James WAITE was born abt. 1841 in South Newington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Dinah KNIBBS 12 October 1864 in Swerford, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1898 in Oldham District, Lancashire, England. Dinah KNIBBS, daughter of Joseph KNIBBS and Elizabeth WEBB , was born bet. January and March, 1847 in Swerford, Oxfordshire, England. She died March 1869 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of James WAITE and Dinah KNIBBS are:
1. Joseph Frederick WAITE, b. 28 April 1866
2. George Benjamin WAITE, b. abt. 1868

Marriage Notes for James WAITE\Dinah KNIBBS:

Witnesses to the marriage were George Nash and Louisa Knibbs, Dinah's younger sister.

James is listed as a 23 year old bachelor from South Newington whereas Dinah is listed as an 18 year old spinster as of Swerford parish. No record of Dinah's baptism at Swerford. The GRO shows that she was born in the Chipping Norton District.

There is no sign at Swerford of any children being baptised from this marriage.

Other Marriages/Unions for James WAITE:
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Notes for James WAITE:

In 1841, James was living at South Newington with his parents and siblings:
Richard Waite 35
Mary Waite 32
William Waite 12
Thomas Waite 11
Elizabeth Waite 10
George Waite 9
Richard Waite 7
Martha Waite 4
Lydia Waite 3
John Waite 2
Mary 6 months

We see James in 1851 living with his parents and siblings at South Newington, Oxfordshire:
Richard Waite Head Mar 45 Ag Lab Oxon Southnewton
Mary Waite Wife Mar 43 Warwick Flecknor
Thomas Waite Son Unm 21 Ag Lab Oxon Southnewton
Elizabeth Waite Daur UnM 20 Servant Oxon Southnewton
Richard Waite Son 17 UnM Ag Lab Oxon Southnewton
Martha Waite Daur UnM 14 Oxon Southnewton
Lydia Waite Daur 13 Oxon Southnewton
James Waite Son 9 Oxon Southnewton
Frederick Waite Son 7 Oxon Southnewton
Samuel Waite Son 1 Oxon Southnewton

In 1861, we see James living at Wigginton, Oxfordshire, at the house of Joseph Coles, a Farmer:
Joseph Coles Head Mar 50 Farmer of 103 acres Oxfordshire Swerford
Mary Coles Wife Mar 48 Oxfordshire Wigginton
Daniel Coles Son 13 Oxfordshire Wigginton
Sarah How Coles Daur 12 Scholar Oxfordshire Wigginton
James Weight Servant UnM 18 Agricultural Servant Oxfordshire Southnewington
Alfred Cleaver Servant UnM 15 Agricultural Servant Oxfordshire Wigginton
Elizabeth Couts Visitor UnM 21 Carpenters Daughter Warwickshire Wickford

James married Dinah Knibbs in Oct 1864, but Dinah died in Mar 1869.

The next we see of James is in 1871 living at Moxley, Darlaston, Staffordshire, lodging with someone with a name that looks like John Worthy Jr Powell, a Victualler. James is given as Unmarried rather than Widower.
John Worthy Jr Powell Head Mar 39 Victualler Gloucestershire
Ann Powell Wife Mar 33 Stafford Wolverhampton
Andrea Powell Daur 9 Scholar Stafford Wednesbury
Peter Powell Son 5 Scholar Stafford Wednesbury
John Sharwin Powell Son 14 Scholar Stafford Wheaton Aston
Mary Ann Greensmith Powell Daur 11 Scholar Stafford Wheaton Aston
Florence Emily Powell Daur 9 Scholar Stafford Wheaton Aston
Fanny Elizabeth Powell Daur 5 Scholar Stafford Wheaton Aston
Ada Powell Daur ½m Stafford Wheaton Aston
James Wait Lodger UnM 29 Excavator Oxford South Newington
Samuel Wait Lodger UnM 22 Excavator Oxford South Newington
John Kemp(?) Lodger UnM 20 Excavator Warwick Stratford on Avon
John Willett Lodger UnM 22 Excavator Oxford Milton

Samuel Waite above is probably James' younger brother.

The next we see of James is in 1881, living with his second wife, Margaret and a son named George, at 79 Book St., Oldham, Lancashire.
George was born before James' first wife Dinah died, so we believe he was a second son born to James and Dinah and can be seen in 1871, living at South Newington, Oxfordshire, James' parents:
James Waitte Head Mar 29 Out Door Labourer South Newington
Margaret Waitte Wife Mar 44 Rochdale Lancashire
George B Waitte Son 13 Carter Wigington

I'm not sure how they came by the age of 29 for James. The 1891 census return shows us that George B Waite was born in Wigginton, Oxfordshire which is an area where we know many of James' first wife, Dinah Knibbs lived.

