Isaac KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Hannah ALDRIDGE , was born bef. 15 February 1824 in Oxfordshire, England. He married Phoebe AVERY 11 November 1848 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA. He died bet. 1871 and 1875. Phoebe AVERY was born abt. 1818 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Isaac KNIBBS and Phoebe AVERY are:
1. Isabel J KNIBBS, b. abt. 1857 See Tony Oscar Herbet BOGALSKY & Isabel J KNIBBS
2. Charles A KNIBBS, b. July 1861 See Charles A KNIBBS & Annie GALLAGHER
3. George KNIBBS, b. 08 June 1850 See George KNIBBS & Sarah Augusta WOODRUFF

Marriage Notes for Isaac KNIBBS\Phoebe AVERY:

From Buffalo Daily Republic., November 13, 1848:
In this city, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. C.F. \Sheldon,
Mr. ISAAC KNIBBS, of Buffalo,to Miss PHOEBE AVERY, of Chicago.

Notes for Isaac KNIBBS:

Isaac appears with wife Phoebe and son George in the 1850 census, living at Erie, NY, USA
Isaac NIBBS b. abt 1814
Phebe NIBBS b. abt 1820
George NIBBS b. abt 1850

He and his family are also in the 1860 Federal census living at Niagara, Niagara County, New York, USA:
Isaac Knibbs 36 Engineer to St Bt
Phebe Knibbs 48
George Knibbs 10
Isabel Knibbs 3

Phoebe's age is clearly recorded or transcribed incorrectly.

Isaac's real estate was valued at $3,000 and his personal estate, $200

In 1865, we see Isaac and Phoebe living at Niagara, New York:
Isaac Knibbs Head 41 England
Phoebe Knibbs Wife 48 New York
George Knibbs Child 15 Erie
Isabel Knibbs Child 8 Niagara
Charles Knibbs Child 4 Niagara

The census states that Phoebe'd had 5 children, one of which was married at the time of the census. I assume if this is correct, two must have been married in a previous relationship, before she married Isaac.

From The Silver Lake Sun, New York, December 17th, 1869:
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors
Warsaw, Dec 10, 1869.
Board met. Supervisors all present. The Rolls were examined and Collectors Warrants signed. Mr. Tewksbury presented an account of G. A. Sweet, Deputy Sheriff, which was not presented for audit at the last session, and moved that an order for $33.00 be drawn to pay such account.--Carried.
Thu oflictal bond of J. S. Walker, Superintendent of the Poor, was presented and approved.
Mr. Tewksbury moved that the bill of Isaac Knibbs boiler inspector, be taken from the table. Carried. The bill was read, and on motion of Mr. Howes, Mr. Knibbs was heard on the question of allowing his account. Mr. Joy moved that the bill, as presented, be disallowed.— Carried.


We see Isaac and his family in the 1870 Federal Census living at Niagara Falls, Niagara County, New York:
Charles Nibbs 47 M Wood & Coal Dealer England
Phebe Nibbs 50 F Keeps House NY
George Nibbs 10 M NY
Isabell Nibbs 13 F NY
Charles Nibbs 9 M NY

In 1871, the Western New-Yorker of Warsaw, Wyoming Co., New York, reported the following:
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, Wyoming Co.
Boiler Inspecting.
Mr. Isaac Knibbs, of Niagara Falls, was appointed boiler inspector under a cut-throat act passed three or four years ago professedly for the safety of engine managers and attendants. Three years ago he presented a bill to our Board of Supervisors which was allowed and paid, amounting to about $120. For two years past he has been endeavoring to get a bill of about $500 allowed by the Board for services provided in this county. Two years ago the bill was first laid upon the table and afterwards disallowed. Last fall the proposition was made to pay him $100 if he would accept it in full of all claims, which he declined to do and the claim was again rejected. In January last Mr. Knibbs endeavored to procure a writ of mandamus, requiring the Board to act upon his claim. He served notice of his action upon Mr. Benedict, Chairman of the Board, and the latter placed the matter in the hands of Ganson & Smith, Attorneys, of Buffalo, and the motion was argued at Lockport and denied. The judge held that cheese factories, and boilers in similar establishments, (work upon which made up the bulk of Mr. Knibbs' bill) did not come within the meaning of the law, and that charges for disbursements should be confined to actual expenses attending the inspection, and that all disbursements were discretionary with the Supervisors. This decision particularly rules out Mr. Knibbs' claim against the Board, and makes him liable to the owners of the small boilers from whom he collected considerable amounts. The $100 which was offered to him was probably just about enough to pay the contending lawyers.

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Notes for Phoebe AVERY:

The 1865 census makes me think that Phoebe was married prior to 1848, when she married Isaac. In 1880, it was recorded that she''d had 5 children, one of which was already married. We know that Phoebe and Isaac had just 3 children.

In 1875, we see Phoebe living at 1st District Town, Niagara, Niagara, New York:
Pheba. Knibbs 57 Wid New York
Bell. Knibbs 18 Daur Niagara Co.
Chas. A Knibbs 13 Son Niagara Co.

Phoebe appears in the 1880 census as a widow, aged 62, living at Niagara, New York with her daughter Bella aged 23 and son Charles aged 18. Clearly, her husband Isaac died before 1880.
Pheobe KNIBBS Self Wid 62 NY Keeping House MA NY
Bella KNIBBS Dau Single 23 NY At Home ENG NY
Charles KNIBBS Son Single 18 NY Rr Engineer ENG NY

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