Unknown BALSKDAMIAN in Turkey. He married Louisa Mary Ann KNIBBS bet. 1900 and 1912. He died UNKNOWN. Louisa Mary Ann KNIBBS, daughter of Edwin William KNIBBS and Hannah WATERHOUSE , was born 20 February 1871 in Bermondsey, Surrey, England. She died 28 February 1950 in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Marriage Notes for Unknown BALSKDAMIAN\Louisa Mary Ann KNIBBS:

As yet, we haven't found details of this marriage but were told by Louisa's neice, Alma, that in the early 1900's, Louisa married a Turkish man. When he took her back to Turkey, his family wouldn't accept her so she returned to England alone.

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See Charles Parry WARDE & Louisa Mary Ann KNIBBS

Notes for Unknown BALSKDAMIAN:

We've assumed that his surname was Balskdamian which was the name under which Louisa later married Charles Parry Wade. Louisa identified herself as a widow when she married Charles Warde.

I have suspicions that Balskdamian wasn't his surname as I can find no reference to anyone with that surname at all - in fact the only name that ever appears is that of Louisa with referenece to her marriage to Charles Warde.

The story passed down through the family is that she married a man from Turkey. Turkey is in fact part of The Balkans, so I wondered for quite some time if "Balsk" was perhaps an abbreviation for The Balkans, and his surname was perhaps, something like "Damian".

With that in mind, the General Register Office pubic records showed marriages of two people during q4/1903 in the Kensington District of London. One was a Louisa Knibbs and the other, Edward Thomas Dumain.

Surely, too big a coincidence for sure but alas, no! I checked with the records office and whist these two individuals appear together in the register, they didn't marry eachother. Louisa married Walter Orbell Green, and Edward married Jessie Elizabeth Pool.

The Louisa Knibbs who married Waler Orbell Green was in fact part of this Knibbs line, but born in 1866 in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland.

Notes for Louisa Mary Ann KNIBBS:

Click to see the larger copy of Louisa on the left, with her brother Edwin and sister Elizabeth, taken in about 1882.

Louisa was baptised as an adult at St Agnes, Kennington Park, London.

I think it's probably this Louisa we can see in 1901, living at Rathgowry, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. Rathgowry was described as "a Ladies School", and the census shows that the puplils were all young ladies of between 14 and 18 years of age. Mrs H B Hooper was listed as the proprietor in 1897.
Horace B Hooper Head M 80 Living on Own Means London
Annie E Hooper Wife M 50 Schoolmistress London
Margaret Hooper Daur S 25 Essex Woodford
Dorothy Hooper Daur S 22 Essex Woodford
Nora Hooper Daur S 20 Essex Lambourne
Louise M Knibbs Nurse S 29 Hospital Nurse London

In addition to the above, there were 5 governesses with occupations including French, English, German and Singing Teachers, then a list of students from various parts of the UK as well as one from France and one from Australia.

We were told in 2008 by Louisa's neice, Alma, Louisa married a Turkish man, and when she was taken back to Turkey, his family wouldn't accept her so she returned to England alone. Alma couldn't remember exactly when this happened but believes it was very early 1900's.

The next breakthrough was from the LDS web site where it is recorded that Charles Parry Warde married Louisa Mary Ann Balskdamian at Mussoorie, Bengal, India on 11 Dec 1912. Whilst we didn't recognise the name Balskdamian, we did know that she'd previously married a Turkish man, so we assume that to have been his name.

Whatever happened to Louisa after her marriage to the Turkish man in the early 1900's remained a mystery up until 2010 when we discovered on the Jersey Heritage web site, reference to the marriage between Louisa Mary Anne Knibbs and Charles Parry Warde.
It was simply a reference (as shown below) to her will that identified her as the widow of Charles Warde:
D/Y/B1/4/31 Will and Testament of Louisa Mary Ann Knibbs of the Montfort Hall Hotel, Great Union Road, widow of Charles Parry Warde. Dated 25/05/1949. Codicil Added: 03/08/1949. (Includes one closed document).

Read Louisa's Last Will and Testament

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