Peter John KNIBBS, son of Dennis Harold KNIBBS and Frances Helen Elizabeth SHEPSTONE , was born 31 March 1942. He died 01 August 2018 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Marilyn DE WET was born Private.

Children of Peter John KNIBBS and Marilyn DE WET are:
1. Marlene KNIBBS, b. Private See Gerhardus De Ridder SMITH & Marlene KNIBBS
2. Tracy KNIBBS, b. Private See Unknown LAUBSCHER & Tracy KNIBBS
3. David Peter KNIBBS, b. Private See David Peter KNIBBS & Charmaine DU PLESSIS OR David Peter KNIBBS & Michelle MOYLE

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See Peter John KNIBBS & Roshan UNKNOWN

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  1. Personal Contact with Tracy Knibbs,

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