George KNIBBS, son of Anthony KNIBBS and Mary VEASEY , was born 28 July 1884 in Aston District, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He married Henrietta May BOTT bet. July and September, 1908 in Alcester District, Warwickshire, England. He died bet. January and March, 1970 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England. Henrietta May BOTT, daughter of John BOTT and Sarah Ann UNKNOWN , was born 19 May 1886 in Feckenham, Worcestershire, England. She died bet. September and October, 1973 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England.

Children of George KNIBBS and Henrietta May BOTT are:
1. William G KNIBBS, b. 08 July 1911 See William G KNIBBS & Ivy E V FARR
2. Florence M KNIBBS, b. 21 June 1918 See Douglas A MAUNDRELL & Florence M KNIBBS

Notes for George KNIBBS:

We see George, Henrietta and daughter Florence living at 353 Heather Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire at the time of the 1939 Register.

Sources for George KNIBBS:

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Notes for Henrietta May BOTT:

In 1891, we see Henrietta living with her parents at Castle Street, Feckenham, Worcestershire:
John Bott Head Mar 43 Needle Hardner Reddich Worcestershire
Sarah Bott Wife Mar 44 Refining Needle Maker Alcaster Warwickshire
Ada Bott Daur UnM 19 Wiund Reducer Astwood Beech(?) Worcestershire
Martha Bott Daur UnM 20 Needle Maker Astwood Beech(?) Worcestershire
Charles Bott Son UnM 18 Hook Burnisher Astwood Beech(?) Worcestershire
Edward Bott S=on 13 Errand Boy Astwood Beech(?) Worcestershire
Edgar Bott Son 10 Astwood Beech(?) Worcestershire
Henrietta May Bott Daur 4 Astwood Beech(?) Worcestershire
George Ellins Visitor Wid 46 Grocers Porter Aleston Warwickshire

In 1901, they were still living at the same address in Castle Street:
John Bott Head Mar 53 Needle Hardner Worcestershire Reddich
Sarah Ann Bott Wife Mar 54 Worcestershire Alcaster
Charles William Bott Son UnM 26 Cycle Driller Worcester Feckenham
Edward Thiomas Bott Son UnM 23 Cycle Filer Worcestershire Feckenham
Edgar Bott Son UnM 20 Needle Cutter Worcestershire Feckenham
Henrietta Mat Bott Daur 14 Fish Hook Fly Dresser Worcestershire Feckenham
Lizzie Knibbs Visitor UnM 23 Electric Welder Birmingham

Lizzie Knibbs was a sister of Henrietta's future husband, George Knibbs.

Henrietta married George Knibbs in 1908.

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