William Edward KNIBBS, son of Edward William KNIBBS and Harriet ROONEY , was born bef. 02 November 1862 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He married Hannah TAYLOR 05 April 1886 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died 08 June 1924 in Kings Norton District, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Hannah TAYLOR was born bet. April and June, 1863 in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. She died bet. January and March, 1920 in Kings Norton District, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Children of William Edward KNIBBS and Hannah TAYLOR are:
1. Albert Edward KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1890 See Albert Edward KNIBBS & Lucy May CARSWELL
2. Leah KNIBBS, b. bet. April and July, 1889 See Edward GASH & Leah KNIBBS
3. Ethel Annie KNIBBS, b. 04 April 1900 See Shirley MILES & Ethel Annie KNIBBS
4. Arthur Edward KNIBBS, b. 18 August 1886 See Arthur Edward KNIBBS & Nellie M YATES
5. Louis Percy Sidney KNIBBS, b. 12 December 1893 See Louis Percy Sidney KNIBBS & Elsie May MORTIBOYS
6. Lilian Rose KNIBBS, b. 15 September 1896 See Alfred Frederick MOULE & Lilian Rose KNIBBS OR George BLUCK & Lilian Rose KNIBBS
7. Violet KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1892
8. Harry KNIBBS, b. 16 March 1901 See Harry KNIBBS & Jane ASHFIELD OR Harry KNIBBS & Nellie Doris RAY

Marriage Notes for William Edward KNIBBS\Hannah TAYLOR:

Notes for William Edward KNIBBS:

Also known as: Billy

William was baptised at the St. Thomas Church, Birmingham, England

William was a Brass Caster and unmarried living at 57 Edwardes Street, Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England in 1881.

We can see William and his family in 43 Sun Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England at the 1891 census:
William E Knibbs Head Mar 29 Picture Framer Warwickshire Bham
Hannah Knibbs Wife Mar 25 Warwickshire Aston
Leah Knibbs Daur 6 Warwickshire Bham
KNIBBS Albert E Knibbs Son 7m Warwickshire Bham

On 15 October, 1897, William was sentenced to 18 calendar months hard labour. He surrendered himself to the police on 13 October, 1897 and was tried before J S Dugdale Esq., Q.C. on what appears to have been a charge of receiving stolen goods from a man named Albert Sherrif, a Looking Glass Maker
At Birmingham, the said accused Albert Sherrif, then being servant of Samuel James Longmore, did feloniously steal 3 silvered glass plates on 17th August, 1897, 3 other silvered glass plates on 23rd August, 1897, and 6 other silvered glass plates on 31st August, 1897, the goods of Samuel James Longmore, his master; and for that the said accused the said William Edward Knibbs, did feloniously receive the same well knowing the same to have been before then feloniously stolen.

Interestingly, whilst William received 18 months hard labour, Albert Sherrif received only 12.

We can see William or his wife and children at the 1901 census, wrongly entered as Thinbbs:
Wm E Thinbbs abt 1862 Birmingham Head Birmingham
Hannah Thinbbs abt 1863 Aston, Warwickshire, England Wife Birmingham
Arth E Thinbbs abt 1887 Birmingham Son Birmingham
Leah Thinbbs abt 1890 Birmingham Daughter Birmingham
Albt Thinbbs abt 1891 Birmingham Son Birmingham
Violet Thinbbs abt 1893 Birmingham Daughter Birmingham
Louis Thinbbs abt 1895 Birmingham Son Birmingham
Lily Thinbbs abt 1897 Selly Oak, Worcestershire, Daughter Birmingham
Ethel Thinbbs abt 1900 Birmingham Daughter Birmingham
Infant Thinbbs abt 1901 Birmingham Son Birmingham

The infant will be Harry. Arthur Edward who went on to be the George Medal winner doesn't seem to be with them at this time although he was born in 1899

William can be seen in the 1911 census living at 29 Hants Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
William Edward Knibbs Head 49 Dealer in Rags and Bones Birmingham Warwickshire
Hannah Knibbs Wife 48 Married (24 years) Aston New Town
Albert Edward Knibbs Son 20 Single Tube Drawer Birmingham
Violet Knibbs Daughter 18 Single Server Sorter Birmingham
Louis Percy Sidney Knibbs Son 17 Single Tube Drawer Selly Oak
Lilian Rose Knibbs Daughter 14 Single Server Sorter Birmingham
Ethel Annie Knibbs Daughter 10 School Birmingham
Harry Knibbs Son 10 School Birmingham

By 1911, Hannah had 10 children, 8 of whom had survived.

Knibbs William Edward of 29 Hunts-road Stirchley Birmingham died 8 June 1924 Administration Birmingham 25 July to Arthur Edward Knibbs General dealer Effects £23.

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Notes for Hannah TAYLOR:

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Notes for Violet KNIBBS:

Violet died aged just 20 years.

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