William Harold KNIBBS, son of James KNIBBS and Rhoda Ann HARVEY , was born December 1862 in Troy, Rensselear County, New York, USA. He married Cora Leah FERGUSON 25 February 1889 in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, USA. He died 1923 in New York, USA. Cora Leah FERGUSON was born September 1860 in Stillwater, Rensselear County, New York, USA. She died January 1925 in Stillwater, Rensselear County, New York, USA.

Children of William Harold KNIBBS and Cora Leah FERGUSON are:
1. Bertha Mary KNIBBS, b. 09 June 1891 See Raymond Gabriel DYER & Bertha Mary KNIBBS
2. Harold James KNIBBS, b. 19 July 1896 See Harold James KNIBBS & Pearl Nancy PALMATIER

Marriage Notes for William Harold KNIBBS\Cora Leah FERGUSON:

From the Saratogian, 28 February 1889:
The First Marriage in a Century.
William H. Knibbs was married at Stillwater Monday night to Miss Cora Ferguson of that village. The ceremony occurred in the old Presbyterian church and was witnessed by the numerous friends of the contracting parties. The church is nearly a century old and, strange to state, this is the first marriage that has ever occurred in the house of worship.


From The Clinton Courier, Wednesday March 6th, 1889:
The Troy Press of Feb. 26, contains the following account of the marriage of a former well-known resident of Clinton, a prescription clerk in the drug store of W. D. Raymond & Co.:
"William H. Knibbs, a son of James Knibbs, the superintendent of the fire alarm system in this city, was married at Stillwater last night to Miss Cora Ferguson of that village. The ceremony occurred in the old Presbyterian church and was witnessed by the numerous friends of the contracting parties. Evergreens and exotics had been tastily arranged about the edifice interior, and presented a pretty appearance. The church is nearly a century old, and, strange to state, this is the first marriage that has ever occurred in the house of worship. Mr. and Mrs. Knibbs spent the night at the American House in this city, and this morning left for a short Southern trip. On their return they will permanently reside in Stillwater.


From the Town & Country Journal, May 25, 1889:
The Presbyterian church at Stillwater, New York, nearly a century old, had never had a wedding ceremony performed within its walls till the other evening, when William H. Knibbs and Miss Cora Ferguson were married there.

Notes for William Harold KNIBBS:

An advert from the early 1900's for W H Knibbs & Co., Druggists, Stillwater, N.Y.

In 1892, we see William living at Stillwater, New York:
William H Knibs 32 Drug Clerk
Cora L Knibs 32
Bertha Knibs 1
Adaline Ferguson 59

From the The Mechanicville Mercury., December 08, 1893:
W. H. Knibbs and Fred M. Clough have opened a new drug store here in in the Davenport block. Mr. Knibbs has been a clerk in Carver’s drug store for some time and is a capable druggist.


From the Mechanicville Saturday Mercury., January 11, 1896:
From Sire to son
As a family medicine Bacon's Celery King for the nerves, passes from slre to son as a legacy. If you have kidney, liver or blood disorder do not delay, but get a free sample package of this remedy at once. If you have indigestion, constipation, headache, rheumatism, etc., his grand specific will cure you. G. H. Whitney. Mechanicvillc, and W. H. Knibbs & Co., Stillwater, the leading druggist, are sole agents and are distributing samples free to the afllicted. Large packages 50c.


From Mechanicville Saturday Mercury., August 01, 1896:
W. H. Knibbs, having retired from the drug business, for the present has closed his .store.

We see William in 1900 living at Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York:
Knibbs W H Head Dec 1860 39 New York Clerk R R Office
Knibbs Cora Wife Sep 1860 39 New York
Knibbs Bertha Mary Jun 1891 8 New York
Knibbs Harold J Son Jul 1896 3 New York
Ferguson Adeline Mother-in-law Mar 1832 68 Vermont

It also states that William and Cora had been married for 11 years.

