Mary Ann ROSE, daughter of John ROSE and Susanna KNIBBS , was born 21 July 1813. She died abt. 1856.

Children of Mary Ann ROSE are:
1. Emma ROSE

Notes for Mary Ann ROSE:

We know from the will of Mary's sister Susannah, that Mary had a son named William Rose, as well as three daughters Elizabeth Rose, Jane Rose and Emma Chamberlin. I found it quite confusing at first that her children had taken on her maiden surname of ROSE, but I later learned from a direct descendant of hers, Alan Rose, that she did in fact marry a man but with the same surname - she married Robert Rose. Alan tells me they had seven children, two sons then a daughter whom they named Anne Knibbs, but the second son William died young and they named their final son William. He was Alan's great grandfather.

Their daughter Emma (named in the will as Emma Chamberlain) married a man named Alfred Chamberlin in Croydon District, Surrey on 12 Oct 1874. I'm told by Emma's 3 x great granddaughter, Audrey Golding, that Emma's sisters Elizabeth and Jane were witnesses at the wedding.

Mary's son William was one of the executors of his aunt Susannah's will.

Alan Rose told me that the families of Robert Rose and Mary Rose were in fact connected, but several generations before. So it's most unlikely that they would have known of the connection themselves. Apparently, Robert Rose was born in Whitchurch but later moved to Haddenham.

Mary's son William went on to own a farm, windmills, and various and cottages. His father, Robert, was of humble standing so no-one quite understands how William came by his riches. Alan Rose who contacted me in 2005 told me that his family still lives in one of the cottages that his great grandfather William owned so they have reason to be grateful for whatever it was that he did.

Alan also told me that his mother found another little snippet in a family bible where it was noted that one of William's children who died
young was named Jane Knibbs Rose.

Sources for Mary Ann ROSE:

  1. Unconfirmed by me personally,
  2. Personal Contact with Alan Rose,
  3. 1851 Census of Haddenham, Bucks,

Notes for Emma ROSE: