William KNIBBS, son of John Francis KNIBBS and Cecelia NORTH , was born bet. October and December, 1875 in Askam-in-Furness, Lancashire, England. He married Elizabeth Ellen COX 21 February 1951 in Durban, Natal Province, South Africa. He died UNKNOWN. Elizabeth Ellen COX was born abt. 1889 in England. She died UNKNOWN.

Marriage Notes for William KNIBBS\Elizabeth Ellen COX:

See William and Elizabeth's Marriage Certificate

This marriage is currently highly specualtive and perhaps based on circumstances.

I know from William's brother's death registratiion that William was living in South Africa in 1921. I aso know that William's first wife can be seen living on her own in Egland in 1911 and 1939. I maybe reading it wrongly, but I suspect that William had left his wife in the early 1900's and emigrated to South Africa to work in the gold mines.

It maybe no more than a conicidence that a month after William's first wife died, in January, 1951 in England, we see a William Knibbs, identified as a widower of the same age as our William (75 years) was married in South Africa.

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Notes for William KNIBBS:

William appears in the 1901 census living at 99 Steel Street, Dalton-in-Furness, Lancaster, with his wife Mary and sons Charles and John.
Williams Knibbs Head Mar 25 Iron Ore Miner Askam In Fur Lancs
Mary Knibbs Wife Mar 28 Askam In Fur Lancs 
Charles KnibbsSon 1 Askam In Fur Lancs
John F Knibbs Son 1M Askam In Fur Lancs
William Knibbs F in Law Widr 67 Iron Ore Miner Egremont Cumberland
Henry Knibbs B in Law UnM 45 Iron Ore Miner Egremont Cumberland
William Knibbs B in Law 24 Imbecile Askam in Furness

Note: Willian, Henry and William listed as In-Laws above, are all part of Mary's family, with the surname of Birbeck, not Knibbs.

This is the same address as the one where Mary Birbeck lived with her parents and siblings in 1881, so presumably it was either handed down or purchased by William Knibbs.

From Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer - 12 January 1905:
MUNIFICENT GIFTS FROM THE TRANSVAAL—The South African mail on Monday morning brought welcome tidings from the Transvaal. The news was addressed to Mr H. Mellon, J.P., from Mr F. Man, and contained a draft for £49, subscribed to by the worthy sons of Askam, who are engaged in that far off country in the gold mines. Many a poor family will bless them in the winter of distress. These kind and benevolent hearted friends have gone about their work in a business like way, and formed a committee, secretary, and treasurer. Mr J. B. Fleet, son of Mr John Fleet, Furness Tavern, Askam, is the secretary, and Mr Fred Marr, treasurer, and a committee of six as follows: Messrs E. Connor, Alex Barr, Jake Millican, W. J. McGivern, Tom Crawley, and David Crawley. These gentlemen appointed their own committee at home, viz., Messrs H. Mellon, T. Stuart (Askam Hotel). Harry Burt. and L Oliver. These gentlemen met on Tuesday evening, and appointed Mr Geo Cowley as additional member of the committee. It was resolved that each committeeman ascertain the exact number who are in distress in Askam and Ireleth, and report to the next meeting, which is announced for Monday evening next. It was also reported that Mr Tom Constable, who recently arrived home, made the amount up to £50. We have great pleasure in publishing a list of the kind donors, which is as follows F. Mart, 24s; J. Fleet. 20s; B. Connon, 20s; J. Conor, 20s; J. H. Connor, 20s; F. Waters, 20s; W. Shackley, 20a; T. Blrkett. 20s; T. Burrows, 20s; W. Connor, 20s; C. Wilson, 20s; H. Gretham, 20s; A Friend, 20s; W. Woolcock, 20s; A Friend, 20s; Mrs Sherfield, 20s; J. Dixon. 20s; J. Millican, 20s; E. J. Cain, 20s: R. Furness. 20s; W. J. McGivern. 20s; S. Proctor, 20s; E. Barr, 20s: J. Constable. 20s; T. Crawley, 20s; D. Crawley. 20s; R. Cloudsdale, 20s; Alex Cloudsdale, 20s; T. Furness, 20s; W. Knibbs, 20s; W. Blackburn, 20s: Geo. Kellet, 203; T. Carson. 20s; J. Gilleland. 10s: Jim Dawson, 20s: W. Jess. 10s; J. J. Cain. 20s; Sid. Smith. 20s; B. J. Perks, 21s; J. Bell. 20s; T. Leek, 20s: W. Marshall, 10s; J. Hindley, 10s; J. Stuart, 20s: R. Metcalf, 10s; T. High. ss; G. Parker. 20s; J. Constable. 20s; T. High. ss; A. Barr. 20s: A Friend, 15s; A Friend, 5s; A. Friend, 52; A Friend, 5s; J. Charnock, 10s; T. Tapper, 15s; R. Bell, 10s; Thos. Constable, 20s.


In 1911, we see William's wife Mary, living at 99 Steel Street Askam in Furness, Lancashire:
Mary Knibbs Wife 37 Married (13 years) Lanc Askam in F
Charles Knibbs Son 11 Scholar Lanc Askam in F
Florence Knibbs Daur 9 Scholar Lanc Askam in F VIEW
Henry Birbeck Brother 54 Single Labourer General Frizington Cumberland

William wasn't with them at the time of the census.

I haven't found out exactly when yet, but I believe William emigrated to South Africa. His brother Frederick's death notice, from 1921, identified that William was living at a place called Benoni which is a town in Ekurhuleni municipality, Gauteng, South Africa.

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