Eddie WOJICK was born 1917 in New Jersey, USA. He married Geraldine A MCCORMICK aft. 1942. He died 1966 in Monroe County, New York, USA. Geraldine A MCCORMICK was born 18 August 1917 in Monroe County, New York, USA. She died 20 September 2000 in Fairport, Monroe County, New York, USA.

Other Marriages/Unions for Geraldine A MCCORMICK:
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Notes for Eddie WOJICK:

Eddie enlisted for Army service on 28 March 1942, at Ft Niagara, Youngstown, New York for the druation of the war.

Name:Eddie Wojick
Name (Original):WOJICK EDDIE
Event Type:Military Service
Event Date:28 Mar 1942
Term of Enlistment:Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Event Place:Ft Niagara, Youngstown, New York, United States
Citizenship Status:citizen
Birth Year:1917
Birthplace:NEW JERSEY
Education Level:4 years of high school
Civilian Occupation:Carpenters
Marital Status:Single, without dependents
Military Rank:Private
Army Branch:Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Army Component:Selectees (Enlisted Men)

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Notes for Geraldine A MCCORMICK:

Geraldine's parents were George and Blanch McCormick. In 1920, the family were living at Monroe, New York.
George Mccormick Head Mar 24 New York
Blanche L Mccormick Wife Mar 21 New York
Ruby C Mccormick Daur 3y8m New York
Geraldine A Mccormick Daur 2y4m New York

In 1930, they were living at Perinton, Monroe, New York:
George H Mccormick Head Mar 34 New York
Blanche Mccormick Wife Mar 31 New York
Betty Mccormick Daur 13 New York
Geraldine Mccormick Daur 12 New York
Joan Mccormick Daur 3 New York

Geraldine had a sister Jean McCormick who married a man name William Tolhurst Jr. on 3 Sep 1949 at Fairport, New York. Geraldine was a bridesmaid. Geraldine's daughter Jollene was a junior bridesmaid.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Geraldine.

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