Alfred Richard KNIBBS, son of Richard KNIBBS and Catherine GOLDSMITH , was born abt. 1830 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Eliza Catherine Payne PONSFORD 02 March 1856 in Paddington, London, Middlesex, England. He died 18 December 1914 in Faversham, Kent, England. Eliza Catherine Payne PONSFORD was born abt. 1834 in Topsham, Devonshire, England. She died bet. April and June, 1910 in Faversham District, Kent, England.

Children of Alfred Richard KNIBBS and Eliza Catherine Payne PONSFORD are:
1. John Richard Payne KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1861 See John Richard Payne KNIBBS & Mary Ann Waterman HEAD
2. Eliza Catharine Paine KNIBBS, b. bet. April and June, 1861
3. Sarah Jane KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1862 See Walter HODGE & Sarah Jane KNIBBS
4. Isabella KNIBBS, b. abt. 1865 See Frederick Chambers PILGRIM & Isabella KNIBBS
5. Louisa Ann KNIBBS, b. 1866 See Walter Orbell GREEN & Louisa Ann KNIBBS
6. Emma Ponsford KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1868 See Frederick George HEAD & Emma Ponsford KNIBBS
7. Ellen Maria KNIBBS, b. 26 February 1871 See Stanley John Guido WILSON & Ellen Maria KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Alfred Richard KNIBBS\Eliza Catherine Payne PONSFORD:

Notes for Alfred Richard KNIBBS:

Also known as: Alfred Richard

We see Alfred in 1851, living at Newbury, Berkshire:
Alfred Knibbs Servant UnM 20 Porter Ireland Dublin

When his daughter Eliza was born, her birth record shows that Alfred was serving in the military in the 10th Hussars. He was still serving with them in 1867 when Louisa was born, but at that time, he was serving in Dundalk, Ireland.

In 1861, I believe it's this Alfred (as R Knibbs) we see living at Aldershot, Hampshire, serving with the 5th Lancers:
R Knibbs Farrier Married Farrier Stepney Middlesex
E Knibbs Wife to Farrier Knibbs Mar Seamstress Topsham Devon
J R P Knibbs Son to Ditto UnM 1 Infant Twin Aldershot Hants
E C P Knibbs Daur to Ditto 1 Infant Twin Aldershot Hants
E Ponsford Visitor to Ditto 18 Topsham Hants

I believe the E Ponsford who was staying with them was Alfred's sister-in-law, Emma, born q2/1840 at St Thomas District, Devon, which included the village of Topsham.

Alfred was a Dragoon (which is a horse-mounted infantryman) in the 5th Royal Irish Lancers and was living with his family at the East Cavalry Barracks, Aldershot, Hampshire. At the time, there were 598 Dragoons, 56 wives and 78 children living at the barracks.

See Alfred's Discharge Papers.


In 1871, he's living at 18 Jeffrey Street, Gillingham, Kent:
Alfred Nibs Head Mar 40 Warden Prison Dublin
Eliza Nibs Wife Mar 37 Housewife Topsham
John Nibs Son 10 Scholar Aldershot
Eliza Nibs Daur 10 Scholar Aldershot
Sarah Nibs Daur 8 Scholar Aldershot
Isabel Nibs Daur 6 Scholar Dublin
Louisa Nibs Daur 4 Scholar Dundalk
Emma Nibs Daur 2 New Brompton
Ellen Nibs Daur 2 mnths New Brompton

In 1881, he was living at 3 Park Road, Faversham, Kent:
Alfred R Knibbs Head Mar 50 Ireland Signal Fitter on Railway
Eliza Knibbs Wife Mar 48 Takeham
Louisa A Knibbs Daur 14 Ireland Pupil Teacher
Emma P Knibbs Daur 12 New Brompton Kent Dressmaker
Ellen M Knibbs Daur 10 New Brompton Kent Scholar

In 1891, Alfred was living at 25 St Marys Road, Faversham, Kent:
Alfred R Knibbs Head Mar 60 Signal Inspector (LC&D Rly) Dublin
Eliza Knibbs Wife 57 Devonshire Topsham
Isabella Knibbs Daur UnM 26 Dress & Mantle Maker Dublin

Alfred was still living at 25 St Marys Road, Faversham, Kent at the time of the 1901 census:
Alfred R Knibbs Head Mar 70 Railway Signal Inspector Dublin
Eliza Knibbs Wife Mar 68 Topeham Devon
Eliza Knibbs Daur UnM 41 Dhershot Hamshire

In 1911, Alfred was living at 25 St Marys Road Faversham, Kent with his daughter Eliza:
Alfred Richard Knibbs Head Wid 80 1831 Signal Fitter Dublin Ireland Resident
Eliza Catherine Payne Knibbs Daur UnM 51 1860 Housekeeper To Falks, Hants

I assume "Falks" was the name of the person Eliza worked for.

