John PAYNE was born 09 November 1811 in Syresham, Northamptonshire, England. He married Catherine KNIBBS 28 March 1836 in Somerton, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1869 in Syresham, Northamptonshire, England. Catherine KNIBBS, daughter of Nathaniel KNIBBS and Elizabeth KERRICK , was born bef. 03 August 1806 in Somerton, Oxfordshire, England. She died bet. April and June, 1870 in Syresham, Northamptonshire, England.

Children of John PAYNE and Catherine KNIBBS are:
1. James PAYNE, b. bef. 23 November 1841
2. Sarah PAYNE, b. abt. 1844
3. George PAYNE, b. bet. January and March, 1845

Marriage Notes for John PAYNE\Catherine KNIBBS:

1836 Mar 28 PAYNE John. Syresham N'hants KNIBB Catherine
Wit: David KIRBY Hannah KNIBB

Was Hannah who witnessed the marriage, Hannah Knibbs (nee Bennett) the wife of Kitty's brother Joseph, or was it perhaps Kitty's aunt Hannah, her dad's sister?

Notes for John PAYNE:

I have learned from Joanna Kafarowski that John was the son of Thomas Payne and his wife Martha Randall. He had 7 siblings - Anne (c.1807), Thomas (c.1810), Steven (c.1813), Richard (c.1814), George (c.1816), George (c.1818) and William (c.1820).

John and Kitty seemed to have moved to live in Whitfield, Northamptonshire soon after they married. They were living there at the time of the 1841 census:
John Paine 30 Farmer - born in the county
Catherine Paine 30 - not born in the county
Elizabeth Knibbs 11 - not born in the county
George Gackins 14 - born in the county

I'm pretty sure that the Elizabeth Knibbs who was living with them was Elizabeth Ann Knibbs b.1829 at Somerton, Oxfordshire. She was Kitty's neice, a daughter of Kitty's brother Joseph Knibbs and his wife Hannah Bennett. Joseph emigrated to New York in about 1840 and we think that Hannah and the children may have followed soon after. We know that in 1850, Joseph, Hannah and their son Cornelius can all be seen living at Albany County, New York, USA. Elizabeth wasn't living with them so presumably she married before 1850.

I'm not sure who George Gackins was, but quite possibly a farm labourer who was lodging with them.

In 1851, we see John and his family living at Hoppersford Gate, Syresham, Northamptonshire:
John Payne Head Mar 39 Farmer (30 Acres/employing 1 labourer) Northampton Syresham
Catherine Payne Wife Wife Mar 40 Oxon Sommerton
James Payne Son 9 Northampton Whitfield
Sarah Payne Daur 7 Northampton Whitfield
George Payne Son 6 Northampton Whitfield

We can see John and his family in the 1861 census, living at Crowfield, Syresham, Northamptonshire:

John Payne Head 50 Farmer of 25 Acres Northamptonshire Syresham
Catherine Payne wife 52 Oxon Somerton
James Payne son 19 Northamptonshire Whitfield
Sarah Payne dau 17 Northamptonshire Whitfield
George Payne son 16 Northamptonshire Whitfield

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Notes for Catherine KNIBBS:

Also known as: Kitty

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Notes for James PAYNE:

James and his wife Elizabeth Varney. Click to enlarge.

Elizabeth was born 30 March 1844 at Silverstone, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England and baptised 10 September that same year.
James and Elizabeth had 7 children - John (c.1868), Sarah (c.1870), James (c.1873) , Oliver (c.1875), Elizabeth (c.1877), Frank (c.1879) and Harriet (c.1884).

I've learned from Joanna Kafarowski who's husband is James' great-great-grandson, that:
10 July 1867 - James and Elizabeth Hawkins Varney were married at Silverstone, Towcester. Both parties living in Silverstone - laborer at this time.

