William John LONGWORTH was born 06 January 1849 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. He married Emily GAYTHORPE bet. July and September, 1879 in Salford, Lancashire, England. He died bef. 04 December 1899 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. Emily GAYTHORPE was born abt. 1854 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1926 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of William John LONGWORTH and Emily GAYTHORPE are:
1. Alfred LONGWORTH, b. 02 December 1877 See Alfred LONGWORTH & Sarah Ann KNIBBS
2. Harry LONGWORTH, b. bet. October and December, 1879
3. Gertrude LONGWORTH, b. bef. 07 April 1889
4. William John LONGWORTH, b. 27 March 1892
5. Reginald Malcolm LONGWORTH, b. 19 February 1898
6. Rosa Lilian LONGWORTH, b. bet. July and September, 1895

Marriage Notes for William John LONGWORTH\Emily GAYTHORPE:

William and Emily are great-great-grandparents of the daughter of Valerie McCadden who told me of Emily's prior marriage to Richard Gough.

Other Marriages/Unions for Emily GAYTHORPE:
See Richard GOUGH & Emily GAYTHORPE

Notes for William John LONGWORTH:

Photograph courtesy of Diane Sharland. (Click to enlarge)
William Longworth's parents were Henry Longworth and Martha McMullin who married in Manchester, England in 1845. Their children were:
Archibald 1846 - 1920 He was a master plumber who lived in Manchester and raised a large family there
William John 1849 - 1899 Married Emily Gough. Moved to Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
James 1851
Martha 1853
Mary 1855 married 1.---- Plant 2. Joseph Wm Havercroft
Elizabeth 1858
Margaret 1860
Emma 1863
Harry 1865 - 1896 moved to Scarborough then to Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
John 1868

In 1846 Henry was a spindle maker of 2 Court, Blossom St, Ancoats. In 1881 the widowed Martha was at 5 Priam St, Harpurhey and in 1901 she was at 330 Rochdale Rd, Manchester.

We have it that William John married Emily GOUGH in1879 at Salford, Lancashire. We aren't yet sure of the parentage of her two daughters or indeed, William's son Alfred. It maybe that both of them were previously married.

The first we see of William Was in 1851 when he was a year old, living with his parents at Butler Street, Manchester, Lancashire:
Henry Longworth Head Mar 26 Handle Maker Manchester
Martha Longworth Wife Mar 23 Manchester
James Longworth Son 1 month Manchester
William Longworth Son 1 Manchester

In 1861, he was living woith his paretns at 14 Harrison Street, Manchester, Lancashire:
Henry Longworth Head Mar 36 Spindle Maker Manchester Lancs
Martha Longworth Wife Mar 33 Manchester Lancs
Elizabeth Longworth Sister UnM 33 Glass Cleaner Manchester Lancs
Archibald Longworth Son 15 Gas Fitter Manchester Lancs
William Longworth Son 12 Brass Moulder Manchester Lancs
James Longworth Son 10 Scholar Manchester Lancs
Martha Longworth Daur 7 Scholar Manchester Lancs
Mary Longworth Daur 5 Scholar Manchester Lancs
Margaret Longworth Daur 4 mths Manchester Lancs

William married Emily Gough in 1879.

Alfred appears in the 1881 census living with his family at 9 Tavistock St, Harpurhey, Lancashire.
William J. LONGWORTH Head M Male 32 Manchester, Lancashire, England Plumber
Emily LONGWORTH Wife M Female 27 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Eliza E. GOUCH Step Daur U Female 8 Manchester, Lancashire, England Scholar
Maria L. GOUCH Step Daur Female 5 Manchester, Lancashire, England Scholar
Alfred LONGWORTH Son Male 3 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Harry LONGWORTH Son Male 1 Cheetham, Lancashire, England

In 1891, we see William and family living at Oxford Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
William Jno Longworth Head Mar 38 Gas & Water Man Lancashire Manchester
Emily Longworth Wife Mar 37 Lancashire Manchester
Marie Louise Longworth Daur 15 Lancashire Manchester
Alfred Longworth Son 13 Scholar Lancashire Manchester
Harry Longworth Son 11 Scholar Lancashire Manchester
Gertrude Longworth Dauer 2 Oxfordshire Woodstock

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Notes for Emily GAYTHORPE:

Photograph courtesy of Diane Sharland. (Click to enlarge)

We see from Emily's marriage certifcate for her first marriage, her father's name was James Gaythorpe who was a mechanic by profession.

