George EELY, son of William EELY and Jane KNIBBS , was born bef. 23 June 1816 in Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England. He married Sarah Jane HAYNES 14 October 1852 in Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England. He died bef. 18 February 1884 in Banbury District, Oxfordshire, England. Sarah Jane HAYNES, daughter of George HAYNES , was born abt. 1825. She died bet. April and June, 1858 in Banbury District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of George EELY and Sarah Jane HAYNES are:
1. Ann Jane EELY, b. bef. 28 August 1853 See Walter Charles INGREY & Ann Jane EELY
2. William George EELY, b. bef. 23 March 1856

Marriage Notes for George EELY\Sarah Jane HAYNES:

The FreeBMD transcription of the mariage has George as George ERLY.
Witnesses to the marriage were William Flint and Sarah Simpton.
Sarah Jane was the daughter of George Haynes, farmer.

Other Marriages/Unions for George EELY:
See George EELY & Maria CAVE OR George EELY & Harriet CALESS

Notes for George EELY:

In 1851, George was living at Adderbury East, Oxfordshire:
George Eeley Head Widr 34 Hairdresser Northamptonshire Aynhoe
Elizabeth Eeley Daur 11 Scholar Oxon Adderbury
Harriet Eeley Daur 7 Scholar Oxon Adderbury
Sarah Eeley Daur 5 Scholar Oxon Adderbury

We can see George in 1861, living at Adderbury East, Oxfordshire:
George Eely Head Wid 45 Hair Dresser Parish Sexton Northamptonshire Aynhoe
Sarah Eely Daur UnM 15 Scholar Oxfordshire Adderbury
Ann Jane Eely Daur 7 Scholar Oxfordshire Adderbury
William George Eely Son 5 Scholar Oxfordshire Adderbury

Sarah was the youngest daughter from his 2nd wife Harriet. The other two are his children from his 3rd wife Sarah.

In 1871, he was still living at Adderbury East, Oxfordshire:
George Eely Head Wid 54 Hair Dresser Sexton at St Mary Church Northamptonshire Aynhoe
Ann J Eely Daur Unm Oxfordshire Adderbury
William G Eely Son 15 Brick Layers Lab Oxfordshire Adderbury

George Eely can be seen in the 1881 census for England & Wales, a widower, age 64, living alone at High Street, East Adderbury, Oxfordshire.

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Notes for Sarah Jane HAYNES:

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Notes for William George EELY:

William can be seen in the 1901 census living at St Pancras, London with his wife Catherine (46) and sons George (10) and Percy (7)

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