John BURT. He died UNKNOWN. Ann UNKNOWN was born abt. 1808 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England. She died aft. 01 January 1852.

Children of John BURT and Ann UNKNOWN are:
1. Henry Theodore BURT, b. 30 May 1828 See Henry Theodore BURT & Agnes Ellen BAXTER

Other Marriages/Unions for Ann UNKNOWN:
See Francis KNIBBS & Ann UNKNOWN

Notes for John BURT:

Notes for Ann UNKNOWN:

We don't yet know the full history behind Ann.

The baptiosmal record for her sone Henry Theodore Burt indicates that she was married to a man named John Burt. We know that Ann married Francis Knibbs in 1832, so if indeed Ann was previously married to John Burt, we can assume that he died at some time between 1828 and 1832.

The record of the marriage between Francis Knibbs and Ann Burt causes some confusion as it clearly identifies Francis Knibbs as a widower but shows Ann Burt as a spinster.

Another theory is of course that Ann was never married and her son Henry Theodore was born as a result of a previous relationship.

In 1851, after Ann married Francis Knibbs, their son Francis could be seen living in Shepton Mallet with his aunt, Uncle and cousin:
George Witcombe Head Mar 40 Cabinet Maker Somerset Downhead
Selina Witcombe Wife Mar 42 Somerset Dinden
Jonah Witcombe Son Unm 17 Cabinet Makers Apprentice Somerset Shepton Mallet
Francis Knibbs Nephew 12 Scholar Middlesex Ratcliffe

We assume that George, Selina and Jonah are relatives on his mother Ann's side of the family, so was Ann perhaps a Witcombe, and did she perhaps marry John Burt as story has it?

Another part of the mystery is that in 1841, living next door to George and Selina Witcombe in Shepton Mallet, there's a Samuel Burt, age 55 years and of "independent means" so is he perhaps related to Ann's first son, Henry Theordore Burt?

Another option could be that Ann and Selina Witcombe were both daughters of Samuel Burt.

Sources for Ann UNKNOWN:

  1. 1841 British Census, 1841 British Census gave her age as 33