Thomas Henry KNIBBS, son of James KNIBBS and Eliza GREENLAND , was born bet. April and June, 1874 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England. He married Emily Annie BERRY 09 July 1899 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England. He died 21 March 1949 in Ploughley District, Oxfordshire, England. Emily Annie BERRY was born 02 March 1871 in Old Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1949 in Ploughley District, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Thomas Henry KNIBBS and Emily Annie BERRY are:
1. Linda Emily KNIBBS, b. 16 July 1901
2. Thomas Henry KNIBBS, b. 21 June 1900 See Thomas Henry KNIBBS & Margery Agnes BOWERMAN
3. Robert John KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1907

Marriage Notes for Thomas Henry KNIBBS\Emily Annie BERRY:

The Woodstock PR Transcript shows that Thomas and Emily married on this date, but the marriage is listed under the Banns section which indicates that they married elsewhere. We know Thomas was born in West Woods, York, so it maybe that they married there.

Notes for Thomas Henry KNIBBS:

Thomas Henry can be seen in the 1901 census living at Banbury Road, Kidlington with his wife Emily and new son Thomas aged just 9 months.
Thomas H KNIBBS, 26, Printer, Yorks Barnsley Bow
Emily A KNIBBS, 30, Oxon Woodstock
Thomas H KNIBBS, 9 months, Oxon Kidlington

We see Thiomas in 1911, living at Banbury Road, Kidlington:
Thomas Henry Knibbs Head 36 Mar Letterpress Printer Tankersley, Yorkshire
Emily Ann Knibbs Wife 40 Mar (11 years) Oxon Old Woodstock
Thomas Henry Knibs Son 10 School Oxon Kidlington
Linda Emily Knibbs Daur 9 Oxon Kidlington
Robert Knibbs Son 3 Oxon Kidlington
Emily Ann Berry Visitor 66 Wid Oxon WEoodstock

The following newspaper report indicates that Thomas was an active member of the Kidlington Parish Council.

From the Oxfordshire Weekly News - 28 September:
K I DLINGTON. Abandonment of Ligiting Act.—At a recent parish meeting, called to see if the village should have the lamps lighted this winter it was unanimously resolved that this should not be done, seeing that to put the lamps and post, etc., in repair and light the village during the winter £160 would be required, requiring a 6d. rate extra. A proposition was carried that a parish meeting be called to see if the Lighting Act should be abolished in the village. The meeting was duly called for Wednesday night in the Foresters' Hall. Mr. R. Cox, chairman of the Parish Council, presided and explained the Act. It was peoposed by Mr. T. H. Knibbs, and seconded by Mr. Hope that the Act be abandoned. This was carried unanimously. It was proposed that the Parish Council have power to sell the lamps, posts, etc., and the Chairman explained that the village would have the first chance of purchasing any of the lamps.

In 1925, Thomas printed the Annual Report for North Oxon Combined Sanitary Districts, so I imagine he had some fairly lucrative local authority/governmental contracts.

We see Thomas and Emily living at 19 Banbury Road, Ploughley, Oxfordshire, at the time of the 1939 Register.

Knibbs Thomas Henry of 19 Banbury-road Kidlington Oxfordshire died 21 March 1949 Administration (with Will) Oxford 23 June to Robert Knibbs builder and Thomas Henry Knibbs printer. Effects £4119 2s.

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Notes for Emily Annie BERRY:

Emily can be seen in the 1881 census living at the Cottage, Old Woodstock, Oxfordshire with her parents William and Emily and brother Alfred:
William Berry Head Mar 36 Leather Grounder (Currier) Old Woodstock, Oxford
Emily Ann Berry Wife Mar 36 Gloveress Woodstock Oxford
Emily Ann Berry Daur 10 Scholar Old Woodstock Oxford
Alfred Berry Son 5 Scholar Old Woodstock Oxford

Emily married Thomas Knibbs in 1899.

In 1901 census, we can see Emily's mother and brother still living at Old Woodstock.

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Notes for Linda Emily KNIBBS:

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Notes for Robert John KNIBBS:

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