Humphrey KNIBBS, son of Joseph KNIBBS and Elizabeth WEBB , was born bef. 12 May 1844 in Swerford, Oxfordshire, England. He married Elizabeth LINDSEY bet. October and December, 1905 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1922 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England. Elizabeth LINDSEY was born abt. 1856 in Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England. She died bet. October and December, 1932 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England.

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Notes for Humphrey KNIBBS:

Interestingly, Banns were read at Swerford in July 1870 for a marriage between Humphrey Knibbs and Hannah Hancox. There is no known marriage for Humphrey and Hannah, so the suspicion is that for one reason or another, it didn't take place.

The 1881 census shows Humphrey living at Swerford, Oxfordshire, England
Humphry Knibbs Head M 36 Ag Labourer Swerford
Eliza Knibbs Wife M 27 Swerford
Sarah Rose Daur 7 Scholar Swerford
Albert Knibbs Son 4 Scholar Swerford

The 1891 census for Oxfordshire and North Berkshire shows Humphrey living at Swerford, Oxfordshire with his wife and younger son:
Humphry Knibbs Head Mar 46 Agric Labourer Oxon Swerford
Eliza Knibbs Wife M 36 Oxon Swerford
Albert Knibbs Son S 14 Agric Labourer Oxon Swerford
William Rose Father in Law Widr 75 Agric Labourer Oxon Swerford

Humphrey is seen as aged 58 years, and living at West End, Swerford with his wife Eliza (47) at the 1901 census.
Humphry Knibbs Head Mar 58 Stonemasons Labourer Oxon Swerford
Eliza Knibbs Wife Mar 47 Oxon Swerford
William Rose Father in Law Widr 86 Fram Labourer Oxon Swerford

In 1911, he can be seen living at Great Tew, Enstone with his wife and grandson:
Humphrey Knibbs Head Married 66 Roadman Labourer Swerford Enstone Oxon
Elizabeth Knibbs Wife Married (5 years) 55 Great Tew Enstone Oxon
George Knibbs Grandson 14 Farm Labourer Swerford Oxon

The census shows that Humphry and Elizabeth had no children. George was the son of Humphrey's daughter Sarah Georgina, from his first marriage.

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Notes for Elizabeth LINDSEY:

We first see Elizabeth in 1871 living at The Cottage, Great Tew, Oxfordshire with her parents:
Charles Lindsey Head Mar 50 Ag Lab Oxon Great Tew
Maria Lindsey Wife Mar 48 Oxon Charlbury
Joseph Lindsey Son UnM 18 Ag Lab Oxon Great Tew
Elizabeth Lindsey Daur UnM 15 Oxon Great Tew
Emily Lindsey Daur Scholar Oxon Great Tew
George Lindsey Son 9 Scholar Oxon Great Tew
Dora L Lindsey Daur 5 Scholar Oxon Great Tew
Ada Lindsey Daur 3 Oxon Great Tew

In 1891, Elizabeth was living on her own at Old Road, Great Tew, Oxfordshire:
Elizabeth Lindsey Head UnM 35 Living on Her Own Means Oxon Great Tew.

In 1901, she was living with her aunt at The Village, Great Tew, Oxfordshire:
Elizabeth Lindsey Head UnM 45 Housekeeper Domestic Oxon Great Tew
Emma Smith Aunt Wid 81 Parish Relief Oxon Charlbury

Elizabeth married Humphrey Knibbs in 1905.

The following relates the the tragic death of Elizabeth's younger brother, George. From the Bournemouth Guardian - 28 September 1912:
A BOTTLE OF LAUDANuM. On Monday morning the Borough Coroner (Mr. F. G. Lefroy) investigated the circumstances attending the tragic death of George Lindsey, a retired butler, aged fifty years, living at 28, Charminster Road, Bournemouth, who died as the result of laudanum poisoning on Friday night. The deceased had not done any work for two years, and little while ago he appeared a little strange in his manner, but since that time he seemed to be apparently all right.
Mr. J. Coolish was chosen foreman of the jury. Elizabeth Knibbe, wife of Humphrey Knibbs, a labourer, of Tune, Oxfordshire. stated that the deceased was her brother and he had resided at 28, Charminster Road, Bournemouth. She last saw him about two months ago. when he was apparently quite well.
Dr. Thomas Morland Smith, of Charminster Road, Bournemouth. said that on Friday, September 20th. about 8 p.m., be was called to see the deceased at 28, Charminster Road. He was then alive, but insensible. and died at 10.45 p.m. the same night without recovering consciousness. As the result of a post-mortem. examination witness found that the cause of death was asphyxia due to opium poisoning. A bottle was found which had contained laudanum.
Thomas George Neil, a qualified chemist, residing at 12, Jefferson Avenue, Springbourne, said on Friday morning last he sold some laudanum to the deceased, and the bottle (produced) was the one in which the laudanum was contained. He (witness) took the usual precautions before selling the laudanum.
Miss Constance Florence Dore. of 28, Charminster Road, Bournemouth. said that the deceased had lodged at her house since last July. He was cheerful up to Tuesday last, when he seemed depressed. The deceased had been suffering from a cold, and on Friday he got up about 8.30 a.m. and went for a walk. He had no breakfast and retuned to the house about eleven o'clock to dinner. She then noticed a strange look in his eyes, otherwise he was cheerful. After dinner the deceased went upstairs and laid down on the bed, this being unusual. He told witness he did not want any tea, and at 6.30 p.m. she heard growls coming from his room. She found him lying nn the bed, and sent for a doctor - ln reply to a juryman, witness said the deceased did not tell her he had taken poison.
The Coroner informed the jury that several letters were found on the deceased, and he read sentences contained in them. One letter addressed to " Dear George," a cousin of the deceased's, contained the following : " Perhaps you will get on better without me. Take good care of mother and do exactly as she wishes, because this will he my last note. Try and be a good man." The jury returned. a verdict of "Suicide during temporary insanity.

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