Jock WARNER was born abt. 1895. He died abt. 1945. Dorothy Cecelia SCOTT-WILLIAMS was born 28 May 1901 in England. She died bet. 1970 and 1980.

Children of Jock WARNER and Dorothy Cecelia SCOTT-WILLIAMS are:
1. Fabian Eric WARNER, b. abt. 1923

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The year of divorce is unknown. We do know that Dorothy was a mental patient in 1945 and at that time, she was married to Norman Knibbs. It is therefore safe to assume that she divorced Jock before 1945.

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See Norman Owen KNIBBS & Dorothy Cecelia SCOTT-WILLIAMS

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Also known as: Dolly

Dorothy was the daughter of Charles Beresford Scott-Williams and his wife Marie Augusta Altenkirch. Charles was a Schoolmaster.

See Dorothy's Baptism entry.


Understood from data from her nephew, Mike Scott-Williams, that Dorothy was somewhat of a character, she became an alcoholic, and was sent to Komani Hospital near Queenstown in early 1946. All contact with her was lost until 1974. She must have died in the late 1970's as no record of her presence at the hospital could be found in the early 1980's.

This is supported to a certain degree by an entry in the South African National Archive referring to the estate papers of Dorothe Knibbs in 1945, with the remarks "Mental Patient"

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