From Troy Daily Times, Wednesday May 7,1902.
On the opening of the Supreme Court this morning case 9 was called. The action is entitled Willlam H. Knibbs against Jennie Mosher Eggers, Annie E. Eggers, Lena May Eggers, Emma L. Knibbs, James Knibbs, Charlotte Knibbs Fitzpatrick, Martha Ball Marks, Bertha Knibbs, Thomas F. Maxwell, Emma L. Knibbs, Luhr Eggers. jr., and Thomas F. Maxwell, as executors and testamentary trustees of the last will and testament of James Knibbs, deceased. County Judge Nash Rockwood of Saratoga County and T. F. Hamilton of Saratoga represented the plaintiff and J. K. Long of Long & Maxwell appeared for the defendants. In opening the case Mr. Long stated that the action was brought by William H. Knibbs of Stillwater, Saratoga County, to have revoked and set aside the probate of the codicil of the will of James Knibbs, deceased, which was drawn in April. 1901, and was admitted to probate in July of that year. The testator. James Knibbs, was formerly Superintendent of Fire Alarm Telegraph of the city of Troy. He had been in the employ of the city from I860 to the time of his death. being the first engineer of the Read Steamer Company. Mr. Long said that he understood that the plaintiff would set up that at the time the codicil of the will was drawn Mr. Knibbs was so far affected bv a stroke of paralysis and illness as to be incapable of knowing what he was doing, or that undue influence had been used be third person, the widow of the deceased or her attorney, Thomas F. Maxwell. Mr. Long also said that the assignment of a patent. an invention of Mr. Knibbs. on which the sum of about $800,000 had been recovered against the city of New York, might also enter into the case.
The will, codicil and proof of the probate were admitted in evidence, being presented by Clerk Anthony P. Finder of the Surrogate's Court.
The case was opened for the plaintiff with testimony of Frederick W. Clough and his wife, of Mechanicville, who testified to calling at the Knibbs residence early in the year 1901, when Mr. Knibbs seemed to have some difficulty in recognizing them, although he had known them for ten years.
Charles S. Brintnall and Carl Stockman testified to signing the codicil to the will. Mr. Stockman testified that he was a boarder at the Knibbs residence, and saw James Knibbs several times after he had suffered a stroke of paralysis and was confined to bed. To questions by the court he said Mr. Knibbs seemed to be rational up to two weeks before he died.
Henry W. Harvey, a letter carrier and nephew of Mr. Knibbs, stated that after his illness he seemed not to take an interest in what was going on.
The testimony of Dr. W. W. Seymour, the attending physician of the deceased, which has presented in the Surrogate's Court, was read, as Dr. Seymour is out of town.
William L. Horsfall, a neighbor of the Knibbs family, testified that when he called during the early pat of 1901 Mr. Knibbs did not seem to comprehend what was going on, but understood when spoken to.
Mrs. Frances Philo testified that when she called to see Mr. Knibbs and spoke to him me made no response. She stated that Mrs. Knibbs told her that Mr. Knibbs mistook Mr. Horsfall for Mr. Maxwell. Mrs. Philo would not say that she believed Mr. Knibbs insane. but did not think he was competent to under stand at all times.
Thomas Jessup, a member of the Masonic order, who acted as attendant for Mr. Knibbs at night during fifteen days in March 1901, said that Mr. Knibbs showed no evidence of being irrational except when he first woke up. He wanted to be raised up frequently, and called for a person who was not in the room. He said, however, that Mr. Knibbs always spoke to him when he came in and exchanged the Masonic greeting with him..

Those named in the above document are of course William Harold's father, James Knibbs who's will was being contested. Those contesting it were: Jennie Mosher Eggars, Annie E Eggers and Lena May Eggars (I think James' sister-in-law and two nieces); Emma L Knibbs (currently unknown to me); James Knibbs (Jasmes' grandson); Charlotte Knibbs Fitzpatrick (James' granddaughter); Martha Ball Marks (James' daughter); Bertha Knibbs (James' granddaughter); Bertha Knibbs (James' granddaughter); Thomas F Maxwell (unrelated, but James' executor); Luhr Eggers (I believe he was a brother-in-law of James Knibbs - married to James' wife's sister

We can see William in 1910 living in Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York:
William H Knibbs Head 49 Chief Clerk Transfer Docks
Cora L Knibbs Wife 49
Bertha M Knibbs Daughter 18
Harold J Knibbs Son 13
Adeline Ferguson Mother-in-Law 78 Vermont

It also says in the census that Cora had two children, both of whom survived.

Listed in the 1920 New York State Federal Census as:
Knibbs, William, H. vol 362,ed 152, sheet 1, line 79
60 years of age from Main Street, Stillwater, Saratoga County
Living with:
Cora L, wife aged 60 from NY
Berth M, daughter aged 27 from NY
Harold J, son aged 23 from NY

I learned from William's granddaughter Sylvia, that he opened his drug store on Wednesday 6 December 1893.

