Owen Oakeshott KNIBBS, son of Arthur Reginald KNIBBS and Florence Norton OAKESHOTT , was born 02 June 1922 in East London, Cape Province, South Africa. He married Naureen Millicent BENNETT 03 April 1952. He died 02 October 2009 in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Naureen Millicent BENNETT was born 08 April 1928. She died May 2006.

Children of Owen Oakeshott KNIBBS and Naureen Millicent BENNETT are:
1. Barbara Jill KNIBBS, b. Private See Jeffrey Ross GOWAR & Barbara Jill KNIBBS
2. Linda Joan KNIBBS, b. Private

Marriage Notes for Owen Oakeshott KNIBBS\Naureen Millicent BENNETT:

It has been suggested by Jennifer Jackson, Owen's neice, that he married in 1954, not 1953 as I have it. Jennifer was told this by her mother.

Notes for Owen Oakeshott KNIBBS:

Owen is a Pretoria School of Architecture graduate, with DipArch (Pret) 1951. I believe one of his projects was to design a building for Architects and Quantity Surveyors, and to make a three dimensional model of it for display at the schools exhibition in 1948.

The above is a photograph of the model he produced as it appeared in the South African Architectural Record, October 1948.

In 1954, I believe Owen was a photographer for, or at least, provided photographs for the South African Architectural Record, the official journal of the Institute of South African Architects in the Cape, Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal.

Owen aged about 84 years in 2006 (click to enlarge)

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Notes for Naureen Millicent BENNETT:

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Notes for Linda Joan KNIBBS: