Joseph KNIBBS, son of Anthony KNIBBS and Mary SATCHWELL , was born bef. 27 December 1812 in Swerford, Oxfordshire, England. He married Elizabeth WEBB 31 October 1836 in Long Compton, Warwickshire, England. He died bet. October and December, 1898 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England. Elizabeth WEBB was born abt. 1818 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. She died bef. 30 October 1886 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Joseph KNIBBS and Elizabeth WEBB are:
1. Benjamin KNIBBS, b. bef. 03 April 1842 See Benjamin KNIBBS & Lucy Elizabeth ANNIS
2. Humphrey KNIBBS, b. bef. 12 May 1844 See Humphrey KNIBBS & Eliza Maria ROSE OR Humphrey KNIBBS & Elizabeth LINDSEY
3. Louisa KNIBBS, b. 1850 See William WESTON & Louisa KNIBBS
4. Robert KNIBBS, b. bef. 29 February 1852 See Robert KNIBBS & Ruth SMITH
5. Dinah KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1847 See James WAITE & Dinah KNIBBS
6. Martha KNIBBS, b. March 1838 See Henry WEST & Martha KNIBBS
7. John KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1840

Marriage Notes for Joseph KNIBBS\Elizabeth WEBB:

Marriage year obtained from the Satchwell Gedcom. Actual date and location from Shirley Williams.

Notes for Joseph KNIBBS:

We see Joseph in the 1841 census return living at Swerford, Oxfordshire:
Joseph Knibbs 27 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Knibbs 25
Martha Knibbs 3
John Knibbs 1

The 1851 census shows Joseph and his family living at Swerford, Oxfordshire:
Joseph Knibbs Head Mar 36 Ag Lab Oxon Swerford
Elizabeth Knibbs Wife Mar 34 Oxon Woodstock
Martha Knibbs Daur 13 Scholar Warwick Snitterfield
John Knibbs Son 11 Scholar Warwick Snitterfield
Benjamin Knibbs Son 9 Scholar Oxon Swerford
Humphrey Knibbs Son 7 Scholar Oxon Swerford
Dinah Knibbs Daur 4 Scholar Oxon Swerford
Louisa Knibbs Daur 1 Oxon Swerford

This is the first time I've come across the oldest children, Martha and John. Unlike the other children, they weren't baptised at Swerford so didn't appear in the Parish Register there.

Joseph is listed in the 1861 living at Swerford, Oxfordshire with his wife and children:
Joseph Knibbs Head Mar 48 Ag Lab Oxon Swerford
Elizabeth Knibbs Wife Mar 45 Oxon Woodstock
Benjamin Knibbs Son 19 Ag Lab Swerford
Humphrey Knibbs Son UnM 16 Ag Lab Oxon Swerford
Dinah Knibbs Daur 14 Oxon Swerford
Louisa Knibbs Daur 11 Scholar Oxon Swerford
Robert Knibbs Son 9 Lab Oxon Swerford
Edward Webb Nephew 11 Oxon Charlbury

Edward must be a son of one of Elizabeth's brothers.

He is also listed in the 1871 census as living at Swerford:
Joseph Knibbs Head Mar 58 Ag Lab Oxon Swerford
Elizabeth Knibbs Wife Mar 54 Ag Labs Wife Oxon Woodstock
Humphrey Knibbs Son UnM 26 Lab Oxon Swerford
Robert Knibbs Son UnM 19 Lab Oxon Swerford

The 1881 census shows Joseph living at Village, Swerford, Oxfordshire, England.
Jos. Knibbs Head Mar 67 Ag Labourer Oxon Swerford
Elizth. Knibbs Wife Mar 62 Ag Labourers Wife Oxon Woodstock

In 1891 we see Joseph living at the home of his daughter Martha West at Heythrop Cottages, Block 1, Heythrop, Oxfordshire:
Martha West Head Wid 53 Warwick Snitterfield
Wilfred West Son Single 20 Farm Labourer Oxfordsh Dunthrop
Matilda West Daur 16 Oxfordsh Dunthrop
Harry West Son 13 Farm Boy Oxfordsh Heythrop
Edith M West Daur 11 Scholar Oxfordsh Heythrop
Joseph Knibbs Father Widr 78 Formerly Agricultural Labourer Oxfordsh Swerford

FreeBMD has it that Joseph died 4th Qtr 1898 at Chipping Norton District.

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Notes for Elizabeth WEBB:

Shirley Williams (a descendant of William Weston the son-in-law of William and Elizabeth) tells me that Elizabeth Webb was the daughter of William Webb and Martha Broad married 3 Mar 1806 at Wootton. He was a leather grounder. There are the following baptisms (but the long gaps between some of them suggest there may be others)
Richard, bap 3.8.1806, Wootton
Thomas, bap 3.3.1814, Wootton
Elizabeth, bap 17.3.1816, Wootton
Benjamin, bap 26.12.1822, Woodstock
Dinah, bap 21.9.1825, Woodstock

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Notes for John KNIBBS:

In 1861, John was living with his uncle Richard Knibbs at Gooche Street, Birmingham:
Richard Knibbs Head Mar 54 Labourer Road Oxon Swerford
Sarah Knibbs Wife Mar 53 Oxon Swerford
James Knibbs Son Un 19 Oxon Swerford Ap to Whip Maker
Richard Knibbs Son Un 17 Oxon Swerford Pewter Flask Top Maker
Henry Knibbs Son 15 ??? Oxon Swerford Box Maker
Anthony Knibbs Son 13 Oxon Swerford Pewter Flask Screw Maker
John Knibbs Nephew Un 21 Road Labourer Warwickshire Snitterfield

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