Frederick INNIS, son of Benjamin KNIBBS and Lucy Elizabeth ANNIS , was born bet. October and December, 1859 in Swerford, Oxfordshire, England. He married Rosena AYRES bet. July and September, 1881 in Aston District, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Rosena AYRES was born bef. 07 November 1858 in Shirley, Warwickshire, England. She died bet. April and June, 1928 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England.

Children of Frederick INNIS and Rosena AYRES are:
1. Arthur INNIS, b. abt. 1882
2. Elizabeth INNIS, b. abt. 1885
3. Florence INNIS, b. abt. 1888
4. Albert INNIS, b. abt. 1891

Notes for Frederick INNIS:

Also known as: Frederick Knibbs and Frederick Innis

Illegitimate son of Lucy Annis of Swerford and registered as Frederick Annis at Birth.

Frederick is identified in the 1871 census for Oxfordshire and North Berkshire as Frederic KNIBBS, living with his mother Lucy Elizabeth Knibbs.
Frederick is clearly identified as being the illegitimate son of Lucy ANNIS of Swerford, and was baptised at Swerford as Frederick ANNIS some 9 years before Lucy ANNIS married to Benjamin KNIBBS.

Frederick can also be seen in 1881 but this time, he is calling himself Frederick INNIS, and is seen to be living with his uncle's family at 162 & 163 Herbert Rd., Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Innis Head Mar 57 Grocer (Master) Oxon Swerford
Elizabeth Innis Wife M 57 Oxon Swerford
Frederic Innis Nephew U 21 Tin Plate Worked Oxon Swerford
Richard Whitman Boarder U 63 Annuitant Oxon Woodstock
Eliza Tomkinson Ser U 17 General Servant Warwick B ham

Frederick appears in the 1891 census, married and living at 3, Regent Park Terrace, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
Frederick Innis Head M 30 Tin Plate Worker Swerford Oxfordshire,
Rosener Innis Wife M 31 Shirley Warwickshire,
Arthur Innis Son 9 Scholar Birmingham Aston
Elizabeth Innis Dau 6 Scholar Birmingham Aston
Flory Innis Dau 3 Birmingham Aston

Frederick's mother Elizabeth was widowed and living in that same area at 136 Herbert Road:
Eliz'th Innis Head Wid 67 Grocer Employer Swerford Oxfordshire
Richd Whitman oardr S 73 Living On His Own Means Woodstock Oxfordshire,
Mary E Brain Niece S 21 General Serv't Domestic Birm'm Warwickshire,

We can't see Frederick in 1901 as either Innis, Annis or Knibbs, so wonder what happened to him.

In 1911, we see FGrederick and family living at 4 Beech Groive, Green Lanes, Small Heath, Birmingham:
Frederick Innis Head 51 Mar Tin Plate Worker Oxford Swerford
Rosena Innis Wife 51 Mar (30 years) Birm Small Heath
Florence Innis Daur 23 UnM Custard Powder Wrapper Birm Small Heath
Albert Innis Son 19 UnM Tin Plate Worker Birm Small Heath

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Notes for Rosena AYRES:

In 1861, we see the family living at Haslucks Green, Solihull, Warwickshire:
William Ayres Head Mar 37 Ag Lab Oxford Milcomb
Eliza Ayres Wife Mar 33 Oxford Swerford
Sarah Ayres Daur 11 Scholar Oxford Swerford
John Ayres Son 9 Scholar Warwick Birmingham
Henry Ayres Son 8 Scholar Warwick Birmingham
William Ayres Son 5 Scholar Warwick Solihull
Jayne Ayres Daur 4 Schiolar Warwick Solihull
Rosena Ayres Daur 2 Warwick Solihull
George Ayres Son 1 month Warwick Solihull

In 1871, we see her living at 18 Trinity Terrace, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
William Ayres Head Mar 48 Tube Worker Oxon Milcomb
Eliza Ayres Wife Mar 44 Oxon Swerford.
Sarah Ayres Daur UnM 21 Oxon Swerford
John Ayres Son UnM 19 Roller ?????
Henry Ayres Son UnM 18 Bedstead Maker Warwick Birmingham
William Ayres Son UnM 16 Roller Warwick Solihull
Jane Ayres Daur 14 Warwick Solihull
Rosena Ayres Daur 12 Warwick Solihull
George Ayres Son 10 Warwick Solihull
Elizabeth Ayres Daur 3 Warwick Small Heath
Mary Ayres Daur 1 Warwick Birmingham

In 1881, we see Rosena and her family living at 53 Anthomy Street, Aston, Birmingham:
William Ayres Head Mar 55 Grocery and Provision Dealer Oxon Milcomb
Eliza Ayres Wife Mar 51 Oxon Swerford
Henry Ayres Son UnM 28 Metal Roller Warwiockshire Birmingham
Rosena Ayres Daur UnM 22 Worcestershire Yardley
George Ayres Son UnM 19 Sugar Boiler Worcestershire Yardley
Elizabeth Ayres Daur 13 Scholar Warwickshire Astomn
Mary Ann Ayres Daur 11 Scholar Warwickshire Aston
Thomas Atkins Boarder 32 Wid Metal Roller Warwickshire Kings Norton
Eliza Atkins Boarder 3 DScholar Warwickshire Aston

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Notes for Arthur INNIS:

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Notes for Elizabeth INNIS:

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Notes for Florence INNIS:

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Notes for Albert INNIS:

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