Hugh WALKER was born 09 November 1906. He married Irene Kathleen STACEY bet. July and September, 1931 in Dudley District, Staffordshire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1981 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. Irene Kathleen STACEY, daughter of Louis STACEY and Sarah Ethel KNIBBS , was born 16 June 1904 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England. She died August 1986 in Wolverhapton District, West Midlands, England.

Children of Hugh WALKER and Irene Kathleen STACEY are:
1. Hugh Stacey WALKER, b. July 1943

Marriage Notes for Hugh WALKER\Irene Kathleen STACEY:

Irene and her husband John are the two on the right of the photograph (click to enlarge). The photograph was taken at 14 Hall Park Street, Bilston which was the home of Barbara, Irene's sister, and before them, the home of Sarah Ethel Knibbs and her husband Louis, Irene's parents.

Notes for Hugh WALKER:

Also known as: John

John and Rene lived at 214 Wellington Road, Bilston, Staffordshire, England.

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Notes for Irene Kathleen STACEY:

Also known as: Rene

Understood from her sister Barbara that Irene was born in Cherry Street, Warwick, Warwickshire, England

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Notes for Hugh Stacey WALKER:

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