Norman Roland LEDOUX. He married Lareta OLDS 02 November 1944 in Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico, USA. He died UNKNOWN. Lareta OLDS was born 25 September 1923 in St George, Washington County, Utah, USA. She died 13 February 1995 in Perris, Riverside County, California, USA.

Children of Norman Roland LEDOUX and Lareta OLDS are:
1. Norman Kenneth LEDOUX, b. Private

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See Lloyd Carroll KNIBBS & Lareta OLDS

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  1. Biography of George Thomas Olds, Biography of George Thomas Olds at 
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Also known as: Reta

Reta was the daughter of George Thomas Olds and his wife Traca (Miles) Olds who married on 10 Dec 1913. George Thomas Olds was the fourth child of Thomas and Eliza Jane (Hunt) Olds. He was born 12 August 1889 at Lyman, Wayne County, Utah and died 30 Jan 1972. died 25 July 1957.
Traca Miles was born 1 March 1892 in St. George, to Adolphus and Myrza Jane Alexander Whitehead. She died died 25 July 1957.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of George and Traca Olds.

Reta's grandfather, Thomas Olds, was born on 28 Dec 1854 at Newland, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

See the OLDS Family History web pages.

Click onto 'Genealogy' and then 'Thomas Oulds and Eliza Jane Hunt'. Reta is descended from their son George Thomas. The Ould Family web site takes the family back to the mid-1550's in Cornwall, England.

Reta had the following siblings:
Myrza Jane, 21 Oct. 1914
Ester, 8 August 1919
George Richard
Maurine, 29 August 1926
Joan (pronounced "Jo Anne"), 30 September 1934

Myzra was tragically killed by a truck on 17 July 1925

In 1920, Lareta's parents were living at Washington, Utah:
George T Olds Head Mar 30 Utah
Traca Olds Wife Mar 27 Utah
Myrza J Olds Daur 5 Utah
Wilma Olds Daur 8y8m Utah
Esher Olds Daur 4m Utah

The 12930 shows the family at St George, Washington, Utah:
George T Olds Head Mar 40 Utah
???? Olds Wife Mar 38 Utah
Welma Olds Daur 12 Utah
Ester Olds Daur 10 Utah
G Richard Olds Son 8 Utah
Retea Olds Daur 6 Utah
Moresia Olds Daur 3 Utah
Emil Olds Daur 0 Utah

In 1940 we see Lareta's family living at St. George, St. George Election Precinct, Washington, Utah:
George J Olds Head Mar 49 Farm Labourer Utah
Traca Olds Wife Mar 48 Utah
George R Olds Son UnM 18
Lareta Olds Daur 16 UnM Utah
Maurine Olds Daur 13 Utah
Lucile Olds Daur 10 Utah
Joan Olds Daur 6 Utah

The Ould Family Histories
web site contains details of Reta's marriage to Norman LeDoux, and her marriage to Lloyd Knibbs within the biography of her father George Thomas Olds. It's full of very interesting facts about the entire family.

See the Washington County, Utah Genealogy and History web site..

At the above site, go to the alphabetic section for "O" for Olds. This shows the same George Thomas Olds biography as mentioned above. It also includes biographies of several of Reta's uncles including Levi Emanual Olds, Arthur Herbert Olds, Carl Theodore Olds, Charles Andrew Olds, Dewey Glenn Olds, Melvin James Olds and William Albert Olds.

Whilst at the above site, also under the "O" section, take a look at 'Summer Frolics' and 'The Spelling Bee' both of which refer to Reta's uncle Charles Andrew Olds.

Sources for Lareta OLDS:

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