Alfred LONGWORTH, son of William John LONGWORTH and Emily GAYTHORPE , was born 02 December 1877 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. He married Sarah Ann KNIBBS 25 December 1901 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. He died 13 April 1966 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. Sarah Ann KNIBBS, daughter of William KNIBBS and Ellen DRINKWATER , was born 11 September 1879 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. She died 16 June 1962 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Alfred LONGWORTH and Sarah Ann KNIBBS are:
1. Elsie Maud LONGWORTH, b. 09 May 1905 See John Henry HOLLEY & Elsie Maud LONGWORTH
2. Irene Dorothy LONGWORTH, b. 05 September 1916 See Frederick George Austin TWAMLEY & Irene Dorothy LONGWORTH

Marriage Notes for Alfred LONGWORTH\Sarah Ann KNIBBS:

Witnesses to the marriage were George H Knibbs (Sarah's cousin) and Leah Florence Knibbs, Sarah's sister.

Notes for Alfred LONGWORTH:

See Alfred's Birth Certificate

The above photo was taken of Sarah (Knibbs) Longworth and her husband Alfred in 1955 when they would have been in their mid-70's. Click to enlarge.

I am told my Diane Sharland that research undertaken by her mother shows that Alfred was born on 2 December 1877 at 16 Culvert Street, Manchester, England. His parents were William and Emily Longworth.

We know from information available to us that he had a younger brother Harry and that he died on 8 Jun 1894 aged just 14 years. His step-sister Eliza Emily Gough was born on 27 Nov 1872 and died aged just 23 years on 31 Oct 1896. She was interred at Bigbury Church, South Devon, England on 3 Nov1896.

Alfred Longworth died on 13 April 1966. Whilst he was in hospital when he died, he was living at 27 Oxford Street Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England where he used to have a bicycle shop. He also had petrol pumps at that address and a garage at 21 Oxford Street. Previous to that he was a motor engineer and owned a Charabanc. Before that he worked on the Blenhein Palace Estate as a Water Engineer.

In his capacity as Water Engineer at Blenheim Palace, Alfred Longworth took part in the trials of a new Weed Cutting Machine used for removing the weeds from the huge 120 acre lake. This was necessary to allow boating, sailing and fishing on the lake, and was an expensive annual task. The new machine reduced the cost and the time taken to do it.
The FIELD Magazine printed an article on July 26th 1902 with a photograph of the new machine in action with Alfred Longworth at the rear of the boat and in control.

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Alfred appears in the 1881 census living with his family at 9 Tavistock St, Harpurhey, Lancashire.
William J Longworth Head Mar 32 Plumber Manchester Lancashire
Emily Longworth Wife Mar 27 Manchester Lancashire
Eliza E Gouch Step Daur 8 Scholar Manchester Lancashire
Maria L Gouch Step Daur 5 Scholar Manchester Lancashire
Alfred Longworth Son 3 Manchester Lancashire
Harry Longworth Son 1 Cheetham Lancashire

Alfred appears in the 1901 census living Oxford Street, at Woodstock, Oxfordshire. This was shortly before his marriage to Sarah Ann Knibbs. Also living at Woodstock in 1901 (at a different address) was Emily Longworth, his mother.
Elizabeth Willis Head Wid 57 Glove Machinist
Bertie Willis Son UnM 18 Railwat Porter Berks Boulkings(?)
Alfred Longworth Boarder UnM 24 Water Engineer Lancs Manchester

Alfred married Sarah Knibbs in 1901.

In 1911 we see Alfred living at 330 Rochdale Road, Manchester, Cheshire with an aunt and uncle:
Joseph Havercroft Head 55 Married Stationer Yorkshire Hull
Mary Havercroft Wife 55 Married (24 years) Lancashire Manchester
Martha Longworth Mother in Law 84 Widow Lancashire Manchester
Alf Longworth Nephew 33 Married Water Engineer Lancashire Manchester

His wife Sarah was living with her mother at Park Lane, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
Ellen Knibs Head 58 Widow Gloveress Oxfordsahire Wootton
Sarah Ann Longworth Daughter 31 Married (9 years) Oxfordshire Woodstock
Elsie Maud Longworth Grand Daughter 5 Oxfordshire Woodstock

Alfred served in the Royal Flying Corps which was newly formed in 1912 (Click to enlarge)


Julie Kennedy makes reference to Alfred Longworth's garage and cycle shop in her book called "The Changing Faces of Woodstock" published in November 1996.

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Notes for Sarah Ann KNIBBS:

Also known as: Sally

See Sarah's Birth Certificate

Sarah is shown aged 20 years living at Woodstock, Oxfordshire at the 1901 census.

The above photograph shows Sarah and her husband Alfred, and I am told it was taken outside The Mill at Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. (click to enlarge)

Ian Turner, the grandson of Sarah's sister Leah Florence, remembers visiting Sarah in her old age. and remembers her still working in the shop long after the time that most other women of her age would have given up knitting. She did rather more than simple puncture repairs - Ian remembers watching her soldering nipples onto Bowden wire brake cables.

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