Albert Edward YOUNG, son of James Arthur Clement KNIBBS and Una YOUNG , was born 22 June 1935 in Durban, Natal Province, South Africa. He married Dawn Sheila FALCONER 04 January 1964. He died 03 August 2006 in Durban, Natal Province, South Africa. Dawn Sheila FALCONER was born 27 December 1942. She died 10 July 2005 in Stellawood, Durban, South Africa.

Children of Albert Edward YOUNG and Dawn Sheila FALCONER are:
1. Mark YOUNG, b. 02 January 1969 See Mark YOUNG & Angela Noleen YOUNG
2. Lee-Ann YOUNG, b. Private See Grant WRIGHT & Lee-Ann YOUNG OR Laurence John CLARK & Lee-Ann YOUNG

Notes for Albert Edward YOUNG:

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