In 1891, James was living at Clay Street, Oldham, Lancashire
James Waite Head Mar 51 Bricklayer & Labourer Oxford S. Newington
Margaret Waite Wife Mar 55 Lancs Rochdale

I've conjectured that it was this James who died during q2/1898 in Oldham District aged 58, as his wife Margaret appears in 1901 as a widow.

The following obituary is for James' older brother George who emigrated to Canada in 1858.

Newspaper, Dutton Advance, Dutton, Ontario, November 26 1903, page 5:
An old resident of Iona passed away on Thursday in the person of Mr George Waite, after an illness of two weeks with a complication of diseases, age 71 years. The deceased was born in England and came to Canada 45 years ago and for several years lived in St Thomas. Afterwards he purchased a farm at Port Talbot where he resided until he moved to Iona 21 years ago. His wife survives as well as a family of 2 sons and 2 daughters. Joseph, MCR foreman, Edgar Mills; Mrs Kenny, Leamington; George and Miss Sarah, Iona. He is also survived by three brothers and one sister - John of Port Talbot, Samuel of Ruscombe, James in England and Mrs Pratt, Port Talbot. The funeral took place on Sunday to the Burwell Park Cemetery and was well attended. The services were conducted by Rev C.C. Anderson.

Mrs Pratt mentioned as George's, and therefore James' sister in the above obituary, is the ggGrandmother of Carol Van Harn in Ontario who gave me this information. Mrs Pratt (nee Martha Waite 1834-1908, d/o Richard and Mary, born in South Newington, Oxfordshire) is reported to have had 22 siblings.

We also know that James' brother William Waite emigrated to Canada at some time, and diied in 1883 in St Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario:

It's mentioned in James' obituary that his father, Richard Waite went to Canada in 1882/3
"His aged father arrived here from Berkshire, last spring." and
It seems he went there to live during his latter years, and died in Aug 1886:

Elgin County Death Register - St Peter's Church, Book #2, pg 316, 317:
Richard Waite - died of Senile Decay with Paralysis on August 8 1886 at age 84 years. Resident of Dunwich Township. Buried Aug 10 1886 in Burwell Park Cemetery by Rev FL Armstrong of St Peter's Church. No Stone.

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Notes for Dinah KNIBBS:

No baptism record in the Swerford PR transcript for Dinah but identified in the marriage register as daughter of Joseph. Her age at marriage would indicate that she is indeed the son of Joseph Knibbs and Elizabeth.

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Notes for Joseph Frederick WAITE:

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Notes for George Benjamin WAITE:

We see George in 1871, living at 8 High Street, South Newington, Oxfordshire with Richard Waite's parents:
Richard Waite Head Mar 66 Ag Lab Oxon South Newington
Mary Waite Wife Mar 63 Oxon Broadwell
George B Waite Grand Son 3 Oxon South Newington

Note that South Newington and Wigginton are districts of Banbury, Oxfordshire, and less than a mile from eachother.

George married Elizabeth Harrison on 30 Jul 1889 at Coldhurst, Lancashire, England.

George appears in the 1891 census return, living at 134 Cranbrook Road, Oldham, Lancashire:
George Waite Head Mar 23 Carter Oxfordshire Wigginton
Elizabeth Waite Wife Mar 20 Lancashire Manchester
James Waite Son 6m Lancashire Oldham

In 1901, we see James living at 20 Rivington Street, Oldham, Lancashire:
George B Waite Head Mar 32 Stone Dealer - Quarrymaster Oxford Bloxham
Elizabeth Waite Wife Mar 30 Lancs Manchester
James Waite Son 10 Lancs Oldham
Adam Waite Son 8 Lancs Oldham
Elizabeth Waite Daur 6 Lancs Oldham
Eva Waite Daur 4 Lancs Oldham
Thomas Waite Son 1 Lancs Oldham

In 1911, George was living at 327 Henshaw Street, Oldham, Lancashire:
George Benjamin Waite Head Married M 42 1869 Quarry Turner And Worker Wigginston Oxford
Elizabeth Waite Wife Married 21 years F 40 1871 Home Lancs Manchest
James Waite Son Single M 20 1891 Horse Driver Oldham Lancs
Adam Son M 18 1893 Little Piecer Cotton Cop Lanc Oldham
Elizabeth Daughter F 16 1895 Home Duties Lancs Pitses Ashton Lyne
Eva Daughter F 14 1897 Cotton Doubler Lancs Pitses Aashton Lyne
Thomas Son M 11 1900 School Oldham Lancs
Frank Son M 8 1903 School Royton Lanc
Charlie Son M 6 1905 School Royton Lanc
Dinah Daughter F 4 1907 Oldham Lancs
George Benjamin Son M 1 1910 Lancs Oldham

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