George HILTON was born 22 July 1856 in Westertown of Littlefellow, Fyvie, Aberdeen, Scotland. He married Caroline HARRIS 01 June 1878 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Caroline HARRIS, daughter of William KNIBBS and Emily DAVIS , was born 24 December 1846 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. She died 16 July 1883 in Sydenham, London, Middlesex, England.

Children of George HILTON and Caroline HARRIS are:
1. Minnie HILTON, b. bet. October and December, 1880
2. Albert George HILTON, b. bet. April and June, 1879

Marriage Notes for George HILTON\Caroline HARRIS:

See caroline and George's Marriage Certificate

Carolne was married under the name of Caroline Knibbs. They were married at the Warwick Street Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Baptists. The marriage was witnessed by Caroline's father William Knibbs, and her sister Mary Louisa Knibbs.

George and Caroline, taken some time around 1878. Click image for larger version.

Caroline died when she was just 36 years old. George then married her younger sister Mary Louisa.

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Notes for George HILTON:

George Hilton was the son of James Hilton and Elizabeth Troup. I'm grateful to Beth Robertson in Sydney, Australia for telling me more about George's immediate family. Beth's husband is descended from George's sister Mary Hilton, born 6 Feb 1859

George can be seen at the 1881 census living at 67 Elderton Road, Lewisham, Kent with his first wife, Caroline:
Geo Hilton Head Mar 24 Gardener Aberdeen Scotland
Caroline Hilton Wife Mar 34 Salisbury Wiltshire
Albert G Hilton Son 2 Grt Totham Essex
Minnie Hilton Daur 6m Swerford Oxon
Mary A King Visitor UnM 28 Dressmaker Avelegh Essex

In 1885, George married his wife Caroline's sister, Mary Louisa Knibbs.

In 1901, we see George and his family living at Becton Street, Barnstaple, Devon with his second wife Mary:
Geo Hilton Head Mar 43 Colporteur Evangelist Scotland
M L Hilton Wife Mar 41 Oxford Chipping Norton
Elsie Hilton Daur 14 Dressmaker London Forest Hill
Eva Hilton Daur 12 Lolton Lancs
Catherine Hilton Daur 9 Oxford Chipping Norton
Edith Hilton Daur 8 Devon Brixham
Winifred Hilton Daur 6 Devon Barnstaple

In 1911, George was living at 21 Bicton Street, Barnstaple, Devonshire:
George Hilton Head 54 Married Colporteur Evangelist Aberdeenshire Fivie
Mary Louisa Hilton Wife 51 Married (26 years) Oxfordshire Swerford
Elsie Emily Hilton Daughter 24 Cashier Kent Forest Hill
Catherine M L Hilton Daughter 19 Tailoress Oxfordshire Swerford
Edith Hilton Daughter 18 Pulil Teacher S. Devon Brixham
Winifred Hilton Daughter 16 Drapers Assistant N. Devon Barnstaple

Mary had 5 children who all survived beyond 1911.

Graham Barber tells me:
George was for a time, Head Gardener at Pitlochry House, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland. At one time he used to sell religious books from his home and at markets in Barnstaple, Bideford and Ilfracombe in Devon, England.
He retired in 1926 and moved to live at 24 Avery Hill, New Eltham, London.
His hobbies were gardening and painting.

His occupation was given as Colporteur in 1921 which - in case anyone (like me) is uncertain as to what a colporteur is, it's an "itinerant seller or giver of books, especially religious literature".

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Notes for Caroline HARRIS:

Also known as: Caroline Knibbs


Caroline's birth was registered at Salisbury as Caroline Harris, the daughter of William and Emily Harris. We know that her father was in fact baptised as William Knibbs/Harris. He was the illegitimate son of William Harris and Sarah Knibbs from Swerford, Oxfordshire. Clearly he used the name Harris for some time when and after he married Emily Davis. We assume that William, his wife and Caroline started to use the name Knibbs when they returned to live at Swerford. She certainly used the name Caroline Knibbs when she married George Hilton.

See Caroline's Birth Certificate


Caroline can be seen at the 1871 census living at Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire, England, working as a Housemaid:
Caroline Knibbs Servant 24 Housemaid Wilts Salisbury

Caroline Knibbs abt 1847 Salisbury Wiltshire Servant Chapel Brampton Northamptonshire

George and Caroline with their two children Albert and Minnie. Click image for larger version.

Caroline died aged just 36 years. After she died, her husband George Hilton, married her younger sister Mary Louisa.

See Caroline's Death Certificate


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Notes for Minnie HILTON:

Minnie can be seen in 1891 living with her grandparents William and Emily at Blue Row, Swerford, Oxfordshire, England.

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Notes for Albert George HILTON:

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