William KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Ann WHITE , was born 10 January 1846 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. He married Ellen DRINKWATER 16 August 1879 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. He died bef. 21 June 1905 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England. Ellen DRINKWATER was born 20 August 1852 in Wootton, Oxfordshire, England. She died 18 February 1934 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of William KNIBBS and Ellen DRINKWATER are:
1. Sarah Ann KNIBBS, b. 11 September 1879 See Alfred LONGWORTH & Sarah Ann KNIBBS
2. Leah Florence KNIBBS, b. 03 February 1885 See John William BOLTON & Leah Florence KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for William KNIBBS\Ellen DRINKWATER:

See Ellen and William's Marriage Certificate

Witnesses to the marriage were James Hunt and Rosa Ann Drinkwater, Ellen's sister.

Notes for William KNIBBS:

The 1881 census shows William Knibbs living at Back Lane, Woodstock, England
William KNIBBS Head M Male 35 Woodstock, Oxford, England Glove Ironer
Ellen KNIBBS Wife M Female 28 Wooton, Oxford, England Machinist (Glove)
Sarah A. KNIBBS Daur Female 1 Woodstock, Oxford, England

The 1891 census for Oxfordshire and North Berkshire shows William living at Back Lane, Woodstock with Sarah Ann and two children from his previous marriage:
William KNIBBS45
Sarah Ann39
Sarah Ann11
Leah Florence 6
I believe that the first Sarah Ann is an error on the census, and it should read Helen or Ellen, the name of his wife.
Living with them were:
Harry Duffield, 20, a Glover from Wootton, Oxon, and
Richard Day(?), 44, a Suplementary(?) Letter Carrier from Woodstock, Oxon

William is shown aged 55 years, living at Woodstock at the 1901 census with his wife Helen and daughters Helen and Leah. All appeared to be working in the Glove Trade.
William Knibbs55Oxon WoodstockOxonWoodstockGlove Cutter
Helen Knibbs48Oxon WooltonOxonWoodstockGlove Machinist
Sarah Knibbs20Oxon WoodstockOxonWoodstockGlove Machinist
Leah Knibbs16Oxon WoodstockOxonWoodstockGlove Machinist

William died in June 1905 aged 59 years.

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Notes for Ellen DRINKWATER:

Also known as: Nell

See Ellen's Birth Certificate

A picture of Ellen Drinkwater probably taken at about the time she married William Knibbs. (Click to enlarge).

A picture of Ellen Knibbs (nee Drinkwater) probably taken at about 1915-1920 when she was in her late 60's. It was taken in the back yard of 29 Oxford Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. The house belonged to Ellen's daughter Sarah Ann Knibbs and her husband Alfred Longworth who also owned the shop next door at No.27 and the garage further along the road at No.21. (Click to enlarge).

Ellen's father was Robert Drinkwater, a labourer. Her mother was Leah Drinkwater, formerly Franklin. It is understood from notes made by her granddaughter Elsie Maud Longworth, that Ellen was one of four daughters.

She had a sister Elizabeth who married P Smith, a sister Rose who married Charles Brooks and another sister Jane, but we're not sure who she married.

Her granddaughter Elsie also recorded the following notes:
Rose & Charles Brooks had 3 daughters and 1 son.
1)Nell married F J Bolton and went to Canada. They had 1 daughter Myrtle,(born 14/9/1910) and 1 son Fred.
2)Rose married William Silman had 2 sons
3)Charles married Rose Robinson had 1 son Charles
4)Louise married Bert Willis and had 2 daughters.

In 1871, we can see Ellen's mother living at The Cottage, Wootton, Oxfordshire:
Leah Drinkwater Head Mar 48 Governess Oxon Blackthorn
Ellen Drinkwater Daur UnM 19 Gloveress Oxon Wootton
Rosenner Drinkwater Daur 8 Oxon Wootton

Ellen married William Knibbs in 1879. It's noted that Ellen was baptised as Ellen but her marriage certificate is in the name of Helen.

Ellen's mother can be seen at the 1881 census, a widow, living at Back Lane, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England:
Leah DRINKWATER Widow (Head) 60 Blackthorn, Oxford, England Nurse (Sub Med)
Rosa A. DRINKWATER Daur UnM 18 Wootton, Oxford, England Gloveress

Ellen's mother Leah is seen in 1891 living in Back Lane, Woodstock, just two doors away from Ann Knibbs, the mother of her son-in-law William Knibbs. She was employed at that time as a Sick Nurse.
Leah Drinkwater Head Wid 68 Blackhorn Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Bowels Daur Wid 39 Charwoman Wootton Oxfordshire
Rosina Brooks Daur Wid 28 Wootton Oxfordsahire
Ellen Brooks Grandaughter 7 Scholar Woodstock Oxfordshire
Rose Mariah Brooks Grandaughter Scholar Woodstock Oxfordshire
Charles Brooks Son 3 Woodstock Oxfordshire
Lucy Brooks Daur 6 months Woodstock Oxfordshire

Ellen's mother can still be seen at the 1901 census living at Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England:
Leah Drinkwater 78 Oxon Black Thron Oxon Woodstock Monthly Nurse

In 1911, we see Ellen living at Park Lane, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
Ellen Knibs Head 58 Widow Gloveress Oxfordsahire Wootton
Sarah Ann Longworth Daughter 31 Married (9 years) Oxfordshire Woodstock
Elsie Maud Longworth Grand Daughter 5 Oxfordshire Woodstock

I believe it is Ellen's mother Leah who died at Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England in the final quarter of 1903, aged 81 years. However, there is a photograph in the family that makes note of a "Grannie Drinkwater" who lived to be 102 years old. We're not yet sure who she was.

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