Edward VINER was born abt. 1825. He married Eliza LOCK 05 November 1849 in Sheldon, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He died bef. 19 November 1860. Eliza LOCK was born abt. 1818 in Balsall, Warwickshire, England. She died 02 December 1910 in Meriden District, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Children of Edward VINER and Eliza LOCK are:
1. Mary Ann VINER, b. bef. 07 April 1850 See ? & Mary Ann VINER
2. Emma VINER, b. bef. 04 April 1852 See ? & Emma VINER
3. Eliza VINER, b. bef. 02 April 1854
4. George Edward VINER, b. bef. 06 April 1856
5. Fanny VINER, b. bef. 06 November 1859

Other Marriages/Unions for Eliza LOCK:
See William KNIBBS & Eliza LOCK

Notes for Edward VINER:

Sources for Edward VINER:

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Notes for Eliza LOCK:

Also known as: Eliza Viner

Eliza Knibbs (nee Lock) pictured I would estimate in the late 1870's . She was the second wife of William Knibbs and had herself been previously married to a Edward Viner. (click to enlarge)

In 1861, we can see Eliza living at Sheldon, Warwickshire with 4 children:
Eliza Viner Head Wid 33 Char Woman Warwick Temple Ballsall
May Ann Viner Daur 11 Warwick Sheldon
Emma Viner Daur 9 Warwick Sheldon
Eliza Viner Daur 7 Warwick Sheldon
George E Viner Son 5 Warwick Sheldon
Fanny Viner Daur 1 Warwick Sheldon

The names had been transcribed as Vines rather than Viner.

Hilda Elliott (nee Knibbs) has a memorial card for Eliza showing that she died on December 2nd 1910, aged 83. She was interred at Sheldon Parish Church on December 6th.

It is probably Eliza that appears in the 1901 census for England and Wales, living at Tile Cross, Sheldon, Warwickshire "Living on Own Means". Her birth place is given as Knowles, Warwickshire. It was given as Balsall, Warwickshire in the 1881 census.

Eliza Knibbs 77 Living on Own Means Warwicks Knowles

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Notes for Eliza VINER:

We see Eliza in 1871, working at the Rectory, Sheridon, Birmingham, Warwickshire:
Burleton J Bateman Head Mar 45 Rector of Sheldon Moiddlesex London
Mary J Bateman Wife Mar 36 Warwickshire Birmingham
Marian J Bateman Daur UnM 6 Warwickshire Solihiull
Cecil J Bateman Son 10 Warwickshire Solihiull
Ernest J Bateman Son 9 Warwickshire Sheldon
Lilian J Bateman Daur 7 Warwickshire Sheldon
Wilfred J Bateman Son 6 Warwickshire Sheldon
Hastings J Bateman Son 5 Warwickshire Sheldon
Amie Coleman Visitor Mar 45 Worcestershire Evesham
Amos Roberts Servant UnM 24 Font Man Herefordshire Creoncallon(?)
William Harrod Servant UnM 24 Coachman Warwickshire Barston
Fanny Moles Servant UnM 28 Ladies Maid Oxfordshiure Bunsey(?)
Catherine Williams Servant UnM 26 Cook Denbighshire Abergele(?)
Eliza Marriat Servant Mar 23 House Maid Derbyshire Derby
Sarah Parrot Servant UnM 28 Nurse Somerstshire Bristol
Myra Adams Servant UnM 16 Under Nurse Warwickshire Rustock
Eliza Viner Servant 17 Kitchen Maid Warwickshire Sheldon

Sources for Eliza VINER:

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Notes for George Edward VINER:

Also known as: George Edward Knibbs

No sign of George Edward in the 1901 census as either George or Edward, Knibbs or Viner

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Notes for Fanny VINER:

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