In 1871, James was living at Syresham, Northamptonshire:
James Payne Head Mar 29 Farmer of 9 Acres Whitfield Northants
Elizabetyh Payne Wife Mar Lacemaker Silverstone Northants
John N(?) Payne Son 3 Scholar Silverstone Northants
Sarah Ann Payne Daur 1 Silverstone Northants

We can see James in 1881 living at High Street, Syresham, Northamptonshire, England:
James PAYNE Head 39 Whitfield, Northampton, Ag Lab Occupier Of 7 Acres Land
Elizabeth PAYNE Wife 37 Silverstone, Northampton, England Pillow Lace Maker
John PAYNE Son 13 Silverstone, Northampton, England Ag Lab
Sarah Ann PAYNE Daur 11 Syresham, Northampton, England Scholar
James PAYNE Son 8 Syresham, Northampton, England Scholar
Oliver PAYNE Son 6 Syresham, Northampton, England Scholar
Elizabeth PAYNE Daur 4 Syresham, Northampton, England Schol
Frank PAYNE Son 2 Syresham, Northampton, England

In 1891, they were living Near Kings Head, High Street, Syresham, Northamptonshire:
James Payne Head Mar 49 Farm Bailiff Whitfield Northants
Elizabeth Payne Wife Mar 47 Silverstyone Northants
Elizabeth Payne Daur 14 Syresham Northants
Frank Payne Son 12 General Labourer Syresham Northants
Harriet Payne Daur 9 Scholar Syresham Northants

Sarah Ann was, by this time, living in the household of George Hofdom(?), a retired Butcher at Newport Pagnell, Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire. She was employed as a General Domestic Servant.

In 1901, they were still livng near the Kings Head at Syresham:
James Payne Head Mar 59 Labourer Foreman Whitfield Northants
Elizabeth Payne Wife Mar 57 Silverstone Northants

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Notes for Sarah PAYNE:

Joanna tells me that Sarah married a man named Arthur Emmanuel Wilkinson in q1/1872 in Brackley District, Northamptonshire, England, and they had two daughters, Catherine (c.1874) and Edith (C.1878).
I think it's probably them we see in 1881, living at 3 Oak Terrace, Balby Cum Hexthorpe, York:
Arthur Wilkinson Head Mar 30 Ry Fireman Woodend Northampton
Sarah Wilkinson Wife Mar 36 Firemans Wife Woodend Northampton
Catherine Wilkinson Daur 7 Scholar Woodend Northampton

In 1891, they were living at 3 Oak Hill, Tickhill, Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire:
Arthur Wilkinson Head M 40 Fireman Northptonshire Woodland
Sarah Wilkinson Wife Mar 46 Northptonshire Syresham
Edith Wilkinson Daur 4 Northptonshire Syresham
Edward Wilkinson Visitor Wid 65 Farmer Northptonshire Woodland

Thier daughter Catherine was in Domestic Service at 20 High Street Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, in the household of Arthur William Fretwell, a Watch Maker and Jeweler.

Sources for Sarah PAYNE:

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Notes for George PAYNE:

George married Hannah Letts in q2/1872 in Banbury District, Oxfordshire, England, and they had 4 children - John Edward (c.1874), William (c.1876), George (c.1878) and Elizabeth (c.1881).

These names were confirmed by Robert Payne, the g.g.grandson of George. Robert also confirmed that the full names of the children of George and Hannah Payne were: John Edward Letts Payns (1873-1944), William Joseph Payne (1875-1951), John George Letts Payne (1878-1931) and Mary Elizabeth Payne (1880-1944).

Robert also told me that John Edward Letts Payme married Mahhan Elizabeth Wills (1874-1945). Their eldest son was John George Edward Payne (1896-1951) who married Gertrude Nelly Avery (1894-1984). Their only son Eric John Payne (1921-1972, was Robert Payne's father.

I'm told by Ray Payne, a great grandson of George, that there was also a fifth child. There was a daughter Ada Emily who died within a year of her birth in 1876.

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