From the East Kent Gazette - 28 September 1912:
Forty years takes a big slice out of your life, and when those forty years have been spent in the ever increasing work entailed by the railway service, retirement comes all the sweeter. In brief, this is the record of Mr. Francis Ossian Durant, who has juts retired from the position of Chief of the Locomotive Department, S.E.C.R., at Faversham, which he has held for the past thirty three years. Previus to that Mr. Durant had seven years experience in railway work in other parts of the country, so that altogether forty years is the total of Mr. Durant's railway service. Mr. Durant preserves a wonderfully youthful appearance for he who has had a weating, tearing life. Troubles and worries apparently sat lightly upon him and the colour of his hair does not yrt show the stealthy approach of Time. To all intents and purposes Mr. Durant looks no older than he did twenty years ago. And yet a close observance reveals on his features telltale lines, which show. that the pest forty years have in some measure left their mark. .........
...........The Royal William, St. Mary's-road, Faversham, has been the scene of many a pleasant gathering, but never, perhaps, had it been the gatheringpoint of quite so many railway men, who represented so main departments. Nor, perhaps, had a similar object brought so many railway officials there before. Mr. F. G. Capon in the chair—and an excellent Chairman he made; he led everybody in silken strings, but everything was dead on time. Supporting him at the head of the table were the guest of the evening, Mr. Durant, and the Deputy Mayor (Counciller T. 0. GiIlett). At the head of the table also were Mr. R. Archer (Locomotive Foreman, Victoria), Mr. A. Deuce (Battersea Running Shale). Mr. J. Oxley (Locomotive Department, Margate). Mr. T. Wedlake (Mr. Durant's increaser at Faversham), Mr. R. Knibbs (Foreman of the Signal Fitters' Department, Faversham). Mr. E. Harmer (Quernbirnigh stationmaster), Mr C. Matthews (Teyn ham stationmaster), Chief Collector Spillett, Inspector Neville, and others. Sittingbourne was represented at this gathering by Mr. A. Bedell. (Foreman of the Passenger Department). The smiling face of Mr. T. Champ was seen in the vice chair, and Mr. H. Richardson, of the Telegraphic Department at Faversham, was to be seen about the room sending and receiving various wireless messages. all of which went to contribute to the success of the gathering..........


From what I can make out, Alfred became a Chelsea Pensioner, presumably between 1911 when he was living at Faversham, and 1914, when he died.

Alfred died aged 84.

Knibbs Alfred Richard of 25 St. Mary's-road Faversham Kent died 18 December 1914 Administration Loindon 8 September Eliza Catherine Paine Knibbs spinster Effects £632 4s. 10d.

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Notes for Eliza Catherine Payne PONSFORD:

In 1841, we see Eliza, her parents and siblings living at Majors Field Lane, Topsham, Devon:
John Ponsford 35 Carrier
Sarah Ponsford 35
Anne Ponsford 10
Eliza Ponsford 8
Sarah Ponsford 6
Emma Ponsford 1
Mary Lee 20 F.S.

We see Eliza in 1851, living at 9 Baring Crescent, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon. She was working in the household of a Maria Boyd:
Maria E Boyd Head Widw 67 Householder East Indies British Subject
Isabella Stevenson Daur Mar 39 Wife of Major Stevenson East Indies British Subject
Edward Stevenson Grandson U 4 Scholar East Indies British Subject
Sarah Hackaday Serv U 39 Cook Devon Broadclist
Eliza Ponsford Serv U 18 Housemaid Devon Topsham
Jane Hockaday Serv 15 Housemaid Devon Broadclist

In 1911, she gave her full name of Eliza Catherine Payne Knibbs. I havent worked out yet where the "Payne" part is from.

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Notes for Eliza Catharine Paine KNIBBS:

In 1891, Eliza was living at 27 High Street, Strood, Kent:
Humphrey Wickham Head Widr 84 Retired Solicitor Buckinghamshire Rowsham(?)
Rebecca Elizabeth Wickham Daur UnM 61 Surrey Newington
Eliza Wickham Daur UnM 58 Kent Strood
Charlotte Bromley Wickham Daur UnM 56 Kent Strood
Florence Maria Hawkins Serv UnM 19 Domestic Servant Kent Town Malling
Eliza Catherine Knibbs Serv UnM 30 Domestic Servant Hants Aldershot

In 1901, she was back living with her parents at 25 St Marys Road, Faversham, Kent:
Alfred R Knibbs Head Mar 70 Railway Signal Inspector Dublin
Eliza Knibbs Wife Mar 68 Topeham Devon
Eliza Knibbs Daur UnM 41 Aldershot Hamshire

Eliza was unmarried and living at Faversham aged 51 in 1911 at 25 St Marys Road Faversham, Kent with her father:
Alfred Richard Knibbs Head Wid 80 1831 Signal Fitter Dublin Ireland Resident
Eliza Catherine Payne Knibbs Daur UnM 51 1860 Housekeeper To Falks, Hants

I assume "Falks" was the name of the person Eliza worked for.

She died a spinster, aged 75.

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