, Birmingham.

In 1891, we see William living with his grandmother 6 Firs Terrace, Dolobran Road, Bordesley, Birmingham:
Elizabeth Bishop Head Wid 72 Warwick Rowington
William Nield Grandson UnM 28 Engine Driver (Loco) Warwick Birmingham

We see William and his second wife Sarah Ann in 1901, living at 64 Montgomery Street, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
William Neeld Head Mar 38 Gun Barrel Turner Birmingham
Sarah Ann Neeld Wife Mar 37 Birmingham
Arthur M Neeld Son 18 Gun Barrel Driller Birmingham
Lizzie M Neeld Daur 15 Tin Cleaner Birmingham
Lillian Neeld Daur 6 Birmingham
Albert Neeld Son 5 Birmingham
Benjamin Neeld Son 3 Birmingham
Alfred Neeld Nephew 15 Mineral Washer Birmingham

Arthur and Lizzie we in fact Arthur and Lizzie Marston, from Sarah's previous marriage.

In 1911, the family were living at 47 Main Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
William Neeld Head 48 Mar Finisher (Gun Manufacture) Warwickshire Birmingham
Sarah Ann Neeld Wife Mar (17 years) Warwickshire Birmingham
Elizabeth Curtis Sister 68 Widow Private Means Warwickshire Birmingham
Lillian Neeld Daur 16 School Warwickshire Birmingham
Albert Neeld Son 15 Shop Assistant Warwickshire Birmingham
Benjamin Neeld Son 13 School, Florists Errand Boy Warwickshire Birmingham
Arthur Marston Boarder 28 UnM Barrel Turner (Gun Manufacture) Warwickshire Birmingham

The census shows that William and Sarah had 4 children, all of whom survived.

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Notes for Sarah Ann KNIBBS:

Sarah appears in the 1891 census living at 139 Moseley Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England:
Sarah A Marston Head Wid 29 Dressmaker Warwickshire Birmingham
Arthur A Marston Son 8 Scholar Warwickshire Birmingham
Elizabeth K Marston Daur 5 Scholar Warwickshire Birmingham
Alfred Knibbs Brother UnM 19 Bicycle Driller Warwickshire Birmingham

Living in the next door house were:
Joseph Neeld Head Mar 46 Angle Iron Caster Warwickshire Birmingham
Mary A Neeld Wife Mar 44 Warwickshire Birmingham
Ada E Neeld Daur 8 Scholar Warwickshire Birmingham
Alfred H Neeld Son 5 Scholar Warwickshire Birmingham

Joseph was a brother of Sarah's 2nd husband, William Neeld and we see from earlier census returns, that William was raised by his grandmother alongside Joseph.

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Notes for Lilian Elizabeth NEELD:

I 've conjectrured that Lilian married a man named Albert J Trickett during q1/1926 in the Birmingham South District.

She died aged just 49.

Sources for Lilian Elizabeth NEELD:

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Notes for Albert William NEELD:

Albert was an Able Seaman in the Royal Navy and drowned in the loss of H.M.S. "Hampshire." 5th June 1916. Age 20.

He joined the Royal Navy on 9 March 1912.
HMS Impregnable 9 Mar 1912 to 26 Mar 1913
HMS Endymion 27 Mar 1913 to 5 Aug 1913
HMS Victory I 6 Aug 1913 to 15 Dec 1913
HMS Europa 15 Dec 1913 to 26 Jan 1914
HMS Hampshire 27 Jan 1914 to 5 Jun 1916

See image of the ship on which he served.

Rank: Able Seaman
Service No: J/16495(PO)
Date of Death: 05/06/1916
Age: 20
Regiment/Service: Royal Navy
Grave Reference F. 40.

Additional Information: Son of William and Sarah Neeld, of 37, Palmerston Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

Historical Note:
HMS Hampshire was active in the Battle of Jutland, and returned to Scapa Flow on 3rd June. On the 5th June, she was despatched to escort the then War Minister, Lord Kitchener to Archangel in Northern Russia where he was to meet with the Russian Tsar to explain the Allied financial and military policies.
An hour after setting sail, the Hampshire turned back due to appalling weather conditions. At 19:40, when she was only one and a half miles from shore, there was an explosion which tore out the centre of the ship. She sank within 15 minutes with almost the entire ship's company, many of whom died due to the stormy seas and exposure rather than the explosion.
HMS Hampshire had struck a mine in a mine field laid by the German submarine U75 less than a week before.
Four destroyers and five other ships were ordered to sea for a rescue mission, but by the time the destroyers and patrol vessels reached the spot, there was hardly a trace of wreckage. Fourteen men reached the shore on Carley rafts, but two died before the rescue parties could reach them. Lord Kitchener and his staff were amongst those who died.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Albert.

Also to The Scottish War Graves Project for the excellent records they share for each of the individuals buried and remembered there.

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Notes for Benjamin NEELD:

Benjamin died aged just 39 years.

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