From the Saratogan, July 1923.
Wm. H. Knibbs Died Saturday
Stillwater, Jul 2. - William Harvey Knibbs dioed at his home omn North Main street, Saturday evening, after a lingering illness of two years. Mr. Knibbs was the son of the late James Knibbs, prominent citizen and inventor of Troy where he was boprn 62 years ago. Mr. Knibbs was a resident of this village for 35 years and at one time was prorpietor of the pharmacy located at the market of R. Carpenter on North Main Street.
Mr. Knibbs was a graduate of the Troyu City high school and later of the troiy Pharmacy xollege, aftere conductiong his business in this village he was bookkeeper for the D. and H. railroad at their offices of Mechanicville for twenty-four years. He has a host of friends, who are sorry top learn of his ill health and death.
Mr. Knibbs is survivied by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Raymond Dyer; one son, Harold, both of this village; and one sister, Mrs. Martha Bell Marks of Troy. The funeral will be held from his late residence on North Main street, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Rev. Frederick Alden, pastor of the Presbytarian church will officiate.


William and Cora are buried at Stillwater Union Cemetery, Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York, USA.

Our gratitude goes to members and volunteers at the
Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in their memory.

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Notes for Cora Leah FERGUSON:

I understand from Ana Knibbs Rizzo, Cora's great-granddaughter, that Cora's parents were George Ferguson and his wife Adeline Wildie. I'm not sure where and when George was born, but he died on 3 April 1865 of consumption. Adeline was born in Vermont and died on 23 December 1919 of heart failure. George and Adeline had 4 children who all attended the Stillwater School District #6 in 1877-78.

One of Cora's siblings was Allen H Ferguson. He died on 19 November 1880 aged just 20 years and 12 days. Story has it that he drowned.

In 1860, the family were living in Stillwater, Saratoga, New York:
George Ferguson 28 Carpenter New York
Adaline Ferguson 23 Housework New York
Cora Ferguson 10 months New York

In 1865, Cora was living at Stillwater, Saratoga County, New york:
Adeline Ferguson 33 Saratoga
Cora Ferguson Daur 5 Saratoga
Allen Ferguson Son 3 Saratoga
Kate Ferguseon Daur 2 yr 10 months Saratoga
Frank Ferguson Son 1 yr 1 month Saratoga

That being so, we see Cora living with her mother and sibling at Stillwater, New York in 1870:
Adeline Ferguson 36 Dress Maker Vermont
Cora L Ferguson 10 At School New York
Allen Ferguson At School New York
Katie Ferguson 7 At School New York

In 1875, the New York census shows them living at Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York:
Adeline Furgeson 42 Dressmaker
Cora L Furgeson Daughter 15 Saratoga Worker in Nitting Mill
Allen Furgeson Son 14 Saratoga
Kate Furgeson Daughter 12 Saratoga

Cora married William Knibbs in 1889.

Cora was a gifted amateur artist. The above oil painting (click to enlarge) of a little wooden bridge over a stream hung in the Stillwater Public Library for years until finally, in 2000, Ana Modesta, her grandson's wife acquired it. In May 2001, it was known to be hanging in the Knibbs house at Stillwater, NY.

From The Saratogian, 1969.
Historic Art Set for Library.
Stillwater - Trustees of the Stillwater Free Library and Historical Association announced the recent acquisition by gift of an oil painting of local interest and significance.
The painting, a work of art by the late Cora Ferguson Knibbs, Stillwater, was presented to the association by Mrs. Raymond Dyer, daughter of the artist, through Mrs. Earl Hayner town historian.
Painted in about 1884, the picture is a view of the old Champlain Canal just north of Bemis Heights looking south from the former Charles Holmes Farm where the old River Road Bridge crossed the canal. In the background can be seen the home of Dr. Elias Willard, later known as the Water Battery Farm, since demolished and burned.
Passing under the bridge is a canal boat, pulled by mules, of the type which made the canal a busy waterway, during the last century.
The trustees of the association have arranged with Mrs. David Beder, librarioan, to display the painting in the Stillwater library.


From the Saratogian, Tuesday January 20, 1925.
The funeral of Mrs. Cora Knibbs was held from her late residence in North Main street, this afternoon. Mrs. Knibbs was born in this village 65 years ago and has a host of friends who are sorry to learn of her death. The Rev. Frederick Alden, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of which she was an active member, officiated at the funeral services. Many beautiful floral tributes showed the high esteem in which Mrs. Knibbs was held. Burial was in the Union cemetery. Mrs. Knibbs is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Raymond Dyer, one son, Harold, both of this village and one sister, Mrs. Cloof of Schenectady.

Cora was buried at Stillwater Memorial Cemetery, New York, USA

Our gratitude goes to members and volunteers at the Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Cora.

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