We first see Emily in 1861, living at 4, Long Mill Gate, Manchester, Lancashire:
Mary Gaythorpe Head UnM 44 Tayloress Lancashire Manchester
Emily Gaythorpe Daur 7 Lancashire Manchester
Eliza Gaythorpe Sister UnM 52 Lancashire Manchester
Mary Jane Gaythrope Niece UnM 18 Brass Tester(?) Lancashire Manchester

In 1871, we see Emily living at 15, Clegg Street, Manchester, Lancashire:
Sarah Burns Head Widw 73 Ireland
Sarah Burns Daur 28 UnM 28 Cloth Cap Maker Liverpool
Mary Gaythorpe Lodger Widw 53 Tayloress Manchester
Emily Gaythorpe Lodger UnM 18 Stocking Factory Manchester

Emily married Richard Gough in 1879.

In 1901, Emily was living at Oxford Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
Emily Longworth Head Wid 47 Dressmaker Lancs Manchester
Gertrude Longworth Daur 12 Oxon Woodstock
William J Longworth Son 9 Oxon Woodstock
Rosa L Longworth Daur 5 Oxon Woodstock
Reginald M Longworth Son 3 Oxon Woodstock

In 1911, Emily was living at Mill House, Woodstock, Oxfordshire:
Emily Longworth Head Wid 57 Dressmaker Manchester
William John Longworth Son UnM 19 Water Engineer Oxon Woodstock
Rosa Lillian Longworth Daur 15 Dressmakers Assistant Oxon Woodstock
Reginald Malcolm Longworth Son 13 School Oxon Woodstock

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Notes for Harry LONGWORTH:

Photograph courtesy of Diane Sharland. (Click to enlarge)

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Notes for Gertrude LONGWORTH:

I understand from a descendant of hers, Valerie McCadden, that around 1911/12 when Gertrude was 21, she married a man named Dennis Arthur Williams, the son of Walter Williams and Mary Ann Bradley. He was born on 14 Mar 1889 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. Dennis died in NY Presbyterian Hospital, Hartsdale, New York on 5 Oct 1939.

They had 4 children:- Howard b.1912/3, Dennis A Jr. b.1914/15, Edyth Mary b.1920, and George R b. abt. 1924/25

Gertrude designed and made clothes for wives of Washington, DC officials, including President Truman, Secretary of Defence Clark Clifford.

In 1953, Gertrude married a second time to Charles G. Kenna who died in 1958.

On 28 March, 1911, we see Gertrude arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship Haverford, from Liverpool. She was listed in the passenger list as aged 22, unmarried, and a dressmaker by trade. Her mother was identified as Mrs. Longworth of Mill House, Woodstock.

Her end destination was identified as Camden, New Jersey where she would be staying with a friend, Mrs. Pratley of 221 North 38th St.

Gertrude was 5' 4", fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, and with a scar on her left side.

We also see Gertrude arriving in New York on 13 Aug 1913 on the ship Oceanic, from Southampton, England. She was travelling with her husband Dennis and son Howard (age 1). The manifest shows that Dennis had been to the US before in 1906 and Gertrude in 1911.
Denis Williams 24 Waiter England
Gertrude Williams 24 wife England
Howard Williams 1 Child USA

The ship's manifest gives their last permanent residence as Woodstock, England, their nearest relative as Dennis's father, also at Woodstock, and their final destination as 221 North 38th St., Camden, New Jersey to stay with Uncle, George Bratley of

On 3 March 1920, we see Gertrude and Dennis arriving in New York on a ship named New York from Southampton, England.
Dennis Arthur Williams 30 Chauffeur English
Gertrude Williams 31 Wife English
Howard Walter Williams 8 Child English
Dennis Arthur Williams 4 Child English

They'd been staying with Dennis Sr.'s grandfather, Mr W Williams at Bladon, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. Their final destination was Camden, New Jersey.

In 1930 we see Gertrude, her husband and children living at Atlantic City, Atlantic, New Jersey, USA:
Dennis A Williams Head Mar 39 England
Gertrude Williams Wife Mar 38 England
Howard W Williams Son 17 Pennsylvania
Dennis A Williams Jr. Son 15 Pennsylvania
George Williams Son 6 New Jersey
Edith Williams Daur 9 New Jersey

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Notes for William John LONGWORTH:

William married Emma Lottie Franklin in 1913 and had Alec (1914) and Philip James (1921)

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Notes for Reginald Malcolm LONGWORTH:

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Notes for Rosa Lilian LONGWORTH:

Rosa married William C Rowe at Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England during q1/1919.

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